Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 2: Teacher's Pet

“Jessie Andrews?” I looked up when I heard my name called and half-heartedly replied, “here.” My homeroom teacher nodded and shamelessly ogled my breasts for a few seconds before looking back down at the attendance sheet.

I rolled my eyes and put my head back down on my desk. Do these dumb men really think I don’t notice when they salivate over me?

I know what you’re thinking, and yes I suppose I should be offended but I’m honestly used to it. I’ve had 34 G sized tits since the 8th grade, and yes I have been dealing with ogling pigs ever since then. I mean it’s enough to deal with all the annoying boys in my grade trying to get in my pants, but I have to deal with teachers too...

When I first got these puppies I was kind of embarrassed and I would always wear big hoodies and sweatshirts to cover them. On top of that my strict and religious freaks of parents used to constantly preach about how I shouldn’t expose my body blah blah blah. But that got more and more difficult as it got hotter outside. And once the cat was out of the bag, there was no turning back.

I started enjoying the attention, and although some would complain about the objectification and hyper-sexualization I personally didn’t give a fuck. I started wearing revealing tops and dresses just to get a kick out of watching some dumb boy drool over me.

Within no time I could have control over any guy I wanted, and that kind of power turned me on. I went after the seniors first, you know the jocks and popular guys. I could have anyone I wanted, and pretty soon I was fucking the hottest guys in school. Call me what you want but I like sex, and I like having my holes filled with thick, hard cock.

But pretty soon I got tired of high school boys and started going after men. I looked mature for my age and was able to get into sleazy bars whenever I wanted. I was getting fucked every way possible by men of all shapes, sizes, and ages I didn’t care. I was getting fucked by married guys, old guys, muscular guys, fat guys, small cocks, big black cocks, you name it. They all loved holding onto my giant, pillowy tits while they destroyed my tight pussy. And, I got a kick out of letting them know my age after they had just mercilessly fucked me for hours.

But when I wasn’t busy getting chased around the streets by guys looking to stuff my holes, I was getting chased around the hallways at school by my science teacher Mr. Evans.

Mr. Evans was a peculiar character. First off, he wasn’t the type of guy you’d expect to be interested in having sex with young girls. He was very handsome, book-smart, proper and always well-dressed. He was obsessed with science, and even wrote a couple of books. I always had a strong attraction towards him because he pretty much the only guy in this building who didn’t seem to be paying attention to me. I needed to have him.

I came on strong one afternoon, pretending not to understand the material we had covered in class earlier. I spoke in my most seductive tone and wore an extremely revealing top, showing my huge tits begging to be slapped and squeezed. He put up a fight but soon he was putty in my hand. That evening I let him do sick and vile things to my body and he became putty in my hand.

From that day on he made no effort to conceal his hunger for me and would always find a way to run in to me at school. We were having sex almost every other day, which is how I became my teacher’s slut.

“Jessie, right?” a timid freshman said, holding a slip of paper out to me. “Yep, thanks.” I read the piece of paper which said, “be in my office in 5 minutes on your back with your legs spread.” I smirked, recognizing Mr. Evan’s handwriting.

I raised my hand to be excused for the bathroom and made my way to his office in the basement of the school. His office is weirdly secluded and soundproof which means I got to scream as loud as I wanted when I was getting a good fucking. He really makes me scream when he stuffs a giant dildo in my cunt and pounds my ass.

When I walked in he was nowhere to be seen so I gently closed the door and did what I was told. I took off all my clothes, and laid on his desk with my legs spread wide, wet and ready for my punishment. I fondled my huge, milky tits, that spilled out near my neck, now that I was lying on my back. They were so big and juicy that I could squeeze them and suck on my own nipples.

I sucked on two french manicured fingers and slipped them inside my soaking wet pussy where dozens of thick cocks had been. I playfully fingered myself and moaned lightly. I heard a low grunt and turned abruptly to see Mr. Evans silently filming me with a grin on his face. He was naked and so aroused, that his huge cock was twitching on its own.

“You’re a jerk!” I said, laughing. He flipped the camera off and was on top of me within seconds, mashing my breasts and spanking my pussy. “I saved up a few days of cum for you,” he whispered, spitting onto each of my tits, and massaging them.

He wrapped his hands around my neck and plunged into me, filling me with his entire length. He fucked me savagely, just how I liked it. I instantly began creaming around his cock, making him pound into me even more intensely. The thick white cream made his thrusts slippery and loud, making nice satisfying squelch sounds every time he filled me to the hilt.

His cock shifted inside of me, drilling my g-spot roughly. He slapped at my breasts, and squeezed them painfully, sinking into my body over and over again. My vision was blurry with pleasure and he pulled out abruptly, making a thick dribble of white cream flow out of my pussy hole. He slid underneath me and lifted me on top of his cock, spanking my pussy before plugging my cunt with his thick meat.

“Fuck yourself good, you dirty little slut.” He laid still underneath me while I moved my hips up and down on his big cock. “Faster,” he ordered, grabbing my tits. Crying with pleasure, I slammed up and down on his tree trunk at a rapid pace, filling myself completely. Mr. Evans cream-pied my pussy, and wiped some up with hands, smearing it onto my giant, rippling tits.

He held my hips and pounded into me with incredible force, making my tits bounce uncontrollably. I screamed as my walls tightened around his log and experienced a blinding, painful, creamy orgasm. My pussy felt raw and stretched, yet utterly satisfied.

I collapsed onto Mr. Evans who wrapped his arms around my big chest, and fucked me gently until I dozed off in his arms.

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