Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Sixteen

Nova sat in the theatre, tired, cold, nervous and jealous. The movie that played on screen was a complete waste of time, seeing as she couldn’t get her mind off the fact that Jeremy might know about her and Axel. She sat huddled up in the uncomfortable red movie seat next to the one and only Jeremy. Ian sat between him and Axel as it was obvious to the whole group they were on the outs with each other.
Axel sat in between Ian and Sarah.

Nova couldn’t exactly see what Sarah was doing but she knew Sarah wasn’t keeping her hands to herself. What irritated Nova more was that she couldn’t say anything about it without raising suspicion.

Sighing she picked up her cup only to take a sip of watered down soda. Cringing she rose from her seat, cup in hand and walked down the aisle exiting the theatre. The group watched her leave but said nothing.

She blinked against the sudden brightness and walked across the dark green carpeted floor. Dark walls were covered in old and new movie murals. This had always been her favorite place to come with her father. He’d let her buy as much candy as she wanted, from cotton candy to box candy and even those delicious red and blue freezes. Things had been simpler then, well atleast for her they were. From what she gathered things had never been “simple” between her parents. The older she got, the more she realized just how much they fought and how often they avoided each other. And then one day everything changed, her father never came home. Days, weeks, months went by until she came home from school one day and caught him packing his bags. He refused to look at her. Although he said it wasn’t her fault, he still wouldn’t look at her.

Nova hadn’t talked to her father in almost a year.

Shaking off the sudden agitation she stopped in front of the cashier and requested a refill.


Looking over her shoulders she made eye contact with Jeremy who stood a few steps back. The look in his eyes stating exactly what he wanted to talk about. Nova turned back to the man behind he counter and took the cup.

“Thanks” she muttered before turning around and walking past Jeremy.

He followed closely behind her until they came to the small hallway that led to the theatre. His hand came out and gripped her elbow pulling her to a sudden stop.

Nova closed her eyes knowing what was to come. Everything was about to come tumbling down just as things had started to look up.

Her back was pressed against the textured wall and her eyes snapped open just as Jeremy leaned forward. Nova had no time to react as his lips were pressed firmly against hers.

Surprise filtered across her face before she found herself responding. Her lips parted against his and she could taste the cherry twizzlers on his breath. His hand gripped her elbow tighter, his skin was soft and warm.

Something inside her clicked.

Pushing him back she clutched her cup to her chest while looking at him with disbelief.
“What the hell?” She snapped.

His eyes were hooded, his face was a mixture of surprise and happiness. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that” he tried to tug her closer once more but she put up a resistance. He let go of her eyeing her curiously. “What?” He asked eyeing the angry expression on her face.

Nova felt incredibly guilty and not just for the obvious reason. Not only had she technically cheated on Axel but she’d led Jeremy on, she’d danced at the party with him and they’d streaked together, but worst of all they’d woken up in bed together. This was her fault, she had to own up to it.

“Look, Jeremy, I like you but... just not in the way you’d like me to. I think you’re a great guy, your funny and sweet but I- ah I’m actually interested in someone else” she said rocking back on her feet nervously. His stare became so intense she had to look away, she glanced at everything but him.

He scoffed and leaned back on his heel, “you seemed to like me just fine the other night. What changed?”

Axel decided he actually wanted a relationship with me, she thought. Not that she could say that out loud.

“I just don’t feel a connection with you. I don’t feel what I thought I’d feel”

There, she thought, that sounded alright.

“We could build on it Nova. Most couples do, you don’t always have the immediate spark. Sometimes you have to get to know the person first” what he was saying was true but Nova didn’t want to give up the “spark” she had with Axel.

“I-I just can’t Jeremy. Not now” she said twisting the straw to her cup around nervously.

A small flare of hope ignited in his eyes, “So maybe in the future?” He smiled and Nova felt a pang in her chest. She was supposed to defuse the situation and here she was still giving him hope.

She opened her mouth to try and set things straight when a dark presence came through the double theatre doors.
Axel swept over the two, his eyes lingering on Nova a second to long. A small thrill went through her, the hairs on her arms stood on end.

Quickly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she moved past Jeremy, walked around Axel, her gaze was glued to the floor as she entered the theatre once more.
She took her seat and caught Sarah’s interested look.

“Did he ask you out?” She questioned trying to keep her voice to a mere whisper.

Nova leaned across the empty seat that Jeremy had occupied, “who?” She questioned hoping her voice didn’t carry to loud.

Sarah giggled and leaned across the seat Axel had been sitting in, “Jeremy” she said.

Novas smile faded slightly, she caught herself before it fully slipped from her face. Plastering a forced fake one on she gave a small nervous laugh, ” kind of. He kissed me.” Nova could tell from the look on Sarah’s face that this pleased her, “but I’m kind of seeing someone else at the moment” she added. Sarah’s smile wavered slightly, although Nova didn’t catch it, her attention turned towards the screen.

Sarah cleared her throat drawing Novas attention back to her, “so... do I know this guy?” She asked.

Nova nodded.

“Will I get to meet him?” She asked tightly.

Novas heart pounded and she lied, “sometime soon”

Ian chose that moment to speak up, “guys I’m sitting right here” he said gesturing to the middle seat between the two girls, “I’m trying to watch the movie. Can you keep it down?” He asked taking a quick sip of drink. He never took his eyes off the screen.

Sarah rolled her eyes while Nova chuckled. Both girls sat back into the seats just as the theatre door opened and the two boys walked in. Then tension rising from both of them was clear.

Something had happened in that hallway.

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