Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 4: Jenny the Babysitter 1

“Ruben, do you still wanna watch this or look for something else?” I looked down to see the 4-year-old fast asleep on my shoulder.

“Alright little man time for bed,” I whispered, shutting off the television and scooping him up into my arms. I tip toed to his room so not to wake him, and gently tucked him into his bed, closing the bedroom when I saw he never stirred.

I blew out my blonde bangs and perched my hands on my hips. I was supposed to be babysitting Ruben for another 2 hours but now I had nothing to do.

I wandered about the halls for a bit, staring at some photographs of the Johnson’s. They were a really hot couple that just moved into my neighborhood. This is only my second time in their home.

I bit my lip, admiring Mr. Johnson’s gorgeous face and body. His wife was equally good looking and incredibly voluptuous. I wonder what their bedroom looks like...No, Jenny don’t even think about it.

But of course, I didn’t listen to myself and went into their bedroom, willingly invading their privacy. I flicked on the lights and looked around in awe at the beautiful room. Everything was draped in black and red. The king-sized bed was stunning and huge, with sexy silk sheets and pillows.

I sat on the bed and smoothed my hand over the silks and satins, instantly feeling jealous thinking about Mr. Johnson fucking his wife hard and fast on this very spot. I wanted to have his cock to myself, but I know he’d never go for a plain high school student when he had that sexy, voluptuous wife of his.

I climbed onto the bed and lied down, slightly inhaling the scent of the pillows. I could tell which side each spouse slept on just by the smells.

Overcome with curiosity and boredom, I opened a few of Mrs. J’s drawers to look through her stuff. I came upon her lingerie drawer and gleefully rifled through it, examining each racy garment. I found an incredibly naughty pair of red lace panties with no crotch and a matching bra. It was soft and expensive looking, and I wondered if Mrs. Johnson had been fucked wearing this lingerie.

I stripped quickly, throwing my jeans and tee shirt into a pile on the floor. I untied my silky blonde bun and slipped on the panties, which hugged my hips just right. The bra was way too busty for my small breasts so I just wore nothing over them. I twirled in the mirror, and posed sexily, pretending I was a bikini model.

When I went back to Mrs. J’s drawer to throw the bra in, I discovered something interesting. I felt a bump, and to my surprise pulled out a long, thick dildo. My mouth hung open at the size of it, and I ran my hand over it, amused at how real it looked and felt.

Excited and horny, I climbed onto the Johnson’s bed and lied back, spreading my legs open. I switched the dildo on and watched the head wiggle around slightly. I was so turned on, lying in this huge bed where Mr. Johnson sleeps and jerks off and makes love. My pussy was so wet thinking about him.

Pretending the dildo was his cock, I rubbed it on my entrance, moaning at the sensation. I eased it inside of me until the full tip was in my wet pussy. I slowly fucked myself, closing my eyes and throwing my head back. It felt so good.

I eased a few more inches inside, and pulled it out, put it in, and pulled it out again. I had a nice steady rhythm going on and moaned oh yeah, punish my naughty pussy, Mr. Johnson.

The fullness of the dildo inside of me was intoxicating. My hands were slick with my juice as I continued to messily penetrate myself with the toy. I took it out and slapped it on my pussy, making droplets of moisture fly everywhere. I moaned even harder, and stuffed it inside of me again, deeper than before.

I spread my legs wider and drilled myself raw with the dildo, envisioning a sweaty Mr. Johnson above me muttering filthy things to me.

Mmm yes Mr. Johnson, I’m your dirty little slut! Please don’t stop pounding me I deserve your big, hard cock.

Pretty soon, I was slamming my g-spot repeatedly. I was soaring to my happy place at a rapid speed. Oh, oh, ohhhhh! I wailed, slamming the rubber tip on my sweet spot one last time before I experienced an explosive orgasm. I shook uncontrollably and rubbed my soaking wet pussy, as wave after wave of pleasure rendered me useless.

I lay there a panting, spasming mess when I heard the doorknob to the bedroom click. I shot up, my legs still wide and watched in horror as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson walked in...

To be continued....... ;]

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