Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 5: Jenny the Babysitter 2

I spread my legs wider and drilled myself raw with the dildo, envisioning a sweaty Mr. Johnson above me muttering filthy things to me.

Mmm yes Mr. Johnson, I’m your dirty little slut! Please don’t stop pounding me I deserve your big, hard cock.

Pretty soon, I was slamming my g-spot repeatedly. I was soaring to my happy place at a rapid speed. Oh, oh, ohhhhh! I wailed, slamming the rubber tip on my sweet spot one last time before I experienced an explosive orgasm. I shook uncontrollably and rubbed my soaking wet pussy, as wave after wave of pleasure rendered me useless.

I lay there a panting, spasming mess when I heard the doorknob to the bedroom click. I shot up, my legs still wide and watched in horror as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson walked in...

I sat up immediately, my eyes wide with shock and terror. I speechlessly stared at the young couple who simply stared right back. I didn’t know what to expect: screaming, pointing, humiliation...

Seconds passed. Mr. Johnson visibly gulped and I watched his eyes linger on my naked body. I was too scared to even cover myself up. Suddenly, Mrs. Johnson started giggling, making me jump a little.

It wasn’t a psychotic or maniacal laugh. It was a chuckle of amusement. She let her purse drop to the floor and sauntered over to me. I didn’t know what she was going to do so I sat there looking up at her.

She stroked my cheek, making me flinch and cooed me. “Shhh, baby don’t be scared I don’t want to hurt you.” She cupped my breast and ran her hand gently down my stomach, pulling the hem of my panties -well her panties, and letting it snap back.

“Good choice. I always liked this pair,” she whispered, biting her lip. What the fuck is going on..

“Babe, doesn’t little Jenny look so cute in my lingerie?” Mr. Johnson stared at me ravenously and shamelessly wet his bottom lip. “Why don’t you come get a closer look, honey. She’s still nice and wet,” Mrs. J said, picking up the dildo I had thoughtlessly used to pleasure myself.

To my surprise she let the tip of her tongue touch the used device and closed her eyes, smiling. “Mmm, you taste good little Jenny. Were you thinking about my husband when you fucked yourself?” Mrs. J said. Her husband was now laying down next to me on the bed, gently caressing my breasts. Part of me thought this whole situation was getting way too fucked up but another part of me enjoyed it too much to care.

“Answer me, Jenny. Were you thinking about Rob stuffing his big cock into you when you were filling yourself with my toys?”

I nodded, keeping my head down but she put her finger under my chin lifting it up so that we were making eye contact. “I bet you’re still wondering what it would feel like to be my husband’s cum bucket, hm?” I nodded again and she smiled. I could feel Mr. J’s erection pressed against my side as he continued to touch me all over. He slipped his middle finger into my tight slit and kissed my neck.

“Well lucky for you Jenny, I’m feeling pretty generous tonight.” She raked her fingers through my short blonde hair and pressed her lips to mine. “Mmm, so young and small. Just how we like them.”

Them. I’m guessing this is not their first time doing something like this.

Mrs. Johnson ordered me to get on my hands and knees while she and her husband undressed. Her giant, womanly breasts beautifully spilled out of their confinement and my excitement shot up through the roof. Rob let his thick, long cock dangle in front of my face. His balls, heavy with cum, swung as he moved closer to my face. He smoothed my hair back before sliding his cock into my open mouth.

I obediently sucked his hard stick, never taking my eyes off of his. He lightly slapped at my face and forced himself deeper down my throat, muttering swears under his breath. Mrs. Johnson, fully naked, got behind me and smoothed her hands over my ass, spreading my legs a little wider.

“What a sweet pink pussy you’ve got there baby,” she said. I moaned around Rob’s penis as his wife put her warm tongue at my hole, teasingly licking and tasting me. I tried to grind my pussy harder on her face, and she started properly eating me out, kissing and slurping my pussy lips and clit. Her mouth felt like Heaven, and I was about ready to explode from the sensation.

Suddenly Rob grabbed my hair and shot a thick load down my throat. “Swallow all of it, Jenny,” his wife ordered. I obeyed and swallowed the hot cum, while Rob groaned and caught his breath.

Mrs. Johnson made me lie on my back and spread my legs ‘nice and wide’ She licked her fingers and rubbed my wet pussy hard and fast, making my insides clench with pleasure. She continued rapidly rubbing me until I screamed out and squirted a thin stream of clear liquid.

Her eyes lit up with excitement as she watched my body convulse. “How lucky are we Rob, we got ourselves a cute little squirter.”

Rob stared at my wet pink pussy and jerked his cock until it was nice and hard again. “Tear her up Rob,” Mrs. J said, as she eagerly waited to watch the pounding I was about to receive.

Rob lifted me effortlessly and placed me on top of him. He sucked my small tits and spanked my ass until it was red and searing hot. I cried out when he slammed into my small body, spreading his legs to acquire maximum depth. He held my hips and bounced me on top of his thick cock, forcing his entire length into me with each penetration.

I rested my hands on his toned pecs and took my fucking like a good little slut. I bounced up and down, feeling his heavy balls slap against my ass with each thrust.

Every inch of my tiny pussy was filled with meat and the need to come was increasing with each passing second.

Rob held me tighter and fucked me passionately and roughly. Mrs. Johnson was lost in her own world, watching me take her husband’s dick as she furiously fingered herself. With an exceptionally deep thrust, I screamed and lifted myself off his penis, squirting another jet of liquid all over his chest and abdomen. I shook uncontrollably as Rob held me, continuing to ease his cock in and out of me. I felt like I was falling into a sea of clouds. The pleasure was intense and overwhelming. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take.

Exhausted, I closed my eyes. When I woke, Mr. J was relentlessly drilling his wife. Her huge tits swayed uncontrollably. The sight piqued my excitement and once again I could feel my pussy responding positively.

“Ready for your next lesson Jenny?”

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