Sexcapades 2

By Queenofer0tica All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


In a world of lust, sin, and sexual debauchery. Every fantasy of yours is sure to come to life in this electric web of connected stories and characters indulging in and exploring every aspect of sexuality in another sizzling compilation

Chapter 1: Stepbrother Pops My Cherry

“Dinner was delicious! Thank you again Ms. Taylor” I said, beaming at my father’s lovely new wife. She blushed and shook her head. “I told you Quentin, you can call me Kim okay?” She stood up to begin clearing the plates and I let my eyes linger on her generous breasts and deliciously, thick frame. She was a sexy woman, and her sweet, young daughter inherited her looks.

My father cleared his throat and got up to help. “Yes, absolutely wonderful Kimmy. There’s nothing you can’t do” he said, placing a kiss on his young wife’s lips.

She smiled at the compliments. “Thank you boys, but Elsa helped me prepare most of it. She’s going to be a better cook than me soon,” Kim said, winking at her beautiful teen daughter.

I used this as an opportunity to turn my attention to the sexy, petite girl. She smiled sheepishly but avoided much conversation or eye contact with anyone. She was shy, and probably not used to having so much company but she was alluring in a mystical way. I knew the minute my eyes landed on the beautiful, innocent girl that I wanted to corrupt her, turn her into the nymph she is meant to be, and ravage her body.

“I think your mom may be right Else” I said to her across the table. She looked up quickly and I stared into her big, blue eyes, letting my gaze fall to her pouty pink lips. “Thanks” she muttered, getting up to wash her plate. I followed.

“If you guys want to join us for movie night, we’ll be in the den!” Kim said, temptingly shaking a bowl of snacks in front of us.

Elsa rolled her eyes teasingly. “Sounds fun mom, but I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed.”

“Whatever, party pooper. We’ll just watch Dirty Dancing without you then,” Kim joked, waltzing off with my father.

I turned to face Elsa once the coast was clear. “What, you’re not in the mood for cheesy 80′s romance and crappy haircuts?” I teased, grabbing a beer out the fridge.

She giggled for the first time since I’ve been living here and took a beer for herself. “You’re not 21” I said, raising my eyebrows at her. She gave me the you gotta be kidding look and I shrugged. “Just being a good big brother, that’s all.”

“Ugh, please don’t ever say that again” she moaned, taking a small swig. “What would you rather call me?” I asked.

“Don’t know, your name maybe?” She ran a hand through her wispy blonde hair and my cock twitched with longing.

“You’re a fresh little thing aren’t you Elsa?” I inched towards her.

She scrunched her brows together. “What are you talking about?” she asked.

“You know what I’m talking about. Playing the good girl card, but I can tell you’re a naughty girl.”

“Well you’re wrong, I’m a virgin.” she said brushing her body close to mine. Her ample tits rested against my chest begging to be grabbed and squeezed.

“Don’t lie to me Elsa. I bet you have a drawer full of big, thick dildos that you saw in and out of your pussy at night when everyone’s asleep.”

“Not true,” she retorted, looking up at me through her pale eyelashes. “Prove it” I whispered.

She turned on her heel and I followed her to her bedroom, which was decorate the way I’d imagine a teenage girl to decorate her room. “Show me what you do to yourself in here, Elsa” I said quietly, shutting her door behind me.

“I told you, nothing. You can inspect for yourself. No sex toys.”

She lied on her bed in a seductive way, her long legs playfully draped over one another. Her tits nearly spilled out of her pink cami. “I told you, completely innocent,” she said, dragging out the last word.

I unbuckled my pants and climbed over her on the white and lilac down comforter. “Want me to change that?”

She nibbled her bottom lip and watched as I removed my cock. “He’s nice and hard for you. You can touch him.”

She wrapped her soft hand around my aching cock and gently pumped it up and down, making me grunt in need. “Yea, he likes you” I whispered, leaning down to kiss her supple lips. She kissed me back and her tongue tasted like sweet fruit and honey.

“That’s a big cock,” she said, breathing heavily. “Yea, it’s all for you Elsa. Show him that you want him deep inside of you sweetie.”

She removed her cami very slowly, and finally pulled it over her head letting her big, milky tits spill out. I gently got on top of her and feasted on her breasts, licking my rough tongue over her sensual, puffy nipples and soft skin. My cock felt rigid against her inner thigh and I trailed my finger up to the crotch of her shorts, running my fingers over her pussy lips through the fabric.

She tugged on the waistband of the tiny shorts and I pulled them down along with her panties, revealing a glistening wet snatch.

A perfect, pink pussy that was made to be drilled and stuffed with meat. My cock twitched eagerly to bury itself in her hole. “Spread your legs for your big brother, Elsa.” I said

She obeyed and I rest my head between her warm thighs, to slurp and drink her sweet pussy nectar. Her hips bucked and juice gushed from her slit as she enjoyed her oral sex. I nibbled on her swollen clitoris and buried my tongue inside of her, tasting her delectable flesh.

“Your pussy is nice and open. I think it’s ready to take a big cock inside of it, yeah? You gonna be a good girl and let your pussy get fucked real good, hm?”

“Is it going to hurt?” She asked, watching as I positioned my greedy cock at her wet peach.

“We’ll find out” I said, plunging into the tiny blonde’s womanhood. She gasped and grit her teeth at the sharp pain and unfamiliar fullness. A single tear rolled down her cheek but it didn’t deter me. I held her thighs apart in my hands and fucked the innocence out of her, plunging in and out of her incredibly tight muffin.

“You’re a woman now” I told her, pounding her pussy hard and deep, so that she felt every inch of my cock. Her whimpers and pleas to slow down soon subsided and were replaced with light moans and grunts as she began to enjoy having a cock inside of her.

“That feels so good” she whispered, playfully holding her heavy breasts as her whole body bounced with the force of being fucked.

My balls gently slapped against her ass as I picked up the speed, penetrating her with long, sloppy thrusts. “Harder, harder!” she gasped, spanking her pussy with frustration. I drilled her muffin as hard as she could take it, making her beg for more and more.

I gave it to her pussy rough and filthy until that tight cunt burst around my cock, in spasmic waves. “Say my name,” I grunted, releasing inside of her. She screamed my name and trembled from her orgasm, crying for me to do her harder, and make her cum all night.

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