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Chapter 3: His Kitten

The club was electric tonight. It was a loud mix of sex and booze and money. It’s places like this where you come to forget everything you know or want except to live for the moment.

I slid down the pole seductively, grinning as I heard a roar of whistles and cheers that eventually got drowned out by the music. As I came back up I gave the crowd a nice view of my perfectly round bottom, barely covered by my racy black panties.

I turned around and slid my hand down my chest in a slow, lingering touch while I bit my lip provocatively. I twirled my hands in my ruby red locks giving an eyeful to the salivating men right at my feet. Kitty! I heard many of them scream, trying to catch my attention.

I loved when they stared. Looking is free after all. But to touch mmm, that comes with a price.

I got down on my hands and knees, a crowd favorite, and crawled around the stage, thrusting my ass in the air like a feline cat. There was a particularly handsome stranger in the front, his eyes glued to me with a strong drink in his hand. I crawled impossibly close to him and dipped my tongue into his glass, proceeding to kiss him just once. A kiss I’m sure he’ll never forget.

People went wild, trying to get a taste of Miss Kitty. I got back up and finished my sexy number, making sure I ended the dance with a nice, clear view of my soaked panties. The vibe and action of this place made me wet and horny. I needed to find my...

“Looking for me?” that familiar, sultry voice said as I stepped offstage in my super high heels.

I paused in the dark stairway and watched with excitement as my lover and master stepped out of the shadows, a hungry look plastered on his beautiful face.

I could never get enough of my dom. Every time I laid eyes on him felt like the first time. It’s hard to describe how I feel when he’s around me. Excitement, need, lust, thirst...

“Mmmm,” I moaned as he pressed his cold lips to the nape of my neck, kissing gently and inhaling my scent. “I take it you enjoyed the show,” I whispered, looking into his big, gorgeous eyes and kissing him passionately.

“There are very few things I enjoy more than watching you dance, kitten” he said, biting gently on my lower lip.

“Oh yeah, like what baby?” I purred, pushing my body against him. God, I needed him so badly it physically hurt.

He smiled that sinister smile, the one that completely exposed his mouth full of gold and diamond. His heavily tattooed hands moved up my body, over my breasts and to my neck where they wrapped around. I knew what it meant when he did this. He wanted to punish me...but why?

I knew better to question him when he was in this mood. I could only anticipate what would be coming to me...a rough, sick fucking that wouldn’t end until he believed I learned my lesson.

“Come on Kitten, I have some business to take care of,” he whispered in my ear before releasing his hands on my neck and engulfing my small hand in his.

His stride was long and powerful. I struggled to keep up in my heels but he wouldn’t slow down. He waved off people who tried to get his attention and threw back the heavy velvet curtains of the VIP section, reserved for the elite and famous.

“OUT!” he barked at some cigar smoking mafia men being entertained by some very expensive escorts.

They stood up immediately, ready to argue with Vladimir, but they saw the look on his face and reluctantly took off, cursing in Slavic tongues. You see, what Vladimir wants he gets. He owns this city and more. His power and influence are undeniable and enough to make even royalty cower to him. He’s deadly, and he’s mine...

“You know there are a million other places we could have gone to for privacy,” I whispered, again pushing my body onto his, and kissing his delicious lips. But I noticed he was rigid and distracted.

“Make yourself comfortable kitten, I need to make a quick phone call.”

I sat on the plush velvet lounge chair and he splayed himself out on the one across from me, immediately removing one of his many cell phones from his jacket.

“Bring him in,” he said barely audibly. Within seconds a man was roughly carried in by two beefy security guards. They tied him tightly to a chair and didn’t leave until he was securely bound. I realized it was the same guy I had kissed during my dance and felt my stomach knot up. Oh shit...

Thanks boys, Vladimir said to the security, throwing a few hundred dollar bills at them. When they departed, Vlad drew the curtain shut and turned towards the man, flashing him a sadistic grin. I knew much too well what that grin meant.

“Look, I don’t know what the fuck it is you want from me but I don’t want no trouble. Do you know who I am? Petrov Rossini, Italian billionaire. Not some punk you can intimidate,” the man spit out.

“Shhhh. Don’t get too excited baby, we’re just getting started here.” Vlad then lets out a hysterical laugh which I joined in with. We’re fucking crazy what else can I say?

“Now listen uh..Mr. Lossini. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding why you thought it was okay to put your hands on my girl.”

The man immediately opened his mouth to defend himself but Vladimir put his finger to his lips and got real close to him, pulling out a fully loaded gun.

“I don’t wanna listen to a novel. Just summarize to me exactly why I shouldn’t blow your brains out right here, right now?” Vladimir whispered, tauntingly close to the man’s face.

Petrov grit his teeth and exhaled through his nostrils. “I didn’t fucking touch your girl” he spit out.

