Don't Look

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A group of boys all head to the forest to play a game of manhunt. What they called a "game" became reality.

Erotica / Horror
William Ulayte
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Chapter 1

Brian POV

There was nothing but trees. They trapped me, they abused me, they didn't let me see the sky. Yet, I still felt at bay. It was strangely peaceful here. The birds would occasionally chirp and make me a tad bit happier. It brought me energy.

It was the morning. I was out here, not alone but with my friends. We were going to play manhunt. Manhunt is a game where a single person is selected randomly to be "it", when someone gets tagged by this person they become an "it" with them. It was a fun game, it killed time effectively.

King was the tallest among us. Chatting with him for long periods of time would cause my neck to ache from excessively looking up. King has what you would call a resting bitch face. He rarely smiled and when he did, it unconsciously caused us to smile with him. King, however, was in fact kind and caring.

There was this one time when these kids jumped me back in 8th grade. I'm fairly short and I'm not the fighting type. They all ganged up on me and kicked me until I couldn't spit blood anymore. I honestly thought I was going to die, it was terrifying.

Suddenly, a tall black boy comes running out of nowhere. He just starts beating the shit out of everyone. It was a legitimate massacre, nobody could stand against him.

Those kids ran off but would occasionally come back when I was alone. Of course, he would always come back and make them shit their pants. It was amazing, he was probably the first person I've ever looked up to.

I can't remember all the details but we became friends after that. I guess he just stuck with me because it would mean they wouldn't pick on me anymore. I'm still grateful to King for that.

I met Ahmed shortly after I became friends with King. See, Ahmed was already friends with King so it was fate really that I would become friends with Ahmed.

Ahmed was a year older that King, he was a Junior. Personality wise, he was a bit of a snob. When I met him for the first time, he would always mention his 1450 SAT scores. I was amazed at first but it shortly became a nuisance to hear the same shit over and over. Though, Ahmed was fairly intelligent. He would always read textbooks during lunch.

Yet, what Ahmed was lacking were social skills. Every time he saw a girl, he would literally leave the room to get away from her. It didn't matter if she was ugly or old, he'd leave. People started assuming he was gay and so far, he hasn't said anything regarding that.

Then, there was finally Gold. We called him Gold because we didn't know his actual name and couldn't know it since he'd never tell us.

Gold was just plain autistic, I guess. He wasn't actually autistic, but he acted like one. He's obsessed with United States history and could probably explain any event that happened in detail. Everything else though? Nope, nothing. He failed every other class, he's weird.

I don't know if I should really call him my friend since he's pretty much stalking me. I was walking home one time and he would just be following me. I had to call the police once but they didn't do shit because he was white.

Gold looked like your stereotypical white boy, at least in Hitler's view. Blond hair with ocean blue eyes. You'd think he'd get lots of bitches with that killer combo, but nope. He didn't know when to shut up and he didn't know what to not say to girls.

One time, he was dating this girl. On their first date, he said "Let's skip all the bullshit, wanna fuck like we in the 1800s? No condoms, right?" The girl got super scared and almost reported him as a rapist, King had to change her mind. Gold almost fucked up his life right there.

Anyways, we got deep into the forest. I couldn't even see any houses or roads or anything, it was deep deep. We left our phones at home because we could cheat if we had them.

"Let's do rock paper scissors," said King.

"Eh. That's too boring for someone with a 14-"

"Shut up Ahmed, nobody gives a fuck about your SAT score. Let's do rock paper scissors!" I said, interrupting Ahmed.

We all did rock paper scissors until there was a single person alive, that person became "it".

King was "it".

That was pretty bad. King is fairly athletic and could outrun all of us, he didn't have a lot of stamina so we could probably lose him if we ran long enough. King was wearing a black jacket and put his hoodie up to conceal his head, I guess it was meant as camouflage.

"Okay, I'm gonna start counting!" King shouted.

He starts counting from 60. Ahmed ran opposite of us and Gold stuck with me, as usual.

The game has started!

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