Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Eleven

Jeremy pulled Nova close, she rubbed against him swaying sensually to the beat of the bass. His hands were firm on her hips, his fingers dug deep into her as he pushed forward, the rough denim material of his dark blue jeans dug into her butt, rubbing against her thighs. This felt ok, different than the way she’d danced before, definitely more sexual but one glance around the crowded living room and they weren’t the only ones dancing this way.

Her eyes caught sight of signature messy dark blonde locks. She knew from the sharp curve of his jaw, this was Axel. He didn’t lift his eyes from Brittany. She watched him lean into her, Brittany titlted her neck giving him better access.

Nova turned away, casting her eyes to the floor. Jeremy was still behind her, holding her, dancing with her.

It was so obvious, she should have known. She’d been naive and stupid to think he truly felt something, but after everything they were step siblings and their trysts were forbidden. This was for the better.

Looking back up she found another couple where Axel and Brittany had been. Her heart dropped, plummeting straight into the floor as she saw a small glimpse of them walking out of the room together.

Her eyes fluttered as she pulled her emotions in check. It didn’t matter, his indiscretions didn’t matter, they had no set deal, both could mess with whoever they wanted to.

This was for the better, just another hurdle to get over him.

Nova closed her eyes, raised her arms above her head and leaned back into Jeremy trusting him to keep her up. Her arms twinined back around his neck. She put everything she had into it.

A groan escaped her. Nova rose a slow Tentative hand to her head, it felt like her brain was thumping against her skull. The moment she tried to open her eyes she was blinded as the morning rays of the sun shown right into her eyes.

Letting out another groan she she swallowed thickly, her breath stunk and her throat felt thick and scratchy.

The sounds of birds chirping was making her headache a million times worse.

She felt disgusting, her skin was covered in a sheen of sweat and her hair was greasy.

Eyes still shut she slowly rolled over.

It was at that moment her eyes sprung open, wide as saurcers, a strong pressure around her stomach was holding her down. Lifting up the comforter she glanced down at the tan slightly muscular arm that lay across her pale flesh.

She flung a hang over her mouth as she realized she was naked. A small squeak of humiliation threatened to rise but she thankfully held it back.

She moved quickly and swiftly, slipping out of the bed without a single noise until she turned to run into the bathroom when her feet caught into a pair of pants, her foot tangled and she through out her hands as she went down hard landing with a hard smack against the floor.

Great, just great she thought.

The man in her bed leaned up on one arm and it really shouldn’t have been a surprise as to who it was and yet she couldn’t remember anything past dancing last night.

Jeremy squinted at her, his eyes red, his hair in a dismay.

“You ok?” He asked, his voice was choppy sounding as bad as she felt.

She nodded and watched him flop back down onto the pillow, a soft snore came a few moments later giving her the ok she needed to stand, detangled herself from his pants and run for the bathroom.

Shutting and locking the door behind her she turned and stopped, her battered reflection staring back at her in the large mirror over the sink. She gaped at herself. She looked absolutely horrible.

Her eyes were red, her make up was disgustingly smeared and her hair was puffy and knotted.

“Gross” she thought as she stared hard at herself, judging herself.

She turned the shower on and just as she found a good tempature her stomach turned, diving for the toilet she just barely pulled the lid up as she emptied the alcoholic contents of her stomach into the porcelain bowl. She threw up a few more times, the taste in her mouth was horrible and she couldn’t find the energy to stand on her feet to brush her teeth. Instead she laid her head against the cool porcelain, the Sound of the shower was lulling her, making her feel just a thread better.

Her temple was throbbing against the toilet, her body was slowly cooling down as he eyes began to drift close.

A few loud knocks sounded pulling Nova out of her sleepy hangover haze. She squinted her eyes open, they burned and she willed them to stay open as they practically begged her to stay closed.

“Nova are you ok?”

It was Jeremy.
Jeremy, the boy she’d apparently slept with, the boy whose best friend was next door and who had probably heard everything.
Nova cringed and slowly rose to her feet, steadying herself as she wobbled and her stomach churned.

“Y-y-yea, I’m ok” she raised her voice to answer over the showers stream and instantly regretted it. Her head hurt like a son of a bitch.

“You’ve been in there for almost an hour, I just wanted to make sure you were ok” he said.

She didn’t answer him, she didn’t really want to. She waited until the sounds of his footsteps drew away from the door. She readjusted the temperature of the shower and climbed in. As she washed up she felt like she was washing away last nights sins. She wasn’t sure how much she’d drank or what else she’d done but it was pretty obvious her and Jeremy had had sex. She couldn’t remember any of it but a slight ache from below was enough to give her an answer.

By the time she exited the shower she was a little more sober and she felt a tad more human.

She stepped out of the bathroom, a plush towel wrapped around her and stopped short as she spotted Jeremy still sitting on her bed.
Atleast he’d put pants on, she thought.

He looked up and spotted her.
He gave a cute innocent smile, “morning” he said.

She gave a shy smile, unsure what to do. She played with the hem of her towel, “Morning”

They stayed like that for a few moments and akward tension filling the air.

“I-ah- I’m going to get dressed” she said moving lightly on her feet towards the closet.

Jeremy jumped up from the bed, “right, yea, well I’m going to grab some breakfast” he said rubbing his hands together and rushing out the door.

The nervous anxiety filled feeling left her gut the moment he left the room. She stared into her closet unsure of what to wear and unsure of what to do.

Sometime later she exited her room in a comfortable pair of yoga pants, and an off shoulder pink sweatshirt. Her long strawberry blonde hair was thrown into a ponytail, her face devoid of all makeup. She was determined to take it easy today.

She stepped into the kitchen and was surprised to find more than one pair of eyes on her in fact there were five.

Ian, Jeremy, Sarah, Tiffany and Axel all sat at the kitchen island munching on breakfast.
A pair of stormy blue eyes followed her as she walked across to the other side of the island heading straight for her cappuccino mix.
Caffeine would be here savior today.

“Morning” she mumbled to them all while grabbing her favorite mug from the cabinet.

“Morning my sexy mama” Sarah said giggling.

Nova turned sharply, “what?”

Tiffany laughed and wiggled her eyebrows, “oh come on everyone saw you last night. No need to play dumb. That little innocent act you have going isn’t going to work anymore”

Nova stared at them completely unsure as to what happened, “I-I don’t remember anything”

Nova watched Jeremy Blanch, his face almost falling. Axel had yet to look away from her, the tension radiating off of him only worsening her mood. Sarah and Tiffany scoffed both looking at her in disbelief. Ian continued to eat his breakfast not wanting in on the conversation.

Sarah grinned at her, Tiffany inspected her long purple talons, “girl you were all over the dining room table, you threw back more than a dozen shots and by the end of the night your clothes were off and you and Mr. Surfboard here we’re running down to the dock together”

Nova covered here face with her hands in competed and absolute horror. Never would she ever drink again. Never. How humiliating.

“No surprise really, she was easy for Luke Hemings and now she’s just as easy for everybody else” Axels words chilled her to the bone and cut deeply into her heart. Tears welled up and her throat closed, she was having a head time breathing.

The tears fell from her eyes hitting the counter.
The one night she’d let herself go, to try and feel better she’d made a mockery of herself. Her shoulders shook as she couldn’t hold back her humiliation.

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