Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twelve

Axel watched her shoulders shake with her silent sobs and felt remorse.
The golden award for biggest asshole, Axel Reed.
Sighing heavily he stood from his spot as everyone seemed frozen staring wide eyed at Nova, all of them completely unsure as to what to do. He walked around the island and reached for her turning her into his chest.

“I’m sorry” he said, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, a familiar spark mixed with a relaxing warmth seeped into his body at the contact, “I shouldn’t have said that, I’m an asshole” he grated, it had been a long ass time since he’d apologized to anyone. It kind of irked him a bit but he knew he had to do this.

She wiped her tear stained face, her jade green eyes staring up at him with such openness and gratidue he almost turned and walked out of the room but he knew that would make things worse.

“Y-yeah you are an asshole” she said letting out a small hiccup mixed with a slight chuckle, everyone else let out a small laugh, “But thank you. Your apology means a lot”

Axel hadn’t seen what Nova had done but he could imagine especially with the way Sarah and Tiffany had described the night. After Brittany left he hadn’t left his room. Then this morning as he was leaving his room he’d run into Jeremy who had been leaving Novas room shirtless. He had no right to feel jealous and betrayed but he did. He’d pushed it back and continued downstairs with his friend.

“Nova it wasn’t so bad” Jeremy spoke up, coming to a stand, ” you danced on the table big whoop. Loads of people get wasted at parties and do stupid shit.” He said defending her.

Axel nodded agreeing with him.

Nova turned her red tear stained face to Jeremy, her eyes visibly softened and Axels gut clenched at the action, “Yeah but I g-got n-naked in front of t-tons of people.” She began to choke up and took a moment to recover, “people we go to school with. Everyone’s going to come back from summer break and stare at me as the girl who streaked across her backyard” she brought a trembling hand to her mouth.

“Hey I streaked to, its fine.” Jeremy walked over to where Axel stood with Nova. He reached out to rub her arms. Axel looked away grinding his teeth in agitation. This was no time to get territorial.

“Someone else will throw a party and they’ll do stupid shit and what you did will be old news” Axel said moving away from her as Jeremy took over offering her comfort.
He watched as her shoulders stiffened at the embrace before slowly and tentatively relaxing.
Tiffany stood from her seat and came stand next to Axel, her hands gripped his forearm and clung tightly.

Tiffany let out a loud sigh, she clucked her tongue and popped her hip as she stared hard at Nova, “Look, it’s no big deal. When are you going to drop the innocent virgin routine?”

Everyone’s head whipped around to stare at Tiffany.

Axel snatched her hand from his arm and yanked her away, watching as she stumbled back a few steps.

“Listen here you stupid bitch. Just because you act like an everyday bitch in heat doesn’t mean everyone else has to. You will respect Nova, this is her house your standing in, show some god damn respect when speaking to her.” He snapped, his words were cruel and harsh and if he had the chance to take them back he wouldn’t. He wasn’t even sure why she was still around, she should have been long gone. “Get the fuck out of this house!” He roared at her.
Her face was contorted a mixture of anger and pain. She let out a sniffle before quickly retreating out of the room. Silence followed as the group waited to hear the front door shut.

She slammed the holy hell out of it on her way out.

“Are you ok Nova?” Ian asked, he was still sitting at the counter but he was staring at her in concern.
Axel was surprised, Ian was shy and nervous especially around women. So it was a big step for him to talk to Nova even if just to ask her a question.

“Yes thank you” she looked from Ian to Axel, “and thank you, you didn’t have to do that but you did”

He felt the intense stare of everyone in the room, they were all genuinely surprised, a wave of heat washed over him and for the first time in forever he felt nervous, “yea well don’t get used to it” it came out snappish but he looked directly and Nova and let a small smile form at the edge of his mouth.

He’d always defend her, because like it or not he cared about her. He’d pondered over it for quite some time last night, finally coming to the conclusion that his feelings for Nova would probably never go away and he was insane to think he could fight them forever. He’d been the one to take the first step, he’d kissed her and with that one kiss it had ignited something deep that dwelled in the darkness of his heart. There was only one thing left to do.

Stop fighting it.

Later in the day they’d all gone down to the docks. The water was cool, the weather was warm. Axel sat on the shore watching as Nova and Jeremy walked off towards the house. She’d insisted she speak with him. He tried to fight the urge to follow but curiosity got the best of him. He stood from his spot on the deck, the laughter from Sarah and Ian was drowned out as he walked farther away.

“Axel where are you going?” Sarah called out to him.

He turned and squinted against the sun, “getting a drink inside, chill out will you?” He once again turned back and walked to the back door. Nova and Jeremy stood inside the kitchen just by the door.
Axel dove for side of the house hoping they hadn’t spotted him.

“I- I just don’t remember much from last night, except us dancing and I need to know” Axel strained to hear as Nova stopped talking, “did we do anything last night?”

“Yea we danced and then went down to the dock-”

“No no, I mean.... did we have sex last night?”

Axel waited, he’d wondered the same thing.


A deep rooted thrill of satisfaction went through him and he wanted to shout.

“Ok.... then why were we naked?”

“We had started to.... but then.... and we both fell asleep”

There were a few more mumbles and Axel wasn’t sure what was said, he’d heard what he’d itched to know and now that he knew, he had to act.

The back door opened and Axel took out his phone and pressed it to his ear as he turned his back to whomever was walking out.

The door shut and no footsteps were heard, the weight of whoever stood behind him staring hung heavily on the back of his head. Axel turned slightly and made eye contact with Jeremy. Jeremy’s eyes wandered to the phone still attached to Axel ear. Axel nodded at him before turning around pretending to listen to the non existent person on the other end, when he heard Jeremy walk away, Axel walked into the house.

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