Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 23: Handsome Stranger

I groaned and turned on my side, leaning over my snoring boyfriend to pick my phone up.

“Hello?” I mumbled, rubbing my eye.

“Lola! I know it’s late and you aren’t scheduled for today but would you be able to come waitress tonight? The club is insanely packed, and we’re shortstaffed” my manager Amanda desperately shouted into the speaker.

I closed my eyes in frustration. The clock read midnight and I really had no intention to leave my bed. But then I looked at the shopping bags full of stuff in the corner of the room I had spent a small fortune on and realized I could probably use the cash.

I worked a few nights a week at this really exclusive nightclub in downtown Amsterdam during summers that was always packed with insanely rich, good looking people, and opportunistic disc jockeys. The main rule was not to get involved with anyone while working, make the money and go. On a good night, which was every night I walked out with close to 3,000 in my pocket.

I climbed into the shower and proceeded as quietly as I could to get ready, curling my hair and slipping on my uniform which was little more than a tight, black negligee, matching choker and heels.

30 minutes later, I was slipping through the velvet curtains to the back room where I was greeted by some of my co-workers.

“Oh thank god you came! I owe you one babe” Amanda said, helping my tie my small black apron to my front. “Think you can handle right wing, top floor?”

I nodded and gave her an assuring smile, grabbing my order pad and heading out. A loud, Spanish pop song was blasting and I was dodging dancing bodies left and right. I was grateful the club was at least a bit upscale so I never had to deal with projectile vomit, crying drunk girls or blacked out teenagers.

A booth full with handsome, frat guys and their trophy girlfriends signaled me over. I put a big smile on my face and approached them, pen poised over paper.

“What can I get you guys?” I asked, cheerfully. “Bring several rounds of the best tequila you got, baby!” one of them said, earning a few cheers.

“1800 Colec, you got it!” I said, scribbling that down. “Anyone else?” I looked up and locked eyes with an incredibly handsome older man across the room. He was sitting with a small group of people but I was pretty sure he was looking right at me. He smiled very covertly, and my cheeks warmed. I’d never seen him before and something about his stance attracted me to him. He was physically beautiful, and mature. A few streaks of grey in his hair and a few sexy smile lines by the corners of his eyes. He bit his bottom lip and crossed his leg, challenging me with his eyes.

“Hey, did you hear us?” A busty blonde said, snapping me out of my daze. “Yea, I’ll be right back with everything” I said, sticking my pen into my pocket. I looked up again and saw the man disappeared, though the people at his table were still there. What the? I must be seeing things..

I retreated to the back room, slipping past the crowd and ignoring a few whistles directed at me. As I was about to go through the beaded curtain, a hand slid around my waist and spun me around. It was the mysterious, older man I had been eye fucking.

He was even more beautiful up close, and stood far taller than me. Without saying anything he held my face and kissed me passionately, knocking the wind out of me. My mind couldn’t process how wrong this all was. I have a boyfriend for starters, and we were dangerously close to the employee room where my manager could walk by any second and can me for breaking policy.

I broke away hesitantly and attempted to put and end but the seratonin was flowing and my brain wouldn’t let me do it. “I- uh

“Hm?” He murmured in deep voice, wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me up.

I laughed out of nervousness and excitement, and kissed him again as he brought us to the back wall, right outside the employee door.

“No- no we can’t, not here” I whispered, sighing as he covered my neck in soft kisses. He ground his hips into mine and I moaned, feeling so turned on.

“Right here” he said, sliding his hands up my skirt, grabbing my ass and yanking my panties down. My heart pounded in my chest as it happened. This beautiful stranger was about to fuck my brains out right on this wall.

I helped him unbuckled his pants and he slid them down just enough to take his rock hard cock out. He pressed into me and his strong, delicious scent made me delirious with ecstasy.

He slid two fingers in me, and saw I was completely soaked for him already. “You want it that bad, huh?” he said. Without wasting another second he held my hips and slammed into me, roughly and fully.

I tried to silence my moans out of fear of being caught and gripped the man’s silky hair, closing my eyes because it felt so good. The sex was raw and passionate, and completely filthy. He fucked me like a whore and showed no restraint as he pounded into me loudly.

“Oh fuck” he grunted, burying himself in me to the hilt, kissing me with hunger. “That’s it baby, take it hard and fast.”

I cried out as he punished my pussy, dominating my body. It was carnal, lust-driven and sinful but so fucking good.

He slammed into me as he finished, leaving me trembling and weak. With a smirk on his handsome face, he buckled up his pants and walked away.

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