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Chapter 20: Check-up (MXFXF)

“Lola. Doctor Wilhelm will see you now” the friendly receptionist said. I smiled back and followed her to the empty room.

“He’ll be just a few minutes. In the mean time you can undress and put this gown on” she said, indicating to the flimsy blue hospital gown at the foot of the bed.

She shut the door behind her and I quickly undressed, slipping the starchy gown over my body when the door opened and a petite woman walked in.

She was cute, with a cute pixie cut, upturned fairy-like blue eyes and small rosy lips. She reminded me of Tinkerbell kind of.

“I’m Lizzie, and I’ll be shadowing Dr. Wilheim today” she stated, cheerfully. We shook hands and I noticed how extremely “customized” she had made her scrubs, unbuttoning her shirt so far down her tits were nearly spilling out.

Lola” I said back, curiously observing her as she peered through some files. She turned her face and caught my eye, smiling reassuringly.

“I see you’re in today for some pretty conventional check-ups and a um..lymph exam?” Lizzie questioned

“Oh yea, I had gone to see a specialist a few months ago about constant pain in the lymph node region so Dr. Wilhelm thought it’d be good to check them out again,” I explained, staring at the foreign string of words tattooed right above her hip bone.

“Gotcha.” The door swung open and Dr. Wilhelm walked in, filling the entirety of the small office with his presence. He gave me a big smile and a hug. I’d been his patient for 4 years now since I turned 18. He was just as good looking as ever, with a thick head of salt and pepper hair, very masculine features and a bright, white grin.

He shuffled around Lizzie to get my files and I noticed him tap her waist in what I hope was just a friendly way. She blushed and smiled slyly at him..okay?

We spoke for a little while about my lifestyle, diet, work, and sex life. It felt like he was being extremely detailed with his questions regarding the latter but it could have just been my imagination.

After my set of routine check ups were complete, Dr. Wilhelm wanted to go right ahead with the lymph examination. He asked me to lie down flat on my back. He stood over me and gently massaged the underside of my neck with such a tender pressure, my libido shot out the roof. I could feel myself burning up even though the office was chilly.

“Now Lola, I want you to close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly about 20 times.”

I did as he instructed and soon felt incredibly relaxed, alone with my thoughts about jumping my Doctor’s bone.

I must have drifted off because when I suddenly regained consciousness, I felt as though I had been napping for some time.

I slowly blinked open my eyes, still in the same office. I sat up even slower, silently yawning. My eyes nearly bugged out when I registered the sight in front of me.

Doctor Wilhelm was fucking Lizzie! They had their backs to me and I watched as my fully clothed doctor bent Lizzie’s naked body over the table, and stuffed her pussy deeply and fully. He grunted silently, holding her huge, quivering tits in his hands as he repeatedly moved between her legs, pounding her twat with long, sloppy thrusts.

She grasped the table and moaned as quietly as she could, reaching her hand behind to fondle the swinging balls that belonged to the big cock inside of her.

“You like having your snatch well fucked, yeah?” Dr. Wilhelm muttered, burying his face into Lizzie’s neck, fucking her like a whore.

Lizzie cried out as she came, going slightly limp. “I’m not fucking done with you,” Doctor Wilhelm grunted, spinning her around and lifting her onto the counter.

Lizzie immediately caught sight of me, and gasped. My doctor turned around and looked down at my slightly open legs, and then up to my flushed expression. I was extremely horny after seeing what just happened.

“Enjoy the show, I reckon?” Lizzie asked, with a smirk on her face. I bit my lip and smiled very coyly.

“It’d be a shame to not use the extra resources available to us, right baby?” she asked the doctor.

Lizzie walked over to me and spread my legs wider, gazing seductively into my eyes before bringing her sweet tongue to my wet folds, licking up the slit teasingly. I shuddered with pleasure and moaned as Lizzie properly ate my pussy, nibbling and sucking at all the right spots. I could tell this wasn’t her first time.

I rubbed my pussy against her tongue, enjoying the wet pressure she was putting on my clit. Doctor Wilhelm watched very closely and began roughly slinging his meat in between Lizzie’s legs while she ate me out, making her tongue feel like a vibration.

I whimpered and threw my head back, never wanting this feeling to end. Doctor Wilhelm still could not take his eyes away from the scene and forcefully lifted Lizzie’s leg up, slamming his cock deep inside her kitty, until she popped.

He spanked those big tits and pinched her thick nipples, creaming her hole one last time before she nearly collapsed from her pounding.

Immediately, Doctor Wilhelm slid my body down and ripped my gown off, exposing my nude body. He eagerly spread my legs and plugged my leaking pussy with no hesitation. The instant fullness was difficult to adjust to and he gave me no chance to as he pounded away at my sweet cunt, filling me in places that had never been filled before.

He plunged his large trunk into me deeper with each thrust, shattering my g-spot over and over again.

“That’s a good pussy,” he muttered, enjoying every second of being buried inside of me. Lizzie, who had recovered from her multiple orgasms got down on her knees and hungrily slurped at Doctor Wilhelm’s cock, pounding my pussy, while she rubbed her used pussy.

I screamed and begged to be fucked harder. My doctor drilled my innocent pussy with a relentless force, abusing my clit until I burst around his log, with a painful, draining orgasm.

Doctor Wilhelm spread my legs even wider and aimed his hose, spraying my insides with thick, hot cum. Some of it leaked out, which Lizzie licked and swallowed.

We took turns receiving spankings, and sucking our Doctor’s cock until he was able to decide what to do to us next.

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