Her Rancher

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4 1/2 months of dancing and she's ready for more. Ready to end her dry spell but is he? Dancing and drinking is alright but she wants more. She needs more from her cowboy, but he never offers. Tonight she is going to tell him what she wants and then let him go. She finds out the he has a secret and needs of his own, and they are far greater than hers.

Erotica / Romance
Kysha Plante
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I parked my truck and scanned the lot for his. Yes, there it is. Tonight, I wanted, no I needed, more than just a two-step from my cowboy. I just hoped what I thought I saw in his eyes was desire and not something else. There’s always a little sadness but mostly desire. I hope anyway.

Inside I scanned the floor and found him almost immediately. He was dancing with a pretty red-head. When the song ended he kissed her on the cheek and squeezed her shoulder. What the hell! In 4 ½ months I hadn’t gotten a kiss on the cheek or a kiss anywhere else for that matter and we dance together all night every Saturday. I’m not sure why I’m jealous, it’s not like we have anything outside of here. I don’t even know his last name. But tonight, I wanted to have sex with him and I didn’t need another woman getting in my way.

He turned and saw me. His face lit up with a gorgeous smile and desire in his eyes. I smiled back and met him half way across the dance floor.

As the song started he said, “Your hair is different. I like it!”

“Thanks, I wanted to look prettier than usual tonight.”

“Why?” He looked at me puzzled.

I turned my eyes away, “Why did you kiss that red head on the cheek?”

“Are you jealous?” He chuckled.

“I guess I am. In 4 ½ months I haven’t gotten a kiss on the cheek or a kiss goodnight either!” I huffed.

He smiled, “Then I guess I’ll have to fix that!” He took my chin in his big rough hand and tilted my face up. When his lips touched mine, the room started spinning and all sound disappeared, except the sound of my heart thundering in my chest. His other hand was on my back pulling me towards him but I grabbed his waist and smashed my body to his.

As I felt my body relax into his, he broke the kiss. “Still jealous?”

“No” I sighed breathlessly.

He took my hand and we started dancing again. When the band took a break, we grabbed a beer and headed to our regular table. He sat on a stool with one foot on the floor and one on the bottom rung. Normally I sat on the other stool but tonight was not a normal night. I took a drink of my beer and walked between his legs. I settled against the stretched leg. He put his hand on my hip and pulled me closer. I saw the red-head walk by and she smiled at him. He smiled back. What was that? Was she acknowledging that he was mine tonight?

I sat my beer down and turned to face him. Putting my arms around his neck, I whispered in his ear, “I want you. No, I need you!”

I felt his breath catch for a second, then he whispered back, “I need you, too!”

I laid my head on his shoulder and breathed in his cologne, unsure of how the rest of the night would go. We finished our beers and headed back to the dance floor when intermission was over.

After 3 or 4 songs, he leaned into me, “Are you ready to leave?”

I nodded. As we left I saw the red-head girl smile and nod at him one last time.

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