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Chapter 6: Costumed Gangbang

“Ellie, your guests are here!” I yelled. My 7-year-old sister could be heard excitedly running down the stairs to open the front door for her friends. Soon the whole house was filled with shrieking and yelling and I groaned in annoyance.

I was stuck babysitting my sister’s birthday party while my parents’ drove to a specialty bakery far off to get the brat the exact cake she wanted.

I went downstairs and practically shoved everyone outside to the backyard. I had already set up nearly everything: food, decorations, music, party favors. Unfortunately, I had to supervise until they got back from the bakery.

I passed half an hour of time doing face painting and temporary glitter tattoos on the kids. Gosh, just looking at children made me tired. Just as I plopped down into a seat and grabbed a bowl of pretzels I got a call from my mom.


“Val, we got a little lost but we’ve got the cake and are on our way. Can you do us a favor and go see if the clowns have come yet? They should have arrived at noon.”

“Alright, whatever,” I said hanging up.

The kids were having fun and didn’t need my attention for the time being so I slipped out from the party and went to the driveway. I saw a small RV with balloons parked. Must be the stupid clowns.

I tapped on the darkened window and stepped back as it was abruptly opened. Someone in a slightly creepy clown costume stood there staring at me, and I stared back, confused.

“Um, you’re here for my sister’s birthday party right?” I asked the masked clown.

The person continued to stand there until 3 other people in full costume came. I could tell they were all men. The four of them just stood there with big plastic red grins on their shiny white masks, and I grew more and more impatient with each passing second.

“Are you deaf? I’m talking to you!” I said, stepping onto the RV.

Suddenly one of them slammed the door behind me, and I was pulled further inside.

One of the clowns lifted my short denim skirt and grabbed a handful of my tan ass, spanking and squeezing it. “Oh,” I groaned, biting my lip as it tore off my pink thong exposing my wet pussy.

Another clown helped hoist me up onto the small counter and spread my legs open for them all to see. With its white glove on, the clown spread my pink pussy lips, making the swollen bud protrude. It rubbed my pussy frantically and I clenched my teeth at the pressure.

Another one slid two fingers inside of me and began to roughly finger fuck me. I cried out and watched as they began to take out their giant, swollen cocks. They were certainly not average human dicks and I seriously wondered what the hell these things were.

The clown removed its fingers, and spanked my pussy, earning a nice squishy wet noise. I moaned and begged one of them to fuck me, as I threw off my top, leaving my tits exposed.

One of the clowns lifted me in the air and shoved its giant cock right up my fuck hole. He bounced me up and down on his large slab of wood nice and hard until my pussy was creaming all over it.

Another clown came up behind me and held onto my swinging tits while its rock hard cock rubbed up against my back.

He bounced my tits around and spread my pussy so I could take more cock inside of it. He penetrated me until his entire member was buried inside of me, and spanked my ass making sure I felt every last inch.

Another one pulled me off his friend and laid me on the ground, lifting my legs apart and in the air. It wasted no time and immediately began pounding my creamy pussy, roughly until its large cum-filled balls were loudly slapping against my ass with every deep thrust.

“Mmm, yeah stretch my cunt out, keep fucking it until there’s nothing left” I screamed, taking my drilling like a good girl.

I looked up at the clown’s white mask and plastic red smile as it mercilessly tore my pussy up. It grabbed onto my leg and pounded my g-spot repeatedly until I was seeing white stars.

Just as I about released a waterfall, I was abruptly lifted onto another clown, who did not hesitate to bury its cöck in my tight ass making me scream in pleasure and pain.

It fucked me slowly but deeply as I got used to the new feeling. Another clown came between my legs while my ass was being punished and roughly pounded my used pussy. I moaned and cried out as the two giant cocks inside of me, violated my body.

A third clown knelt by me and stuffed his member into my mouth, blocking out the sounds of my moans and screams. I sucked obediently but struggled to fit the heavy cock in my mouth.

The fourth clown smacked his dick all over my swinging tits and rubbed my stuffed pussy. I had a big clown cock in every hole and was ready for each one to be filled with hot cream.

Sensing my looming orgasm, the clowns frantically drilled their pipes into my body, making sure I wouldn’t be walking for days. I looked up and saw nothing but swinging ball sacs, slapping all over my body.

The clown buried in my pussy began twitching uncontrollably and I spread my legs even wider as he emptied a flood of hot batter deep inside of me. The feeling of my pussy being filled with cum pushed me over the edge. I screamed as I orgasmed violently and painfully before a warm pleasure overtook every fiber of my body.

I shook as the other clowns quickly followed in shooting their loads into my ruined holes. They made sure to pass me around for one last good pound by each giant cock before I collapsed in a sweaty, messy, cum-filled heap.

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