Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Seventeen

Axels eyes strayed once again to the spot Nova had vacated. Minutes ticked by and she still wasn’t back. Glancing quickly at his phone he cursed and rose from his seat ignoring Sarah’s look of confusion. He was sick of this girls games and as the movie trudged forward, he grew more fearful. She was winning the bet.

Fuck all!
He moved around Ian who was oblivious to everything around him except the screeni in Front of him.

With small curses muttered beneath his breath he walked out the theatre doors and stopped short. His beautiful Nova was leaning back against the dark hallway wall, Jeremy looked tense and he was a few steps away from her leaning back giving her space.

Axel felt like he was suffocating from the obvious tension in the room. Something had gone down. His eyes roamed Novas form from head to toe, she seemed to be alright.
He glanced at Jeremey and narrowed his eyes at his best friend. Confusion and happiness all rolled up into one clearly visible across Jeremy’s face as he looked away from Nova and caught Axels eyes.

Axel tried to catch Novas attention as she quickly stepped away from Jeremy and walked around Axel, but her eyes were locked onto the ground as she pushed her way through the movie theatre doors, disappearing into the darkness.

Axel set his sights back onto Jeremy and strode forward until he was a few inches from him. He knew he couldn’t lash out like he wanted to. He forced himself to relax.

“What was that about?”

“Nothing” Jeremy said running a hand threw his hair, he couldn’t seem to stop grinning.

Gritting his teeth Axels eyes fell to the floor, he tried to bring forth a sense of calm but it wasn’t working. He’d never been a possessive type of guy before, so this new unwelcome feeling was foreign. Nova brought out the best and worst in him, he wanted her all to himself. He didn’t want anyone else to look or touch what he considered his.

“Dude what the hell is wrong with you?” Jeremy snapped sensing Axels internal struggle to remain calm.

“Fuck off Jeremy” Axel snapped his eyes lifted and were blazing with unabashed fury.

“Whatever dude. Your acting insane! I’m your friend and I’m getting real sick of you treating everyone around you like they’re garbage”

Axel didn’t pay him the least bit of attention. He didn’t care what Jeremy thought of him. He was better off without friends at this point. They were only causing more problems.
Axel turned on his heel and walked away, well aware that Jeremy let out a big huff behind him and followed him back into the theatre.

He felt the weight of Novas eyes on him as he made his way across the seats and he couldn’t keep the scowl off his face even as he took a seat next to Sarah.

“Hey are you alright?” Sarah asked leaning over placing her hand on the top of his thigh. He nodded and pushed her hand away glancing at the movie. The images on the screen were a blur as his mind tried to grasp onto something logical.

A very large part of his mind was telling him Jeremy was going to be a very big problem. Something had happened out in that hallway and Axel knew once he found out exactly what had happened he wasn’t going to take it so well.

The movie continued and as time went on, Axel couldn’t help become nervous. Sarah was holding her own, and by the end she’d won the bet.

They all sat in Axels sleek sports car. Sarah, Jeremy and Ian were squished in the backseat while Nova sat in the passenger next to Axel. His hand itched to caress her thigh, to feel her warmth.
He glanced into the review mirror and locked eyes with Sarah. She smirked at him, a cocky grin plastered across her smug face.

Axels eyes narrowed and returned to the road in front of him.

He’d fucked up. Big time. He thought he’d finally be rid of her, and now he was stuck with her one last time. Nova was not going to be happy about it.

He stopped first at Ian’s house and they all bid him a goodnight, next came Sarah’s house who pranced away as if she’d won the lottery, Jeremy was last and Axel couldn’t ignore the look of interest he sent to Nova who paled and glanced away into her lap.

The ride home was quiet, peaceful. It was a long drawn out awkward silence as it once may have been, it was comfortable. Both Axel and Nova finally relaxed.

He turned onto the long off road dirt road that would lead them up into their house and couldn’t hold off any longer. He placed his hand on her thigh, his thumb moving back and forth in a soft rhythm.

Nova glanced at him for the corner of her eye, her soft strawberry blonde hair created a small curtain across her shoulders. She looked so beautiful. Reaching across, with one hand on the steering wheel, he pulled the long tendrils behind her ear. Her cheeks turned a soft pink and her lower lip was pulled into her mouth by her top teeth.

Holding back a groan he interlaced their fingers together, giving her hand a soft squeeze before focusing back on the road.
Their entire struggle with their relationship was one hundred percent worth it when she looked at him like that.

As they passed through the various amounts of trees on both sides of the car, the night time darkness engulfed them. The only light was the two that illuminated the road in front of them.

He knew she became bolder in the dark, but it was still a surprise when he suddenly felt her soft lips brush and then press against the column of his neck. His arms flexed and he gripped the wheel tighter as she began sucking, he had no doubt she was going to leave love bites. His groin tightened as his cock sprang to life.

The house came into view and he muttered a “thank god”

Nova laughed against his skin creating a tickling sensation.

Her hand slid down his chest and abdomen to cup his sex. He caught himself before his forehead dropped forward. His blood ignited into a fiery stream. His pulse quickened and he stepped onto the gas, pushing them faster towards the house. He parked his car and looked over at her letting all the sexual tension shine down threw his eyes.

A small breathy intake came from as her lips parted, her hazel eyes trained on his.

Before she could do or say anything, Axel grabbed the back of her neck and smashed his lips on hers. Her hands came up to his chest to catch herself as he’d caught her off guard.

His tongue licked her lips before diving in, she tasted magnificent. Her tongue tangled with hers as he deepened the kiss. He knew right then and there that he’d never get enough of her. She was everything all those other girls weren’t. She was real.

The middle consul wasn’t letting them get any closer. Agitated he growled against her lips before pulling away and throwing open the driver side door. He strode with a purpose as he rounded the car and came to a stop beside her door.

Throwing the door open he grabbed her hand and tugged her out. He was thankful he had some sense left that he wasn’t to forceful with it.

Pushing her back against the car he covered her body with his. Grinding his errction against her he trailed his lips down her neck stopping as he came to a halt as he reached the fabric of her off shoulder pink top.

Her chest rose up and down as he paused for a miilisecond before harshly tugging the fabric down baring her white lace bra. She sucked in a shocked breath as he smirked. His hand found the straps of her bra and tugged, revealing her milky breasts. His hands immediately went to cup them, loving the feel of them in his hands.
He dipped his head down and captured a taut nipple between his teeth and pulled it into his mouth as his other hand found her ass and squeezed. He could feel her legs shaking and glanced up at her to find her head thrown back, her neck arched and her dark pink lips turned up toward the starry night sky.

He wanted her so fucking bad.

He craved her like a caffeine addict craved Starbucks.

Making a quick decision he tugged her to the front of the car, he would have laughed at how she followed him without protest as she looked dazed and out of sorts but he wasn’t about to ruin the moment.

He kissed her again before turning her around and bending her over the front of his car. Her perky ass stuck out at him and he licked his lips, ready to take her hard.

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