Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 18: Caught Masturbating by Step-Daddy

“Anyone home?!” I called out, to a likely empty house. I shut my front door and immediately went for the kitchen, looking for comfort food. It was an annoying day at school with two pop quizzes and an argument with my best friend Janah.

I climbed into bed, looking out the window at another beautiful day in the Czech Republic, hoping tomorrow would be a better one.

I was preparing to begin my assignments when my laptop beeped. It was my current boyfriend Evzen requesting to video chat. “Hi babe” I said, smiling into the camera.

“Hey Stas, how was your day?“...“It could have been better. Janah is angry with me.”

I spoke a little while longer with Evzen about the situation, and then about his day, and our upcoming 3 month anniversary.”

“I have something special planned for you my lovely girl,” he promised, smiling his adorable dimpled smile at me. We spoke for a while longer and then said our good-byes.

I’ll admit, I felt guilty that Evzen was planning a wonderful surprise for me, and I had barely thought about what to give him. He was cute, and amazing but his tastes were a bit too unusual for me to know exactly what he would want. I thought a little harder and then remembered with a grin on my face how he liked to have very kinky sex, and try lots of different positions with me.

Then the idea struck me; I would record myself playing with my body and burn the video onto a CD for him, but disguise the actual content with a random title.

I giggled and opened my laptop up again, turning on the recording software. I quickly undressed and brushed out my long blonde hair, shoving the stuff on my bed onto the floor. I turned on a few lamps and closed the blinds, giving the room a more sexy, alluring setting.

I took a deep breath, both excited and nervous about what I was going to do, and hit record.

I whispered a few naughty things to Evzen in the beginning of the video and then laid back on my pillows and spread my legs, giving the camera a full view of my wet pussy. I massaged my huge tits with one hand and teased my clit with the other, gently rubbing and fucking myself for him.

I got lost in the moment and continued pleasuring myself on camera for longer than I could remember, unaware that in the mean time...

Step-father POV

I turned into the driveway and killed the engine, noticing my wife’s car wasn’t there. I checked my watch, 5:16 PM.

It was an unusually early time for me to be home, but the office had to close early today for minor renovation purposes in the work space.

I was going to guess that only Anastasia would be home at this time, which brought filthy thoughts to my mind that were difficult to suppress. I married her mother a few years ago, and couldn’t have been happier with that decision. I moved to the Czech Republic for my work, and quickly discovered how beautiful and sexy many Czech women were.

My wife is gorgeous, tall, and kind. Her daughter Anastasia, however, is the definition of a sex kitten. She has blossomed over the years into an incredibly sexy girl with her seductive blue eyes, long legs, and those big, bouncing...

I looked down to see my cock painfully pressing against my pants and felt a mixture of shame, and horniness. I considered unzipping my fly and jerking my cock off quickly, but didn’t want to possibly be caught.

I hastily unlocked the front door and hung my coat on the rack, hoping to make a quick escape to my bedroom to rub one out to filthy images in my mind, when I paused mid-thought, after hearing a strange noise.

I listened harder and could distinctly make out soft moans coming from Anastasia’s bedroom. My body grew hot and my cock went rigid as steel in my pants. I can’t believe the little slut is being fucked right in the middle of the day. “Mmm, oh god yes!” She moaned, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I tiptoed to her door, which was thankfully slightly ajar. I was expecting to peek in and see that scrawny boyfriend of hers, fucking her voluptuous body. As silently as I could, I looked in and was surprised to see Anastasia completely alone, lying down on her bed, with three fingers shoved up her hole. I noticed she was recording herself and quickly put 2 and 2 together.

My mind was telling me to turn around and retreat back to my room, pretending I never saw this. My body, however, was telling me to climb on top of my step-daughter and fuck her brains out.

With conflicting emotions running through my body, I stood there and admired her naked body. Her eyes were shut in ecstasy, her apple colored lips slightly open as she moaned and breathed heavily. Blonde hair, slightly damp, splayed around her face. My eyes moved down to her enormous, milky breasts. They were the tits of a true Czech woman, big and juicy with large pink areolas and hard nipples. They were perfect, soft and fleshy mountains on her chest, begging to be sucked and slapped and came on.

I examined the rest of her body, thick and curvy, with wide hips and a nice fat pussy in between her legs.

Her long, delicate fingers were buried inside of her leaking snatch, and I watched hungrily as she rubbed that creamy pussy, so deserving of being fucked and filled with a big, mature cock and not a scrawny little one.

“Oooh,” she sighed, biting her bottom lip with pleasure. My cock was painfully hard and I couldn’t think straight. I tore my pants off, letting my thick cock spring free and threw open Anastasia’s bedroom door.

Before she could snap out of her daze, I was on top of her. Her cerulean eyes flew open and I spread her legs wide, slamming my cock up her soggy twat in one hard thrust. She opened her mouth to scream and I covered her mouth with my hand, looking her dead in the eyes as I pounded her beaver with as much force as I could muster.

“Do prdele,” I muttered, roughly fucking my sweet step-daughter like a whore. Our sticky bodies noisily slapped together and I could she was staring to enjoy having her sweet spots filled when she stopped resisting. I removed my hand from her mouth and she sucked her finger seductively before teasing her swollen bud with it while I nailed her fat pussy.

“You like being fucked by your daddy, don’t you?” I asked.

She smiled and squeezed her heaving breasts. “Won’t you suck on your little girls’ tits?” She asked in an innocent voice.

I chuckled and filled my mouth with her warm, soft flesh. Her breasts smothered my face as I buried it in her valley of cleavage and I sucked and bit on her nipples like a hungry child, fucking her juicy cunt harder and faster.

“Ooooh yes! Harder daddy!” She screamed, taking her pounding like a good slut.

“Just like your mother,” I whispered, slamming into her pussy with an almost violent force.

I grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto all fours. “Your daddy is going to fuck you like a Czech girl needs to be fucked,” I said, spanking her big, round ass.

I held her hips and stuffed her pussy from behind, slamming my hips onto her juicy ass with each hump. Her heavy breasts swung and bounced as she was fucked, and I grabbed those big tits, squeezing and slapping them while she screamed for me to punish her pussy harder.

“Fuck me harder daddy!” she cried out, holding onto the bed for dear life as I pounded her as hard as a woman could be pounded. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and slapped my balls against her cunt with deep, raw, thrusts until she burst with her daddy’s cock plugged in her hole.

She screamed and trembled as wave after wave of vaginal orgasms rippled through her body. I spanked her twat and continued to jack-hammer her cunt as she experienced mind-blowing orgasms. My cock was slippery with her warm cream and within moments I was ready to fill her body with cum.

Remembering I hadn’t worn a condom I quickly pulled out of her leaking pussy and flipped her beautiful body over. I held her head and forced her mouth open, spraying several thick ropes of cum down her throat. I made sure she swallowed every last drop before shoving my whole cock into her warm mouth, making her suck her daddy’s cock like a good girl would do.

She sucked and sucked until she had licked every last spot of cum.

“Now get back on all fours so your daddy can fuck your big, round ass.”

She smiled seductively at me, and obediently got on all fours, waiting to get her back-door filled.

Oh it’s going to be a fun night...

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