Sexcapades 1

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“I told you this wasn’t a good idea,” Daphne muttered, shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand and sticking a thumb out with the other.

“Relax, someone will pick us up soon! I guess people are just more cautious these days, can you blame them? I said, looking at my best friend with a smile of enthusiasm. She rolled her eyes and kept waving her arm around.

“No, I guess not but I don’t think two cute girls on the side of the road necessarily screams danger,” she joked.

We kept at it for a few more minutes but each car that we saw just sped on by without hesitation.

“Hey, I say we move towards the main road? The traffic is busier there and someone is bound to get us!”

We were about to gather our few things and get a move on until a large truck slowed down by us. I’m talking big truck, like an 18-wheeler by the looks of it.

Daphne and I looked at each other with big grins. Finally, someone stopped for us.

A big guy with a beard and multiple tattoos rolled the window down. A few other similar looking guys leaned over to peer at us.

“My, what are you two dolls doing out here in this hot sun?”

“We need a ride, got any room left?” I asked in a friendly tone, while Daphne kept quiet. I was always the more outgoing one of us two.

The guys looked at each other and exchanged grins. “Of course, hop on in!”

“Audrey, are you sure about getting a ride with them?” Daph asked, holding onto my arm.

“Of course! Just follow my lead and stay cool girl,” I said with a reassuring smile. The trucker opened the door and took our hands to help us in. The front of the truck was roomy but there were two other guys in there, making it a bit crowded. We managed to fit, although half of my ass was on the lap of a stranger. I could feel his instant boner but didn’t mind one bit.

Daphna was perched uncomfortably on a burly guy with muscular arms. He put his arm around her waist and shifted her body so that her plump ass was nestled in his groin.

“So where are you darlings headed?” The driver asked, revving up the engine again.

“California. We’re from Nevada and are trying to get to a good friend of ours in Southern California. She lives by the beach in a really nice bungalow and invited us for the whole summer.”

He raised his eyebrows and nodded. “Sounds like a plan. We ourselves are headed to Arizona, but what’s a little detour? I’m sure we can negotiate a little deal, what do you say dolls?”

“What kind of deal?” I asked, flipping my hair.

“Well, baby we been on the road for a little while. Haven’t had some fine young women like yourselves in a while. We could all have some fun if you’re up for it. My boys and I could stuff your kittens for a little while and get you two to California in no time, hm?”

Daphne shot me a look and we telecommunicated in that weird way that best friends do. I shrugged my eyebrows and smirked at her. She looked doubtful for a second but smirked back at me. We both just had beaches and SoCal in our eyes. I knew she was in.

“Alright boys, let’s have some fun then?” I said, turning around to kiss the guy I was sitting on. He slid his hand up my thigh under my jean skirt and rubbed his fingers along the moist slit. I moaned and squeezed my tits under my shirt, grinding myself against the stranger’s fingers.

“Ohhh, fuck!” I opened my eyes and looked over at Daphne who was already completely naked. Her heavy tits swung while she bounced up and down on a juicy, thick cock.

“Mmm, fuck her hard,” I said to the guy. He lifted her thighs and plowed his cock into her little pussy, spanking her tits while she screamed with pleasure. “Deeper!” she begged and the guy obliged, filling her to the brim with each thrust.

The driver took his eyes off the road for a second to watch Daphne’s sweet pussy get stuffed, “That’s it, boys, user her up” he encouraged, licking his lips.

I straddled my guy’s lap and took my top off. He kissed down my neck to my breasts, sucking on my pierced nipples with excitement. He was on the older side but still took out an impressively fat cock, which I sunk down on with a little pain. He held onto my wide hips and jerked his hips up, rapidly fucking my twat with sloppy thrusts.

“That’s it girl, spread that pussy and take some dick. Bet it feels good to be fucked like that, doesn’t it?”

“Mmhmm” I replied, holding onto his shoulders as he violently pounded me. He looked down and saw his cock was coated with my pussy cream which only made him drill me harder.

“You like it rough you little slut, already creaming my cock” he muttered, spanking my ass. “Don’t you stop fucking me!” I said crying out as his thrusts intensified. “I’m gonna fuck you all day long baby, don’t you worry.”

Daphne whimpered as she rode her guy’s stiff cock. He slapped her pussy repeatedly in short, quick motions until she burst and sprayed the windshield with her pussy juice. The guys hollered and cheered, begging her to do it again.

Her guy slammed her cock right back into her muffin and pounded her sweet spot, flicking her clit and rubbing the bud until she screamed and orgasmed again, squirting out her sweet juice.

“Atta girl,” the driver said, using his free hand to shove his beefy fingers up her soaking wet pussy, fingering it roughly.

I could feel myself ready to explode and gripped my guy’s thighs, looking down to watch him bury his cock in and out of my pussy. He quickly took his cock out of my slippery cunt, and shoved it up my ass fucking it roughly.

Daphne leaned down and put her tongue to my well fucked pussy, licking and sucking my clit like a pro. We knew eachother’s bodies well from the numerous time we’ve fucked each other with out tongues, hands and big strap-on cocks.

The guy fucking my ass massaged Daphne’s head, holding her down as she ate my pussy out. her guy was roughly stuffing her pussy while her face was buried between my legs and I felt nothing but pure carnal pleasure.

Daphne and I spend the next day on the road being fucked, licked, and screwed in every hole over and over again. We were passed around from cock to cock, getting pounded for hours at a time. It was like a never-ending dream and I didn’t want the feeling to ever go away.

I can’t wait to see who picks us up when we head back..

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