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Chapter 7: Detention

I checked my watch for the 10th time in half an hour. 20 more minutes left of this delinquent babysitting, also known as detention. I gritted my teeth at the fact that I always seemed to be the guy burdened with this demeaning responsibility.

Yes, I was not the most popular teacher in this godforsaken high school, and not the most outgoing one either. But what do people expect from a guy who has to teach AP Government to a bunch of kids who can’t even tell me the names of 5 past presidents? To top it off I have to go home to a wife who’s known around the neighborhood for having loud sex every other day with the gardener, and a kid who dislikes me even more than my students.

A loud giggle erupted from the class and I dragged my gaze from my boring newspaper article to Yuna Chen, again. This must have been the 5th time I’ve given her a warning look for noise. She was pretty much always in detention, either for giving teacher’s an exceptionally hard time or for getting caught doing things she shouldn’t be doing.

She saw my warning stare and rolled her heavily blackened eyes at me, turning back to her friend. I covertly admired her sultry, feline facial features, and dark waves of hair before feasting my eyes on her perky breasts, and long bare legs covered in only tiny shorts and long school girl socks.

I swallowed and felt my cock harden painfully, as she crossed her legs, outlining the curve of her slim hips and petite frame. Quite a big attitude for such a small girl, I thought as my mind suddenly filled with dirty thoughts of punishing her little pussy right here on this desk.

Another loud burst of laughter snapped me from my thoughts and I looked up angrily at the group of girls. “Detention is dismissed!” I shouted, startling everyone. They all shrugged and took off one after the other. I watched Yuna as she took her time to pack her things. She bent over to grab something, exposing her perfect little round ass and I nearly lost it.

“Yuna, I’d like to speak to you for a minute,” I said, once nearly everyone was gone. She shot me an annoyed look and stood with her arms crossed until everyone was gone. I shut the door, and quietly locked it, pulling the shade down over the glass.

“I’d like to discuss your behavior this past week in detention sessions. It is meant to be silent but you don’t seem to care about the rules, do you?” I asked, leaning on my desk.

She impatiently glanced toward the door and mumbled out a barely audible, “sorry Mr. Johnson.”

“I think you’ll have to try harder than just ‘sorry.’

“Well what the heck do you want me to do, I’ll try to be quieter!” She said, in an annoyed tone.

“No, that just won’t cut it anymore. I think you need to be taught a lesson, now put your bag down.”

“Why do I have to-

“Just do it!” I said, watching as she threw her bag down with attitude.

“Now come over here,” I said beckoning her. She crept toward me apprehensively and I took hold of her tiny frame, bending her over my desk.

“What the fu-

I put a hand over her mouth and tied her hands together behind her with my tie. I roughly yanked down her tiny little shorts, leaving only her baby blue panties and long school girl socks.

“Make any noise and it will only get worse Yuna,” I threatened through clenched teeth as my hand flew down, smacking her round ass. She cried out, but my hand muffled the sounds. “What did I tell you about noise, huh?” I said as I spanked her even harder, leaving a nice red print.

She continued to struggle for a while but eventually stopped yelling and even moaned against my hand, as she gyrated her hips. “Yeah, you like that baby?” I said, leaving one final stinging spanking on her delicious, now red ass. I had lost count after 15 spanks.

Yuna groaned in sexual frustration and begged me to fuck her. I promised her I would screw her like a whore, but not now, she didn’t deserve to receive pleasure yet.

I finished removing her soaked panties, top, and bra, spilling out her warm and soft mounds of the breast. I cupped her breasts and squeezed the flesh while she moved against me, desperate to be fucked real good and hard.

I untied her briefly and ordered her to lie on her back on top of the desk and spread her legs. She did this willingly and I tied her arms above her head, admiring her delicious naked body clothed only in her knee high socks and heels.

I knelt in front of her and ate her pussy with a feverish hunger. She moaned and squirmed uncontrollably as I tongued her hole and feasted on the sweet flesh, rolling her swollen bud with my tongue.

She bucked her hips and came for me, screaming out as her sweet nectar flooded my mouth. I licked her pussy clean and sucked up all the juice she had given me while rubbing my angry cock through my unzipped fly.

While she continued to squirm and breathe heavily I retrieved a nice, long ripe banana from the fruit basket, and spread her legs wider as I inserted the fruit inside of her well-lubricated pussy.

Yuna moaned as I thrust it deeper and deeper inside of her. I twisted it around, making sure she felt all of it in there. “Mmmm, ooooh” she cooed, rubbing her püssy with her tiny hands as she watched the yellow fruit go in and out of her. I nearly came watching her be well fucked by the fruit and decided to take over and show her how a real man feels.

I climbed on top of her and grabbed each one of her legs, spreading them out. Without hesitation, I plunged my greedy cock into her warm, creamy twat. Her name fell from my lips as I roughly pounded her. Her breasts swung from the force and she screamed out in pleasure as she took her pounding like a good girl.

My heavy, cum-filled balls felt like coconuts as I angrily thrust into Yuna’s body, making sure she felt every inch of my cock. I rubbed her little clit with my thumb and whispered vile things to her as I stuffed her to the brim.

“Oh God Mr. J don’t stop, don’t ever fucking stop she moaned as her small body began to shake violently. I knew she was coming close to the edge which drove me to madness. I fucked her as hard as a woman could be fucked until the sounds of our sweaty skin slapping together were deafening.

She cried out one last time before coming for me forcefully and violently. I buried my face into her neck and jerked my hips into her as rope after rope of hot cream shot out of my cöck into her body. I filled her up like a car and didn’t stop jerking until every last drop was out. There was so much, that it spilled out of her abused püssy, and dripped down her thighs.

I admired my handiwork as I looked at Yuna’s bust-up pussy filled with my cream. I had really split her apart and ruined her with my cock. I licked two fingers and fucked her with them slowly and carefully, as I prepared for the second part of her punishment...

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