Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Fourteen

He watched Nova walk out of his room to go tend to their friends who were still at the docks probably wondering where they were.

Axel stared at his phone, glaring at the damn thing. Nova could have been wrapped around him by now. Instead his mother had interrupted because she felt he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. He wasn’t going to lie, he was avoiding her ,plain and simple. She became so needy so often for company that he did everything he could to stay away from her house, including staying with his father.
As he walked towards the window that overlooked the dock his phone rang again.
He contemplated chucking the fucking thing, sighing heavily he pressed answer and brought it to his ears.

“Axel James Reed you do not hang up on your mother like that!” Her shrill voiced screamed through the reciever.

Axel had rolled his eyes and dug his hand deep into his pockets to pull out a cigarette.

“What do you want mother” he said, with the cigarette between his lips.

“Do not take that tone of voice with me” she warned. He could practically see her sitting at the salon with her feet in someone’s hands, her phone to her ear and everyone in the building staring at her in fear and curiosity as she yelled into the phone. Today was her day to go shopping, her ex husbands divorce money was sitting in her account and she’d claimed all mondays and Friday’s were shopping days. Today was Monday so on top of it all she’d treat herself to a mani and pedi. Normally Axel was her side bitch and he didn’t really mind, now however he did.

He bit back a nasty response and sucked hard on his cigarette.

“Axel I’ve talked with your father and I think it’s best you spend the rest of the summer with me. He said he doesnt mind and-”


“Excuse me?” Her voice pitched higher, she was close to screaming again. She wasn’t used to not getting her way.

“I said no. Did you lose your fucking hearing while I was away?” He snarled clutching the phone tighter. He was surprised the damn thing hadnt broken yet from the tight grip he had on it.
Normally he didn’t talk to his mother like this but once again she was pissing him off. He was sick of people trying to control him.

“I will come to that house and drag you away by your ear if you don’t get your ass home within the next few days” she screamed.

He let out a humorless laugh and took another drag, “goodbye mother” he let out a breath of smoke before ending the call. He wouldn’t let her pull him away from here, things were just beginning to look up for him. Nova was his now and he wasn’t going to let anyone including his mother take her from him.

Sometime later, after Axel had cooled down he’d gone down to join everybody but instead of being down at the docks they were sitting at the dining room table laughing and seemingly having a good time.

His eyes caught Novas and he watched a pink blush stealing its way up her cheeks, he smirked and walked around the table to sit next to her.

“So what’d I miss?” He asked settling into the spot beside her.

“We were talking about getting out of the house ” Nova replied biting her lower lip. He watched as she drew it beneath her top one before releasing it, causing it to turn a delicious strawberry red.

His tore his eyes away from her and swept them across the rest of the group. “Where were you thinking of going?”

“I was thinking maybe going bowling” Ian suggested earning moans and groans from around the room. He shrugged looking confused at everybodies reaction, “what? It’s fun”

Sarah chuckled reaching over to pat his hand, ” maybe to you” a blush stole its way up his face and Axel wish he’d had a camera on him but he’d left his phone upstairs.

“There’s that new horror movie that’s in theatres, we could go see that” Jeremy offered.

“I’m good with that” Axel said.

The rest of the group nodded, Jeremy pulled out his phone to look up movie times, the others were so deep into their conversation, Nova included that they hadn’t realized he’d scooted a bit closer to her. His hand snaked beneath the table and touched her thigh. She jumped, slamming her elbows on the table.

A red tint colored her cheeks and he could see the pulse in her neck quicken. A satisfied thrill coursed through him. This was going to be fun and so fucking hot.

“Are you ok?” Sarah asked giving her a weird look.

“Mhm, yep fine” she said pasting a smile on her face. As everyone’s attention were drawn away Nova shot Axel a sinister look. He didn’t take it to heart because in the end he knew she was going to love it.
The conversation progressed, his hand stayed on her thigh. He could tell the moment she began to relax again, no longer anticipating him to do anything else.

He covered a smirk with his hand as his other hand began slowly inching its way up her leg. He barley let her feel any real pressure from his advances but that’s what made the pleasure more intense.

His hand inched closer to the heat between her legs. Her yoga pants were tight across her skin and as he brushed his fingers across the fabric between her legs he could feel the outline of her panties.

He could hear her breath hitch as his fingers scraped softly across the covered flesh. It was to bad she hadn’t worn a dress or skirt, this would have been much for enjoyable however he’d work with what was given to him.

The fabric was thin despite the extra layer of her panties, he could feel the outline of her pussy through the pants. He pressed harder and began rubbing increasing the rhythm. Small sounds began to rise out of her and her milky flesh became flushed, her eyes began to drift half closed and every so often she’d let out a cough to cover the sounds coming from her.

“Nova are you ok?” Sarah asked again, “do you need a glass of water or something?”

Nova cleared her throat, he watched her tremble slightly knowing she was enjoying it as he knew she would. His prissy step sister loved sex and sexual acts as much as he did.
“Yea I’m fine” she said. When Axel pushed two fingers against her and moved them just right so rose from her seat suddenly. Everyone’s eyes snapped to her, “um you know what I think- I think I should go get some water” with that she hurried off into the kitchen leaving Axel with a very big problem in his pants.

“The next showing is at like eight so we have some time to spare” Jeremy said putting his phone down.

“You guys can’t laugh at me if I scream” Sarah said.

“No promises” Jeremy said grinning at her.

“If your gonna be a wimp then your gonna get treated like one” Axel said absently as he sent looks toward the kitchen where Nova disappeared.

“That’s not fair you guys.” Sarah pouted, crossing her arms across her chest she leaned back in her chair “fine then someone’s going to have to hold my hand unless I need to cover my eyes”

Axel laughed along with Jeremy and Ian, “no you need to stick it out, no shielding your eyes or plugging your ears.”

“I bet she won’t last through it” Axel stared giving her a smug look.

Her eyes lite up at the challenge as he knew they would, “you wanna bet?”

“Oh god” Ian said fixing his glasses.

“Sarah quit while your ahead” Jeremy said.

She shook her head, a stubborn glint in her eyes, “ok Axel, I’ll bet, I bet that I can watch the entire movie without doing any of those things”

“Including screaming” he said.

She nodded, “including screaming. If I win you have to give me one more night.” Two more pairs of eyes shot to him, no one knew he’d slept with Sarah except well Sarah, “and if you win I’ll quit asking and leave you alone”

Axel thought it over, it was huge gamble but it just might be the way to get the bitch off his back.

He found himself nodding before he’d even truly made up his mind.

“Alright” she said, a giant smile stretched across her face.

He was looking forward to the results, she’d finally be out of his hair. No more pleading him to fuck her. A small amount of doubt remained but other than that he felt pretty good, she was going to cave and he knew it. The movie was rated one of the scariest of all time so how could she not?

He glanced back at the way Nova had gone, she still wasn’t back.

“I’ll be right back” he said.

The others nodded continuing their bantering.

Axel walked away from the table and headed towards the kitchen. As he walked through the arch he stopped, his blood began to burn and his pants became tight.

Nova was leaning back against the counter, her legs slightly spread, her hand deep in pants and soft sultry moans were coming from her.

She was fingering herself, trying to get off from what he’d started.

Hell no he thought and strode towards her completely furious and turned on.

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