Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Fifteen

Nova stroked herself, slipping a finger inside her soaking lips. It was an ache she couldn’t scratch, one that only Axel could. He’d started this. He’d touched her under the table and had built her up not letting her come down. She had to take care of it or she’d be thinking about it all night.

Her fingers slipped in and out with ease, she was so wet for him. The deep dark look in his eyes as he’d rubbed her had been almost to much.
Closing her eyes, her head thrown back she imagine him touching her, tasting her. Suddenly his scent enveloped her, her memory was coming back tenfold. It was as if he were in the room with her. She could practically feel the heavy weight of his eyes as they swept across her, the way the blue would darken into a deeper abyss. He’d spill out a curse word or two.

“Fucking hell” the sexy gruffness of his voice whispered through her head.

Her imagination was working wonders today.

A soft sigh slipped from her lips and she fought the urge to moan as she picked up a faster tempo. She had to be quiet, she couldn’t let her friends hear what she was doing. That would be embarrassing.


God, his voice was so sexy.


The desperation in his voice was so accurate.

A soft brush against her neck startled her. She opened to her mouth to let out a scream. Her eyes opened wide in shock and then horror. The scream died in her throat as her eyes connected with his.

Nova pulled her hand from beneath her pants, her fingers coated in her wetness.
She was so embarrassed, a flaming heat crawled up her neck into her face. She averted her eyes, glancing at the cabinets beside them.

His hand touched her chin and turned her to face him.

He didn’t say anything and Nova became nervous.
His hand began to drift from her chin, down to her chest brushing past her breasts. Her stomach quivered as his hand dipped lower until he found the waist band of her pants. She ran the tip of her tongue across her lower lip, watching, waiting for him to do something, anything.
His hand disappeared and with the first brush of his fingers against her wet panties she lost the ability to breath.

A dark devious look roamed across his face, she could tell he was pleased that he’d found her so wet.

Her embarrassment died down, the heat that had filled her face was now inching its way around her thighs and in between.

His body leaned in closer to hers, his fingers lightly scraping across the wet fabric. His breath fanned across her face and his eyes held hers as his head dipped down.

The moment his lips touched hers, the gates of hell opened and broke lose.
They couldn’t seem to get their hands on each other fast enough. The sounds of their heavy breathing filled the kitchen.
Axel pushed aside the thin fabric and plunged a welcome finger into her heat. Nova made a small sound in the back of her throat. It took everything in her not to cry out. She loved when he touched her. She loved when his fingers were inside of her. She felt completely wanton.

When he added a second finger she reached up and clutched at his shoulders. The ache between her legs intensified. She fought not to squirm.

“Axel please” she whispered hoarsely.

She needed release.

His lips moved back onto hers, a graceful molding as he pumped his fingers faster occasionally flicking her clit.

A light wonderful sensation was building, she could practically see stars.

“I’m so close” she whispered earning a satisfied grunt from him.

The wet sounds from her pussy echoed in the kitchen and at the moment she didn’t care if their friends could hear them or not.

His tongue battled with hers, his teeth softly nipped her bottom lip. Nova returned the intensity of the kiss. He caused so many new and welcome feelings within her. It was obvious they were both sexual beings but there was something else there, something small that had her feeling so alive and comfortable in his presence.
She wasn’t going to dwell on it now. She’d examine it later.

Suddenly her shirt was lifted, a cool breeze flittered across her skin as her breasts were bare to his greedy gaze.

“Beautiful” he muttered before leaning down. The coolness of the air puckered her nipples, they stood at attention for him. He drew one into his mouth, his tongue drug across the sensitive tip.
Novas hands left his shoulders to clutch his head, her fingers dove into the rich soft blonde waves. She didn’t want him to move, she wanted him to stay there, to keep suckling her breast.
He moaned around her nipple as her fingers pulled slightly.
His other hand came up swiftly catching and squeezing her breasts, his fingers rolling the hardened nub between his fingers while his other hand still pumped inside of her.

He was obviously a pro at multitasking.

Nova pulled a hand away from his hair, moving down his body to settle at the button on his pants. His hand left her breast to capture hers. His eyes found hers and he shook his head.

“No. This is for you”

Novas hand dropped and her breathing hitched as the pleasure intensified.

Her eye lids dropped closed and her head tilted back once again as she clutched the counter behind her.

She couldn’t believe they were doing this in the kitchen.

Nova gasped and slapped a hand over her mouth as the orgasm she’d been working towards came rolling through full force. She could feel herself pulse around his fingers, her body became lax and she had to fight the urge to fall to the floor. Her legs were weak and her eyes were heavy.

Axel pulled his hand from her pants and sent her a cocky grin, his hair was slightly tousled although it was almost unnoticeable from his usual look.

Nova cleared her throat as she stood on shaky legs fixing her shirt and pants, “thank you”

Axel didn’t give her any personal space as he leaned into her, his chest pressed against hers.

“Your welcome” he said before his lips brushed across hers. There was a small amount of tenderness on her lower lip and between her thighs but nothing she wouldn’t mind receiving again.

It was then that the group of friends who had no idea what was going on cane through the entry way. Nova stilled and tried to keep the blush from rising to her face.

She might as well of wore a red neon sign stating she’d just had an amazing orgasm with her stepbrother. Her eyes fell to the floor and she wouldn’t look up.

“Are you guys ok?” Ian asked as everyone else eyed them with curious caution.

“Fine. Are we going to see this fucking movie or not?” Axel snapped drawing all attention away from Nova. She couldn’t be more thankful to him. It was a small act of compassion but it meant a lot to her.

“Dude were waiting on you two” Jeremy snapped. Novas head snapped up at the obvious irritation that laced his voice. She’d never heard Jeremy be so... worked up. He was a happy care free go lucky guy and it just wasn’t in his genetics to get to be irritated or angry. However Nova noted he was both.
She tried to catch his eye, hoping to inquire as to what was wrong but he wouldn’t look her way.

Maybe he knew...

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