Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Ten

Axel was trying, he really was. This thing between him and his step sister was bringing out emotions he never wanted anything to do with. He knew if he kept things going, if she kept working her charm, he’d end up being one of those fucking love sick fools who fall in love and shit.

That simply wasn’t for him. The problem was, he couldn’t keep his hands off of Nova. He was drawn to her like a fat kid to chocolate cake.

When she stared up at him with those beautiful green eyes he was ready to give her the world at her feet. She was turning his emotions upside down and he was not ok with this.

But he couldn’t deny that he was one selfish prick.
Watching her with Jeremy began building a dark storm, and watching the bastard touch her created vile hateful thoughts that he shouldn’t be feeling towards his best friend.
Drawing the cigarette between his lips he pondered over his decision.

To many fucking emotions, he felt like a girl.

His eyes moved about her body, her small thin waist, the smooth patch of skin at her stomach, her rounded breasts and those long tan legs, he hated how many other guys could see what he saw. That small skirt would be so easy to hike up, baring her to him.

He watched Jeremy walk back to her with drinks in his hands.

She smiled at him in thanks, a smile Axel himself had yet to receive.

He needed to pull himself together, it was better this way.

To bad he didn’t truly believe that.

The body on his lap squirmed drawing his attention. Tiffany giggled, her lips drawing close to his ear even as he continued to smoke.
Her tongue swiped across the back of his ear, Axel couldn’t contain the shiver that passed through him. Tiffany was a wild one, despite what he’d said before about never fucking the she cat again he couldn’t resist inviting her over, hoping she could help erase his step sister from his mind.

But where he once would have jumped up and all but dragged the willing she cat with him he couldn’t. She was so sure of what she wanted and wasn’t afraid of making the first move, he had found that attractive in all his lovers however now he seemed to prefer the shy and hesitant type.

What the bell was wrong with me! He thought to himself.

He nudged her away from his ear earning a killer look. Tiffany gaped at him, her eyes squinting into a small sliver as she stared at him. She was probably as confused as he felt.

“Get me something to drink” he said taking another drag.

She scoffed at him but stood up practically stomping away in her hooker heels and tight dress.

Jeremy gave a look that Axel ignored. He didn’t want to deal with his friends questions. He could already tell Jeremy was a bit suspicious of the relationship between him and Nova.

Nova and Jeremy walked out of the room, nether of them sparing him a glance.

A dark rush of jealousy ran through his veins, like a poison.
His feelings were contradicting everything he was thinking.

Ian walked over to where Axel sat and sat beside him leaning back into the couch.
“Mind if I stay here tonight?” He asked. Axel shrugged not really caring one way or the other.

Ian nodded, knowing his best friend was having an internal war.

Brittany sauntered into the room, looking like she owned the place. Her hair was left down, pin straight. Her hip hugging leather skirt and red silk camisole.
Axel watched her hips move left to right as she swayed near him.
He let a sly sinful smirk crawl across his face and stood up just as she reached him.

“I was hoping I’d see you tonight” she purred her finger trailing down his chest.

“Here I am” his eyes found the large dip in her cleavage before straying back to her face. A deep shade of red painted her lips, they turned up into a sexy smile.

“Wanna dance?”

He was going to turn her down but something inside him pulled him to his feet urging him to dance with her, maybe this was the start he needed.

Brittany took hold of his and pulled him behind her, he watched the way the skirt hugged her ass, the tight leather would be his undoing.

A large group of people were crowded by the large entry way, having no problem getting through the crowd Brittany continued to drag him towards the living room. The entire house smelt of beer, sweat and cigarettes.

Fuck all, Patricia was going to kill him.

Axel was going to have to do some serious damage control and hope to God she didn’t smell the stench of cigarettes. His dad had warned him to be on his best behavior not that he normally would have cared but he wasn’t about to get sent away again.

Getting mixed into the crowd of dancers he pulled Brittanys back to his front, his hands gripped her hips pulling her tight into him. The sweet smell of her lotion drifted up to his nose as he leaned his face into the crook of her neck. Brittany wasn’t a bad person, she was actually sweet and caring, she just had a bad reputation. Like himself. When he’d moved to the city a few years after his parents divorce he’d been enrolled into the new school and the first person he’d met was Brittany. She introduced him to Jeremy and Ian.

They fucked, she was easy but she was also different. She accepted the fact that Axel didn’t want anything other than sex from her and over time they’d developed a sort of weird ass friendship. He liked that she understood him, she didn’t pressure him into something unwanted and no disastrous feelings came into play.

Brittany turned in his arms, her hands slid up his chest to lock behind his head, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. She tasted of cherries. He wasn’t to fond of cherries but he’d manage. His lips moved against hers until she pulled away and leaned close to his ear.

“We should take this upstairs” she said.

Nobody paid them any attention as they headed back out of the room. At least nobody that they were aware of.

Axel sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. He’d fucked up. He could feel it in his gut. Brittany lay on the bed, her back to his head board, her breasts on full display, the thin blue sheet hung down by hips shielding her from view and a cigarette flared between her red lips. His room smelt of sex, a used condom lay in his waste basket by his bed and his digital clock showed it was only thirty minutes past midnight. They’d been locked in his room for over two hours, the party downstairs was still in full swing, the music could be heard through his door along with the sounds of laughter and chatter.

Axel felt like shit. He thought this would make things better, that his feelings for Nova would disappear but they hadn’t in fact they’d intensified and he’d felt like a cheater. He had no strings with Nova and yet.... it didn’t quite feel that way.

“Axel are you ok?” Brittany asked sitting forward and placing a hand on his forearm. He stared at her hand before shrugging her off and standing up from the bed.

Running his hands through his hair he began to pace despite being buck naked.

“Just fucking dandy” he snapped back, he watched as Brittany flinched back from his tone, hurt clouding her eyes before she looked away masking any and all feelings. Good, he didn’t want to fucking deal with it.

Opening his side table drawer he pulled out his pack of smokes and lit one up. Drawing in deep he tried to stable his nerves. It wasn’t working.

“I’m going to head back to the party” Brittany muttered climbing from his bed. She grabbed her clothes putting them on hastily before slipping her heels back on and shutting the door behind her.

He was such a fuck up, this wasn’t right, he shouldn’t be feeling like this. It was all her fault!

He threw a hard punch at the wall embracing the pain that came with it.

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