Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 16: Yes Professor 1

I sat, lounged back with my heels perched on my desk, inspecting my nails out of boredom while the clock ticked away in the background.

A buzz came through my intercom and I perked up. “Lola, you have a client on line 7!” one of the girls from the front desk chirped into the receiver.

I flicked my platinum blonde bangs out of my heavily mascaraed eyes and cleared my throat before delicately picking up the phone.

“Lola speaking,” I purred, swiveling my chair slightly to face the maroon wall of my dimly lit ‘office.’

“I’ve been dying to hear your voice all day, my sweet girl.”

I smiled to myself and wet my bottom lip. “Professor Brooks?” I said in my sultry voice, with a slight hint of a question on my tongue. I knew it was him though, I could recognize his voice anywhere. I always admired his voice. You could hear the scholar in his tone, the intelligence, and the dominance. But at other times you could hear the submissiveness, the apprehension of a man indulging in illicitly guilty pleasures.

“I couldn’t get you out of my head, baby. It’s getting harder and harder to treat you like a regular student in class when all I want to do is ravage your body right on my desk.”

“You’ll have to try and resist me, my love. As much as I’d want you to fuck my brains out during lecture, I’m going to need them in order to learn all about architecture, won’t I?” I said, smiling as I twirled a lock of hair around my fingers.

“You’re already the top student in the class, one good fuck wouldn’t hurt darling.” Professor Brooks said.

“Well you know I love being on top,” I whispered, briefly imagining the many times I’ve ridden my Professor on his chair after class.

He chuckled deeply, “What are you wearing?” He asked.

“Mmm just a lacy top and those black panties that you love,” I cooed back, teasing him.

“Oh yeah? And are you playing with yourself the way you showed me the other day, kitten?”

I giggled, and moaned quietly as I slid a finger into my wet clit, gently fucking myself.

“Answer me Lola, do you have your fingers up your naughty little pussy, like a good schoolgirl slut?”

“Yes, professor” I whispered, closing my eyes as I pleasured myself.

“I bet you’re just dying to be fucked aren’t you. You need a nice big cock to fill you up, hm?”

“I only want your cock, Professor Brooks. Only you can satisfy every part of my body, and make me cum over and over again all over your thick, hard...-

My professor inhaled sharply. Finally after a few seconds he said in a strained tone, “Come over, now.”

I smirked, knowing I had pushed him over the edge. “I don’t know if I can just leave when I please,” I said, with a smile in my voice.

“Do not make me beg, Lola. I’ll lose my mind if I can’t have you.”

“I guess I can make this exception.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. “And Lola?”

“Yes, Professor?”

“Stay on the line until you get here, doll.”

I quickly packed my bag and strutted towards the front desk. Our boss, the guy who ran this phone-sex business was busy plowing the new front-desk girl’s pussy and didn’t see me put my office key down.

“I’m taking off for the night!” I said. He barely mumbled a response to me, as he continued to roughly fuck the poor girl. “Alright, cheers” I said, shaking my head as I threw the doors open.

“I’m pulling out now,” I said to Professor Brooks as I brought my car to a brief halt at the stop sign.

“I can already taste your sweet skin on my lips, and smell your delicious scent” he murmured.

We continued whispering filthy things to each other as I made my way towards his apartment near the University of London campus.

It was evening and the sun was just beginning to set, disappearing into the mercurial swirl of pink and orange clouds.

“I bet if you listen closely, you could hear my heels on the pavement outside,” I said into the phone.

“I can’t wait to strip you down to nothing but those heels, and wrap your legs around me when I finally plunge into your body,” he moaned.

I took my time going up the stairs, not wanting to lose cell reception in the lift.

“Tell me you’re close, my love.” He said in an agonized tone. I reached his floor and walked towards his door until I was right behind it.

“Open the door, then.”

Professor Brooks opened it automatically and stood there, a head taller than me looking me in the eyes with an expression I could only describe as a mixture of love and lust. He was a beautiful man, and he made my stomach flutter with butterflies when I was around him. His thick head of brown hair was tousled in the same way he wore it to class. He had his thick rimmed glasses on that I found incredibly sexy, because they highlighted the educator in his stance yet didn’t completely shield the spark of his dazzling grey eyes. A simple pair of worn jeans and a green sweater that only a man in his 30s could pull off. Strong hands, lying by his side, with fingers curled slightly in excitement. My lover stood before me, and I analyzed every part of him in only the few microseconds he allowed, before he pulled me into his arms and slammed the door behind me.

We crashed against the wall in a passionate kiss, clothes flying in every direction. He tossed aside his frames and and cradled my face in his hands while we kissed with an unquenchable thirst. It was raw and sexy and passionate all at once.

He lifted me easily in his arms, our lips still feverishly locked, bringing me to his huge mahogany desk, littered with files, and spreadsheets, blue prints, and architectural designs. He swooped everything to the side and placed me down, resting me on my back.

“Have me right here, Professor” I begged, spreading my long legs apart. He knelt down, and holding my legs apart, he began to eat out my gushing wet pussy, biting and licking my clit, and rolling my engorged bud over his tongue.

“I bet it feels so good to lick your own student’s pussy, and taste her cream” I teased, holding his head firmly in place.

He responded by intensifying the oral sex, making me gasp and moan as I began to soar towards orgasm.

Just then the sound of the front door opening jolted me from my bliss and we both spun around like deer caught in headlight as a pleasant looking, mature woman walked into Professor Brooks office.

To Be Continued...

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