Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 9: Cammie and Step-Daddy

My name is Cammie. I’m a typical teenage girl that likes mint chocolate chip, Justin Bieber, and high heels. I’m obsessed with glitter, the guitar, and getting my hair highlighted. There’s nothing really that makes me much different from other people, except one little thing:

I have a rare physical condition that forces me to orgasm up to 10 times a day.

No, I’m not joking about it. The name of my condition is super long and fancy but the doc said it only affects 0.1% of the population.

So how exactly does it work? Well throughout the day I’ll spontaneously get the urgent need to orgasm, and can only achieve this through actual stimulation of my clit. Usually, I’m able to get it done by masturbating, but it can get tricky like when I’m at school or an event for example.

No one knows about my condition except my mom and stepdad Larry, which makes it very hard to explain to my friends why I have to randomly run off to the bathroom several times a day. I couldn’t help but remember the many times I’ve had the janitor help me out with my little problem. One time, I spent half the lesson getting roughly fucked and spanked in his closet.

“How was school today Cam?” My mom asked, jerking me from my naughty thoughts. I sheepishly twirled my spaghetti and talked a little bit about my classes and assignments. She and my step-dad happily listened as they chomped down their food. Larry was a great guy, even though he’s only been in our lives for about a year. I could tell my mom really had a soft spot for him despite her usual boss-bitch work personality.

“Did you have any uh...accidents today?” He asked, raising his eyebrows at me.

“Actually, I haven’t had to come at all today surprisingly. Let’s hope it stays that way!”

I was working on a warm piece of bread roll when I suddenly felt the unmistakable urge. Ugh..spoke too soon.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as the desperate need to orgasm began invading my body. I dropped my fork and closed my eyes, letting out a groan. “Oooh, I need to come!” I said.

“Larry, help her out again,” my mom said as my step-dad began to unbuckle his pants. “Come here Cammie,” he said moving to sit on the couch. He shoved his pants and boxers down revealing his large, erect cock.

I quickly got up from the table and went over to him. If I didn’t get fucked right away I would explode!

I climbed onto my step-dad’s lap and groaned as he pulled my drenched panties aside and shoved three fingers into my pussy. I gyrated my hips on top of his hand but it wasn’t enough; I needed his big cock to satisfy the urge.

Without hesitation, I sunk onto my step-father’s thick, beefy cock and rode him harder than I’ve ever ridden him before. “Oooh yes!” I cried out, feeling a bit of relief although it still was not enough.

“Fuck her pussy deeper Larry! Fill her cunt ” My mother yelled, watching from the opposite couch.

My step-father grabbed onto my slip hips and pounded up into me with all his strength. I could feel his horse-sized balls loudly slapping against my ass with every thrust.

“Oooh yes, daddy harder!” I screamed, slamming down on his cock with equal excitement.

“That’s a good girl, let your daddy fuck your naughty pussy for you,” Larry said, with a wild expression in his eyes as he continued to pound my young twat.

“Yes, Larry! Don’t stop screwing her little pussy until she comes all over your big, hairy cock,” My mother said, watching the rough sex very carefully.

I was spanked, fingered, and fucked for another 15 minutes. My stepfather then did some unspeakable, dirty things to my pussy which had me hanging on the edge of my orgasm.

I was just about ready to explode when he flipped me over on the couch, spread my legs and began to rapidly flick his rough tongue at my bud. My pussy juices were practically flooding out of me and with one good lick, I exploded into his mouth, using all my remaining energy to come hard and well.

My body shook uncontrollably as my step-father drank my juice and continued to lick my pussy. My mother was satisfied and even had her hands down her pants, fingering herself as she watched.

Let’s just say I hope I get my urges at home more often ;]

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