Vlad laughed again and laid the weapon down, coming over to me. “See that’s where we disagree sunny boy.” He pulled me onto his lap and kissed the lower corner of my bottom lip. “Sweetheart why don’t you tell everyone nice and loudly who your pussy belongs to.”

Fuck, I knew I wasn’t off the hook just quite.

“You,” I said meekly, suddenly fascinated with my shoes.

“How about a little louder love, our guest here may be hard of hearing.”

“My pussy belongs to you baby. My whole body is yours to do what you want with.”

Vladimir grinned and squeezed my ass. “The lady has spoken!” he said while starting to unbutton his crisp white button down. I could feel his hard, angry cock like a snake underneath me. I didn’t know what he had planned but I knew it was going to be vile, filthy, but oh so deliciously good.

Petrov wriggled around in his restraints, letting out a string of Italian curses when he saw he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I moved my hips circularly on Vlad’s lap earning a deep sigh and trace of kisses on my neck. He held my waist possessively and spread my legs wider, tracing his cold, ring-laden fingers down my hips to my hot, wet core.

The cool feeling of his long, skilled fingers elicited a feline moan from my lips. I let my head fall back into his neck. I could feel his heartbeat against my back and the security of his grasp in all of my nerves.

“Can you smell that Mr.Lossini? That’s the beautiful scent of a woman ready to be fucked. Now, as much fun as it would be to blow your brains out, I’d rather make you sit here and watch me fuck and use what belongs to me. I dare you to take your eyes off of this even once, and you’ll be feeling your way along the streets for however long I allow you to live.

With the conclusion of his ice-cold threat, my Dom suddenly ripped apart my skanky little stripper outfit in one gesture, exposing my lacy bra and panties, which came off just as quickly. I was practically dripping by this point. My panties were a soiled mess, and Vladimir knew that but I know he wanted to punish me tonight so I wouldn’t be having his cock just yet.

He fisted his hands in my ginger curls forcing me from his lap to my knees, exposing his long, thick pierced cock in the process. With one hard slap to my tits, he forced himself into my mouth, filling it as far as he could go.

Like a good girl, I held onto my master’s thighs and sucked him just the way he liked it, messily and loudly. With a tight grip on my hair, he bounced my head up and down, muttering sick things to me with the occasional light slap in the face. His cock, swollen and engorged was at the complete mercy of my lips and tongue while I was at the mercy of his hands. That’s how a lot of things happened in our complicated relationship.

“Oh fuck, don’t make me cum you sneaky little bitch,” he said, with an edge of humor to his tone. I smiled seductively and fondled my breasts for his pleasure. He helped me up and I eagerly straddled his lap ready for him to make me forget my own name.

He kissed me passionately and roughly, leaving what would surely turn into a trail of light bruises tomorrow on my skin.

“Ah, I nearly forgot about our lovely guest. How about you turn around so we can give him a show baby?”

I willingly accepted and reversed myself, so that I was facing Petrov. He no longer seemed murderous and agitated, but dizzy with lust and excitement.

“You like what you see, don’t you boy?” Vladimir taunted. Petrov absent-mindedly nodded, never taking his eyes off of my naked body.

Vladimir chuckled a deep laugh and held my wrists together behind my back. He leaned us back against the cushion and I obediently lifted my hips as he positioned his thick cock at my soaking wet pussy.

I sunk down on it, immediately gasping at the sensation of fullness inside of my body. Millions of nerves came alive, and I felt my whole body alight with almost electrical pleasure. Our moans were in unison as we fucked, raw and rough like animals. My Dom was most vulnerable during sex. His other, softer personality showed itself in his moans and passionate thrusts.

He held onto me for dear life as he plowed into me. His heavy, cum-filled balls slapped against the extremely sensitive part of my clit, making me desperately need to cum for him.

“You need to cum baby?” Vlad said, in a feral-growl like tone. It’s as if he read my mind. A particularly deep pounding elicited an orgasmic response from me, confirming his thoughts. He chuckled into my ear and kissed me tenderly on the lips while he roughly jerked his hips upward, increasing the speed and intensity of the sex.

I cried out and held on for dear life as he tore my pussy apart. I could feel the strength of his thrusts and grip weakening with each passing second. He was going to cum soon.

My body couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to release right now as I felt I would explode. The piercing on the head of his glorious cock was slamming into my g-spot with each rough screw until the pleasure was unbearable.

Vladimir gasped and with a cry of pleasure, climaxed inside of me. “Cum for me baby, cum for your master,” he choked out, holding onto my waist as he spastically shot out rope after rope of hot, thick batter into my body.

My climax was harsh and shattering, draining me of all my energy. The same thoughts ran through my head after every time we had this kind of sex..he ruined me, I won’t be able to walk for a week.

I kissed his delicious inked skin, and let him completely envelop me in his arms. I smoothed my hand through his green locks and rested my head against his chest until his heartbeat slowed down.

“Do you love me kitten?” he whispered. I looked up into his eyes and nodded softly.

“Good, now wait here while I slit this man’s throat.”

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