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Chapter 22: Dirty Photoshoot

My cell rang as I was finishing up my makeup in my dressing room, applying a bit of blush to my cheeks.

“Hey!” I chirped, rubbing my lips together to spread my chapstick.

“Ella, babe! Something came up literally last minute and I can’t do your photoshoot, but I’ve left you in good hands. My buddy Spiro offered to pick up my clients today. He’s Australian, you’ll like him.” My photographer, Mona said.

I slightly deflated with disappointment and inspected my cuticles. “But Mones, you know I’m only comfortable around you!”

“Ella, don’t worry okay! He’s super professional and chill, you’ll be great!”

We spoke for a little while longer and I hung up, suddenly nervous for my photoshoot. For extra pocket money I took sexy pictures for a semi-popular magazine once a week. I was happy to do it because my only photographer was a 32 year old married woman. I don’t see how I would possibly be able to pose in front of guys.

A knock on my dressing room door made me jump. “C-coming!” I yelled, giving my blonde curls one good scrunch.

“Ella, are you ready for your photoshoot?” I looked up and saw a man I’d never seen before.

“Who are you?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Oh my apologies, I’m Myles, I’ll be assisting your photographer for the evening with my buddies Joe and Tyler.

“What? How many of you are there for God’s sake?”

He chuckled and held up 4 fingers. “This shouldn’t take any longer than half an hour, so whenever you’re ready.”

I rolled my eyes and brushed past him to the picture room. “You must be Spiro,” I said to a very tall man with his hair held back in a ponytail. He spun around and held his hand out. “Yep, and you’re Ella I presume. Ready to get started?” I shook his hand and looked him in the eyes, unable to read his expression. I nodded timidly and took my usual spot.

“Alright, you know the drill better than anyone. We’ll start with some pics of you in your outfit and you’ll slowly strip until you’re in just your lace panties.”

My breath hitched as I realized I’d be getting naked in front of four grown men. I shook my hair out and propped my hands on my hips, smiling stiffly as opposed to my usual bubbliness in front of the cameras.

“That’s it baby, now try loosening up and giving us a flirty smile?” I looked over at Myles, Joe and Tyler who were each holding different pieces of film equipment although all six eyes were glued to me.

I swallowed and tried again to appear relaxed, turning to the side and looking over my shoulder. I could tell I was still coming off as stiff, and it made me even more uncomfortable.

This continued for a few more minutes with Spiro giving instructions after instructions. I could tell he was getting frustrated by the tension in his voice. “Okay sugar, how about a little strip tease for the camera, yeah? Can you take your top off?”

I really didn’t want to do this anymore but knew I couldn’t just walk out and risk getting fired for good. The cash was helping me get through college.

I slid my top over my head, leaving me in a lacy bra and panty set. “Oh, that’s good baby. Do a little twirl for us, show us that sweet ass.”

Mona never said things like this I thought angrily to myself as I turned and wriggled my bottom, looking seductively over my shoulder.

“Very nice sweetie, now unhook your bra nice and slow. Then turn around and let us see those big tits of yours” Spiro instructed.

I slowly unhooked my bra, biting my lip seductively. I let it fall to the floor, and unwillingly turned around to face the camera, showing my bare breasts to the strange men.

“Such big jugs for a petite girl like yourself. Why don’t you give em’ a squeeze, play with those tits like a good girl.”

I squeezed my breasts, uncomfortable by Spiro’s filthy remarks. I just wanted this to be over.

“Cut. cut for a minute. Ella, darling you’re still being stiff. You need to loosen up, you know.” Spiro said, coming over to me. He stood a bit too close to me and my nipples were practically brushing against his shirt.

“What do you suggest?” I asked, crossing my arms over my large breasts.

He chuckled and looked back at the other three guys. “I mean to be perfectly honest I’d say you need to be fucked right in your pussy, and there’s plenty of cock to go around right here.”

My mouth hung ajar and he closed the space between us, jerking my chin up. “Is that a yes?” He whispered, brushing his fingers against the thin lacy material of my panties. I grew wet just from his touch and he smirked, nodding his head. “I think that’s a yes”

He lifted me easily and pushed me onto the couch, unbuckling his pants and jerking his huge, stiff cock out. “Start sucking Tinkerbell”

I looked up at him and saw dead seriousness in his eyes. I held his cock in my small hands and closed my lips around the tip of it, sucking slowly. He grabbed a handful of my tits and slapped them, telling me to take more in my mouth.

Meanwhile Myles, Joe and Tyler were also undressing, and taking their equally hard boners out of their pants.

Spiro held handfuls of my hair and shoved his cock down my throat deeper, making me struggle to take it all. He pulled it out and slapped my lips with the head, stroking my face before flipping me over. Joe forced himself into my mouth next and I got on all fours, taking spankings from the men.

They spanked my ass raw, fingered my cunt and played with my tits while alternating getting their cocks sucked on. “Don’t forget the balls,” Tyler moaned, slowly fucking my mouth with his head thrown back.

I moaned around his thick trunk as Myles reached deeper inside my pussy with his fingers, making me cream around them.

“I think she wants some cock in there, is that right baby?”

I nodded and spread my legs wider, desperate to be fucked like a whore.

Spiro grabbed my waist and slammed his cock right up my hole, filling me completely. I tried to moan, but couldn’t with Joe’s penis down my throat.

“Oh, fuck that’s a tight pussy” Spiro muttered, pounding my twat out hard and fast. “You can take a dick, blondie” Myles said, watching me get my wet beaver drilled.

It felt like Spiro was trying to tear me in half, as his poundings grew more frantic and rough. He pulled out suddenly and I squirted out a stream of liquid, which made me tremble with quakes from the pressure.

“Oh shit, blondie squirts when she’s fucked, huh?” Myles said, getting behind me and stuffing his cock right up my fuck hole to the brim. He grabbed my hair and battered my pussy, slamming his hips into my ass as he punished my pussy.

I licked up Joe’s shaft one last time and he jerked his cock, spraying his load down my throat. “Swallow every drop” he threatened. I did as I was told and he made me suck him clean. “Nut on her tits next time man” Spiro said, taking a mouthful of my breasts in his mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” I screamed, as Myles gave it to me dirty, slamming into my pussy like a horse. “Yeah keep screaming whore. A sweet pussy like that deserves to be torn up. Your only purpose of being born into this world was to have that pussy filled with big cock. You’re gonna squirt all over this cock like a good slut, got it.”

I nodded and he pulled out, making me squirt a mini waterfall all over him. He shoved his fingers into my leaking pipe and fucked me with them until I squirted again.

The five of us fucked for hours and hours. I took it in every hole, even fitting two cocks in my pussy after they had stretched me out. I was covered in cum from head to two, but certainly had loosened up.

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