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Chapter 17: Yes Professor 2

“My, I didn’t know we had company!” She said, gracefully removing her scarf and peacoat before kicking off her dainty kitten heels.

I sat on the desk, vainly attempting to cover my breasts while waiting for the strangely calm woman to attack me.

“Well, are you going to introduce me to your little friend?” She said, blinking her eyes at Professor Brooks.

“Er, if this is a bad time I can just get my things and-

“We’re just roommates sometimes, baby. Ruby this is Lola; Lola, Ruby.” Professor Brooks said, kissing me.

I uncomfortably extended an arm to her and looked briefly into her striking eyes, finding myself entranced for a second. I cleared my throat and retracted my hand, averting my gaze again.

“Don’t tell me, a student of yours Adam? You just can’t help yourself can you, naughty boy. Do you make her call you Professor while you fuck her from behind?” Ruby asked. She helped herself to a glass of wine sitting on Adam’s desk and flopped down on the couch, crossing her smooth, teasing legs. I caught her gaze fixated on me once again, but this time I didn’t look away.

“Actually, Ruby, he does make me call him Professor. Sometimes he won’t change out of his fancy suits and makes me ride his thick pipe with my tits in his mouth. And if I cum before he tells me to, he’ll spank me with a ruler,” I said whispering the last part.

Her full attention was on me, and with a peaked eyebrow she shifted her position on the coach. “Is that so? Well why don’t you show me what you’ve told me, Lola."

“Come on Rubes, bugger off would you?” Adam said with a chuckle.

“No baby, I want her to stay. I don’t mind an audience” I said, biting his bottom lip and crawling on top of him right on his desk. I looked at Ruby and she was lying on her side, smiling at me with a seductive glint in her eyes.

Professor Brooks cupped my ass and slipped a few fingers into my wet, sensitive pussy while I flicked my tongue on his nipple and kissed my way up to his neck, massaging his biceps with my hands.

“You’re exquisite, my love” he murmured, kissing me deeply and moving his hands up to my waist. “I have to be inside of you darling.”

I took an internal breath and waited to be filled with my lover’s cock. Professor Brooks had taken my virginity just a few weeks ago and I was still adjusting to the size of him. He was the first man to give me an orgasm, and take me with him into the colorful world of passion and exploratory sex. He fucked me nearly every day since he first popped my cherry.

He gently flipped us over so that he was on top of me. My chest heaved and I looked at my Professor under my wispy bangs as he entered me, slowly at first and then rough and violently, slamming his full length into my body. His balls slapped loudly against my ass and I cried out, wrapping my slightly trembling arms around his neck.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard my sweet Lola,” Professor Brooks whispered to me, driving his cock far up my hole with each penetration. He held my tits and pounded at my twat with messy, rough strokes. It felt as if every nerve in my pussy had been brushed against and I moaned at the sensitivity and feeling of having a big, raw cock ravaging my little pussy.

“Oh fuck, yes! Yes!” I groaned. Adam grunted into my neck and savagely fucked me. I scratched at his back, overwhelmed with sensation and the animalistic nature of the sex.

“I will spank that round ass of yours if you cum before I fucking tell you to cum,” he threatened. He forcefully spread my legs wider and buried his throbbing cock deeper inside of me.

I could feel my swollen clit pulsing, and knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from cumming.

“I can’t hold it anymore baby, you’re fucking me too good” I whispered, raking my hands in his soft brown hair, wrapping my legs tighter around my lover to feel as close as possible.

He chuckled and bit my lip, licking it after. “You know what will happen my sweet Lola,” he warned. He drowned my lips in a passionate kiss and intensified his thrusting, nailing my sensitive spot over and over and-

I screamed his name and came, harshly but fully. For a moment I saw stars as I experienced multiple intense orgasms in a row. I caressed his delicious body and moaned as the effects of my orgasm rang through my body.

Adam pulled out and roughly turned me over, spanking me painfully on the ass. “You aren’t one for rules, kitten, are you now?”

Ruby was practically naked, erotically fingering herself as she watched us.

“Ooh,” I bit out, flinching as another blow landed on my perky little ass that was now red. Ruby sauntered over to me and climbed on the desk right in front of my face.

“I think I know what will take your mind off the pain, baby” she said, kissing me tenderly on the lips. She then moved my lips down to her delicious pussy and made me suck and lick between her silky folds. I nibbled on her bud and ate Ruby out with a thirst.

Adam caressed my abused ass cheeks and shoved his cock back into me while he lustfully watched me lick Ruby’s juicy pussy. He fucked me slowly and deeply, massaging my tits with his beef buried in me, shooting a hot load in deep, undiscovered places.

I made Ruby cum over and over again and sucked her clean each time, secretly pleased with my newfound skill. The night went on as the three of us fucked each other in every way possible for hours and hours until our bodies were exhausted and nothing but weak, tangled limbs.

I came in with one lover, but I most certainly will leave with two.

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