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Chapter 19: My Daughter's Best Friend

“Mr. Weston?”

I sleepily looked up from the Wall Street Journal into two striking green eyes staring curiously down at me.

“It is you!” The young, beautiful woman leaned down to envelop me in a hug before I could register what was going on.

Her breasts pushed against my chest and her long red curls gently smacked me in the face giving me a whiff of her unforgettable scent.

I chuckled nervously and pulled her back to see who she was. She beamed widely as I squinted at the striking face, with almost feline features.

“Maeghan?” I asked, dumbfounded at the fact that I was staring at my 22 year old daughter’s best friend since childhood. I had practically watched her grow up and now she was a gorgeous woman.

“It’s me! Oh it’s been too long since I’ve seen you Mr. Wes, how are you? You look as handsome as ever, you know” she added with a wink that I’m not sure if I saw correctly or not.

I blushed at her attention and unconsciously ran a hand through my thick salt and pepper hair as she stored her carry-ons above us and settled into the seat next to me.

“I’ve been wonderful Mae, still keeping busy with my businesses, traveling back and forth from continent to continent for work. How about you, how’s college treating you?”

She giggled and fastened her belt. “Well I’m a senior now! I spent the last year abroad in Spain which was just brilliant. Every weekend I would be on a train to a different city, it was just such a unique experience. I actually spoke with Riley just a few days ago; she says she’s got LSAT’s in a week, how exciting huh?!”

Oh right, my daughter Riley. I almost forgot my own name sitting next to this stunning, delicious--

“Do you remember when Riley and I used to play Lawyer for hours and hours when we were younger. And we forced you to play along and be the judge? Our dolls were the jury, do you remember?” Maeghan laughed her sparkly laugh at the memory and launched into a full on tirade about childhood adventures.

I tried to chuckled and smile along with her but didn’t want to think about her as a chubby kid but instead as the beautiful woman she is now. Maeghan was lost in her on world, recounting story after story and I took the opportunity to look at her long, golden bare legs. My eyes met her small pastel skirt and I imagined the wet, delicious twat in between her legs.

I gazed at her perky tits, covered in thin fabric. Oh how I’d love to hold those lovely melons in my hands are ram her ginger pussy until she came for me over and over again.

Her candy apple colored lips danced as she passionately spoke but I could only see those lips wrapped around my thick, aching cock, sliding down her throat.

I was snapped from my thoughts as the pilot announced the plane was prepared for take-off. Maeghan and I kept up the agonizingly innocent conversation for a while until she fell asleep.

Hours passed by and she was still completely out. I watched her intently, fantasizing of the filthy things I wanted to do to her body as she sat there dreaming most likely about sweet, innocent things. It was night time and the lights were dimmed very low as the passengers quietly snoozed.

My cock had been a rigid confined snake for the past 3 hours and I didn’t know how much longer I could take it. I contemplated quickly pulling it out and rubbing one out but I decided against it out of fear.

I kept torturing myself by watching Maeghan’s beautiful profile as she peacefully rested. Her breasts heaved with every breath, begging to be sucked and caressed. Her already short skirt had slightly ridden up and I could just see her panties peeking out.

I felt like I would explode if something didn’t happen right away. I hadn’t even realized this entire time as I was fantasizing, Maeghan had woken up and was staring at me with that sultry gaze of hers. “Touch me, I know you want to” she whispered. I slid my hand up Maeghan’s thigh and under her skirt, sticking three fingers into her panties, and rubbing her wet pussy. My eyes widened when I realized how wet she was. She gently moaned and said “Oh Mr. Wes”

I gently unbuckled her seat belt and brought her onto my lap, spreading her legs slightly open as I vigorously rubbed her cunt, slapping her pussy. I lifted her skirt to see, and nearly drooled at the erotic, well groomed ginger hair. I grit my teeth and began to finger fuck her, eagerly fingering her creamy pussy with several fingers.

“Fuck me Mr. Weston”

I sucked her sweet honey off my fingers and unbuttoned her top, letting her large tits spill out. I played with those big breasts, squeezing and mashing them together. I turned her around so that her heavy melons were right in my face, and buried my face in her cleavage, sucking and biting all over.

She smirked and grabbed my face, kissing me hungrily and deeply. I held her breasts and she made me suck her sweet, puffy nipples while she massaged my rigid cock that I had taken out.

My mouth full of breast, I held her thick waist as she teased my cock, rubbing the head of it along her moist slit. I slammed up into her hole with a hard force, making her tits jiggle.

I held her ass and fucked her tight pussy roughly, making her ride my cock like a bull. “That’s it baby, spread your pussy and take your pounding. You’ve always been a good girl, haven’t you?” I muttered, filling her pipe with thick cock.

Her breasts swung and our skin noisily slapped together as I bounced her up and down on my lap, making sure every inch of her pussy was stuffed. Her wet pussy felt like silk and she creamed around the big cock inside of her, leaving my trunk covered in white cream.

I held her tightly and pounded her snatch, spanking her ass as her tits swung wildly. I erupted inside of her, spurting rope after rope of cum deep into her womb. Tears poured down her eyes as she shamefully came again, enjoying having her pussy torn apart.

I fought to catch my breath, and let her rest for a bit. Little did she know what I had in store for her next...

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