Sexcapades 1

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Parent-Teacher Conference

“Pleasure to meet you Miss... “Harlow” she said said, with a reassuring smile. “Why don’t you have a seat?” she said, gesturing her dainty little hand to an uncomfortable first grader’s seat.

I sat down and leaned back, feeling a warm grin spread over my face as my kid’s sexy little teacher leaned over her desk to gather some papers with her pert little rear end facing me. She was dressed in kitten pumps, a tight little pencil skirt and a silk blouse. Her raven tresses were secured in a high bun, with a pencil holding them together. She was the perfect image of a sexy school teacher, not a day older than 25.

She turned around, forcing me to stop ogling for a moment and slid her simply glasses down over her eyes to examine some papers. I took the opportunity to stare at her delicious, buxom breasts, desperate to free themselves from their constraints. I could see the large roundness of those tits, even though her attempt to hide them. I could taste the juicy flesh between my lips, and my tongue in her valley of cleavage.

“Such big tits for a small girl,” I absent-mindedly mumbled.
“Excuse me?” Ms. Harlow questioned coolly, snapping me from my thoughts.

“Oh nothing, Miss, you were getting to Lilly right?” I said, gliding a hand through my thick head of hair with a few silver streaks on the sides. I flashed her my pearly white smile that always worked on getting people to do what I wanted. She, however, didn’t crack a smile. Shit.

“Right yes, well sir I wanted to discuss Lilly’s troubling behavior at recess as of
lately. She has received several time-outs and even complaints from other students’ parents that she has been hitting their kids and making them cry. I don’t recall seeing this kind of behavior from her and am wondering if she has been developing any signs of violence or anger at home? You must understand that we try to create a safe, loving environment for all the children here and simply cannot tolerate any bullying or fighting, right?”

Her words went in one ear and out the other. All I heard her say was the word “hit” which made me think of bending her naked body over that desk, and giving her a good hard spanking while slapping those jugs of hers.

“Are you even listening to me sir?” Ms. Harlow asked, in an impatient tone. She self-consciously crossed her arms over her chest, only teasing me further. My cock felt like a rigid snake in my pants and I could no longer sit comfortably.

I stood up, probably shocking her a bit at the height difference. I towered over her petite frame and slowly approached her as she straightened up from leaning on her desk. I chuckled at her cute little face, staring up at me in a challenging way.

“Well, you tell me Ms. Harlow. What’s a good way to deal with naughty little girls, hm? How do we punish them so that they know who to obey?” I whispered, tilting her chin up, which she didn’t resist. Her blue eyes no longer stared at me with annoyance, but now with lust and interest. The slut knew she wanted me to do sick things to her body.

I uncrossed her hands from her chest, pressing myself up against the massive globes. I cupped her delicate face in my hands and leaned down to kiss her delicious lips, so moist and fruity.

“Let’s see those tits” I said, watching
closely as she unbuttoned her silk blouse.
She let it fall to the floor, and finally
unhooked her bra, pulling it off slowly
and deliberately to tease me. It worked, as
my cock grew more and more rigid with
every passing second.

She shyly held her massive breasts in her
hands, looking up at me innocently
through her long eyelashes. They spilled
through her tiny hands, unable to be
contained. “What are you gonna do to
me?” She asked, biting her candy—apple
colored bottom lip.

“Well first you’re going to take off the
skirt but keep your heels on, and then hop
your pretty little ass on that desk and
spread your legs nice and wide for me so I
can see your sweet pussy.”

She smirked, and did as she was told with
agonizingly slow movements, making
sure she tortured me enough.

She hopped on her desk completely
naked, making those big round tits
bounce. I closed the space between us and
wrapped her legs around me, leaning into
her to kiss her sweet lips and trail my
mouth down her vanilla scented skin. I
gently kissed her neck and collar bones
before feasting on her succulent tits. I laid
her flat on the desk and squeezed her soft,
pillowy tits, kissing and sucking and
biting every inch of skin. I licked the pink
areola and buried my face in her cleavage
making her moan with pleasure and grab
my hair.

“Mmm, don’t stop baby” she moaned,
while spreading her legs farther apart to
finger her creamy pussy.

I yanked my pants off, freeing my aching
cock and climbed on top of her to fuck her
tits. I grabbed her mountains of breast
and squeezed my cock in between them,
jerking back and forth. My cock was in
Heaven as I sawed through the warm
flesh, while I helped her finger her
soaking wet twat harder.

The sensation of my cock buried in her
breasts was overwhelming and I moaned
loudly, grabbing Ms. Harlow’s face, and
squirting hot cum down her throat. I
slapped her face gently and made her
suck my cock which she did like a greedy
little whore.

“Ohh that’s a good girl” I said through
clenched teeth as she held my heavy balls
and took my cock down her throat like a
pro. “That’s it baby, suck your daddy’s
cock clean.”

She licked her tongue teasingly up the
shaft of my cock and engorged the head in
between her lips, looking me right in the
eyes the whole time. “You need to be
fucked right in your pussy don’t you

The Vixen—like glint in her eyes confirmed
my thoughts and I roughly turned her
over on her hands and knees, sending a
stinging slap on her fat ass. “Ooh, fuck
yes!” she cried, begging me to stuff her
tight pussy with meat.

I held onto her round hips and slammed my cock down her fuck hole with all my strength making her scream. My thighs loudly slapped against her ass as I pounded her cunt raw and deep, making sure she felt every inch of my trunk inside of her.

I teased her clit with my fingers while busting open her innocent pussy with every thrust. Her giant breasts bounced and swung from the force of her pounding and she tried her best to contain them with her hands. I spanked her ass hard as punishment and drilled her sweet spot harder. “Let your tits swing you little slut,” I said pulling on her hair, stuffing her tight beaver.

“Ooh right there!” she moaned. Her tiny
body trembled with her approaching
climax as I continued to roughly fill her

I knew she would burst soon, so I pulled
my cock out and replaced it with my
mouth, hungrily sucking and eating out
her pussy. She screamed and rubbed her
aching clit across my face, wanting me to
eat and lick her pussy harder.
I rubbed my face all over her delicious cunt, and shoved my rough tongue right up her fuck hole, making her explode in orgasm. She released a flood of hot juice all over my face which I greedily slurped and lapped.

She twitched and trembled with orgasm
and I took advantage of the moment by
laying her on her back, lifting up one of
her legs and burying my aching cock deep
inside of her womb. I eagerly humped and
fucked her, tearing her creamy pussy
apart while multiple orgasms rippled
through her body.

I gave her one last painful pounding
before ripping my cock out, and spraying
ropes and ropes of cum all over her
massive tits. I spanked her pussy and
smeared my cock all over her tits covered
with my cream while she took it all like a
good slut.

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