Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Nine

Nova Layed back in bed, her mind ceasing to stay calm. A million and one thoughts and questions whirled around on an endless loop. All she wanted was peace, she didn’t want to think about it all right now, so much had happened in such a short about of time she needed to be able to stand on firm ground before she went off sprinting in the other direction.

Two days had passed since Axel had first entered her bed, three days since the party and five since the wedding. Her mother and step father were due back in just a few days. So much had changed and so much would continue to change.

Axel continued to come to her throughout the day, they’d make love and then he’d disappear and Nova couldn’t help but be hurt by it. She knew there were no strings, and that there never could be but still the hurt was there. She found it hard to resist him, she wanted him to much. Whenever he was near her body sparked to life.

Nova had wondered if she was the only one he was currently seeing or if he was just using her at home as an easy way to get release. She wanted to ask him but fear curbed her tongue.

Her phone pinged.

Leaning up she swiped it from her side table before letting her body drop back on the bed with a soft umph.

Sarah : You getting ready yet?

Nova stared at the text completely confused.
Getting Ready for what? She replied.

She waited impatiently for Sarah to answer. It wasn’t long until her phone pinged again.
Sarah : For the party. Axel texted, like, the entire school stating there was another party at your place tonight. I was just wondering if you were ready or not.

A Fire of fury filled her.

How dare he! She thought to herself.

No, I had no idea he was even throwing another party.

Nova rose from her spot on the bed, as she walked closer to her door she began to hear the slight sound of chatter.

Not caring that she was dressed only in a large over sized t shirt and a pair of checkered night shorts she headed down stairs. The sound of talking became louder as she neared the livingroom. Just as she turned to enter she collided with a hard figure.

“Oh sorry Nova”

Looking up Nova smiled politely at Jeremy.
“It’s ok it was my fault I shouldn’t have tried to take the corner so sharp” she replied.

He grinned, his white teeth looking bright compared to his surfer tan,” You ready for tonight?”

She forced the smile to stay on her face, “I wasn’t planning on attending” she gritted out.

Jeremy’s face fell and he looked suddenly put out like a lost puppy, “oh. Well if you do decide to come um.... would you like to be my date?”

If Nova wasn’t so into Axel she knew she’d have no problem falling for Jeremy.

“Um... I’ll think about it ok?” She said politely.

He nodded.

“Is Axel in there?” She asked nodding her heads towards the livingroom entrance.

Jeremy chuckled shoving his hands deep in his pockets, “yea he’s in there inviting people. He’s restless, if I were you I’d sleep with ear plugs tonight I wouldn’t put it past him to sleep with multiple girls tonight”

Nova saw red, she didn’t even have it in her to respond to Jeremy. Instead she turned on her heal and headed back up to her room.

How could she have been so stupid?

Axel was Axel, he’d never change, he used people and that’s exactly what he’d done to her. She expected that his name calling and rude remarks would start back up now that he’d have no use for her.

It may sound stupid, as if she were jumping to conclusions but it would explain why he was distant and only came around when he wanted sex.

She decided to reply to Sarah with all new intentions.
I’m going to get ready soon. Wanna come over and get ready here?

It didn’t take long for Sarah to reply with a yes. It was only thirty minutes later when Sarah arrived and stood knocking on her bedroom door a large backpack in hand. She grinned and stepped forward into the room, Nova stepped around her shutting the door behind Sarah.

Ten outfits, two hair styles and one tantrum later both girls stood at the top of the stairs, dressed to party. Sarah had chosen a rather small red mini dress that barley touched the middle of her thighs, her brown eyes were surrounded with a thick eyeliner and dark eyeshadow, glitter roamed her chest and arms. Her black heels looked dangers and her upswept blonde hair hung in loose curls.

Nova smiled at her friend, her own attire was a bit risqué. A very short dark wash jean skirt and a tummy baring lace crop tank, she’d left her long strawberry blonde hair down, small single loose curls filtered throughout and her make up was light.

Nova felt good about herself, she walked down the stairs with Sarah confidently enjoying the stares of everyone that caught sight of them.

“I’m going to grab us something to drink” Sarah yelled leaning into Nova so she could hear her over the loud music.

Nova nodded and watched Sarah disappear into the crowd.
Her stomach suddenly became a nervous pit as her eyes stole across the room, sweeping across everyone, looking for him.

By the time Sarah came back with their drinks Nova still hadn’t seen Axel.

But apparently Sarah had.

She grinned like a Cheshire Cat, “Come on” Sarah said tugging on her wrist.

Nova followed blindingly, “Sarah where are we going?” She asked.

“I saw Axel” she said, Novas heart sped up and her palms suddenly became sweaty, “and your boy toy is in there to”

Nova stared at the back of Sarah’s blonde head.
Boy toy?

They continued further into the house nearing the downstairs sunroom.

People from school stared and whispered. Some even had the gal to point at her. No longer feeling confident Novas eyes strayed to the floor. she knew what they were talking about. Luke couldn’t keep his mouth shut, he’d boasted about taking her virginity and now the entire population of the town knew about it.
She was so ashamed with her self, she should have waited instead of giving it to that large oaf.

Sarah tugged her past the double glass doors into the sunroom. Novas chest tightened painfully at the sight before her.

Axel sat on the small couch with the blonde bombshell from her mothers wedding. She was perched on his lap, his hand on her exposed upper thigh. She threw her head back and laughed at something he said.

Nova wasn’t sure if she was ready to kill or cry, how could she have been so stupid?

That seemed to be the question of the century.

Lately all she did was make bad decision and sleeping with Axel was now one of them.

He’d never lost his player ways he’d just simply played her to the right tune to get her to fold and she’d fallen right into his hands.

She shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions anymore.

A warm hand settled on the curve of her lower back, she looked up at Jeremy’s surprised face.
“I thought you weren’t coming?” He asked.

Nova forced herself to smile, “I changed my mind”

Jeremy looked like a kid on Christmas morning, “so does this mean you’ll be my date for this evening?”

Nova wanted to say no but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings and she wasn’t even sure she should be making this decision by herself.

Nova glanced quickly at Sarah who gave her an encouraging smile, her eyes filled with support. Nova was going to consider that a push in the right direction, a decision she didn’t make so it had to be the right decision.

She leaned into Jeremy, the smell of sunshine and men’s shampoo clung to him, “yes I’d like that”

His arm came around her shoulders and she relaxed into him. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.
Ian and Adam stood near the wall to wall windows in a heated discussion. Sarah moved closer to Axel as she began talking to Brittany.

Nova trusted Sarah, she didn’t think anything would come from her and Axel. Sure, Sarah obviously had a crush on him but she doubted she’d ever act on it and from the looks of it she doubted Axel would ever act on it either.

A few more people walked into the sunroom despite their group already in here.
“Do you want anything to drink?” Jeremy asked leaning in close, so close she could smell the mint from his breath.

Glancing into her now empty cup she looked up at him and nodded. She wasn’t even sure how she had finished her drink so quickly, she didn’t even remember drinking it.

Jeremy left her side, walking out of the room. The moment he left Nova felt the weight of a stare from someone she wasn’t to fond of at the moment.

Axel was watching her, his eyes appraised her as he pulled a cigarette from its box. Nova watched as he smoked, his hair disheveled as she knew he’d run his hands through it to much. His black t shirt and dark wash jeans looked to good on him. They watched each other threw the smoke, their eyes betraying nothing.

A chill past over her raising the hairs on her body. Even as they both fought the attraction, their bodies continued to react to each other’s.

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