Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Eighteen

Novas front slammed against the hood of the car. She wasn’t hurt, she was just surprised and let out a soft gasp.

His strangled moan behind her caused her head to whip around, her eyes catching his dark ones. His tongue licked his bottom lip, his blonde hair was astray and the hard buldge in his pants were making an obvious statement.

She was going to be well and truly fucked.

Did she care that they were outside?


They didn’t have many neighbors, and the ones that they did have were hidden away in the tree line farther down the road. So it wasn’t like anyone was going to see them, unless their parents decided to come home.

Dear god, she hoped not. She was so turned on right now, she’d be more pissed if this moment was taken from her.

Her pussy wept, she was sure she’d leaked through her panties and maybe even slightly through her yoga pants. Her breasts were still bare against the cold car, her nipples hard and ready for his mouth. Oh how she wanted his mouth on her, sucking on her breasts. She pressed her legs together to try and ease some of the pulsing between her legs.

“Fucking Christ Nova, you look so fucking hot bent over my car” he growled coming closer to her until he was pressed against her like a second skin. He ground his erection into her, it felt delicious and she didn’t even bother to hold back the excited moan.

He sucked lightly on the back of her neck while skimming his hands up and down the sides of her hips. Nova wiggled against him, the hard ridge of his erection rubbed easily through her thin yoga pants.

“Nova” Axel growled before his hands flew to the waist band of her pants and the cool summer night air hit her bare ass as he pulled the pants and underwear down together. He lifted her legs and discarded the pants completely.

There was no room to be cold, as her blood boiled like a volcano heating her from the inside out. She let out a shaky breath watching as it created condensation on the car.

Suddenly she felt a wave of hot breath flow across the area between her legs. Rough hands placed themselves on the back of her thighs, urging her to part them. She obeyed the silent command.

A quick swipe and dip of his tongue had her knees shaking, her legs felt weak and she could only imagine what the imagine of both her and Axel looked like. She assumed it’d look like something out of a porn shot.

Leaving her nervousness behind she grinded down on him. His face was firmly pressed between her legs, eating her.

The knot deep in her abdomen began to unravel and she cried out into the darkness, her vision blurred and her nails dug into the hood of his car. Her hips bucked forward as her released swept her off her feet.

She could hear his harsh pants, and the sound of an airplane flying far over head. The lulling sound of the water just down the hill could be heard as well.

Then his body was behind hers, his hand slipped between her and the car. His goners delved between the folds of her pussy.

A satisfied growl came from him.

She was so ready for him.

Pushing her ass back against him she realized he’d dropped his pants, the tip of his penis brushed across her bare ass. Her pussy clenched and she pushed back harder.

Pushing her hair to the side, his mouth found her neck, sucking and biting.
The mushroom head of his penis brushed across her folds and already she was once again close to another release. Just the thought of him slipping inside her had her insides tingling.

He pushed forward fast and rough, giving her no time to get used to him. He thrust forward and back. The car began to rock with them.

Nova felt stretched to the max, she wasn’t complaining, in fact it was positively delicious. His width made it a bit painful but his length by all the right spots.

Their moans echoed into the darkness of the night, the stars twinkled overhead and the small sliver of the pale white moon created a luminescent glow across the property.

“Axel” she moaned, her cheek was pressed hard against the hood.

He grunted and increased his temp, pounding into her.

Novas toes curled, that familiar earth shattering feeling began to rise as his cock scrapped against the inside of her vaginal walls.

When his hand slid up to cup her breast and pinch her nipple that was her undoing. She screamed out her release, her heart pounded against her chest and a fresh sheen of sweat coating her skin.

Axels rhythm became slightly sloppy as he groaned, his penis pulsed within her releasing his seed.

Thank god she was on the pill.

Nova didn’t move, she couldn’t. Her muscles wouldn’t let her and since Axel hadn’t moved either, it was just another reason to stay out.

“You ok?” He asked brushing her hair away from her neck.

She could feel him panting against her back.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had” she said truthfully. Her eyes were locked onto the darkness of the trees. Even as she was naked from the waist down she felt comfortable where they were at.

He chuckled planting small kisses on her back, “every time with you is the best”

She smiled against the car.

A wetness began to drip down her legs and onto the pavement.

Before she could even begin to announce they should get cleaned up, Axel slipped out of her with a wet slurp and pulled his pants up. She began to pull away from the car when her legs were lifted from under her.

Nova squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck holding on for dear life. She hoped he didn’t drop her.

“I’m not going to drop you” he said.

She looked at him with clear confusion, could he read minds now?

“You said it out loud” he shrugged and pushed open the front door.

Nova buried her face into the crook of his neck inhaling his addictive dark scent. He always smelt so damn good.

“I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted” he began walking towards the stairs, “wanna sleep with me tonight?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Nova laughed and kissed him full on the lips, he immediately deepens the kiss with a growl. He didn’t ask her again if she wanted to stay because they both knew he answer.

They also didn’t bother cleaning each other up seeing as the moment they stepped into his bedroom all the cards were off the table and Axel was once again snug deep inside of her.

It was until early morning around four am that Nova blinked her eyes awake. Looking over, her heart melted, Axel was fast asleep, his dark lashes graced his cheeks, his lips were slightly pursed.

Nova snuggled deeper into his hold, letting out a sigh. Now that she was awake there was no way she was going to be able to go back to sleep now.

A few moments later she wiggled again trying to find a good position.

Minutes ticked by and she stretched her leg out to touch the cold sheets. Brushing her leg back and forth enjoying the coldness she hadn’t even realized she’d woken him up.

“Will you quit moving” he croaked earning a startled scream.

“Fuck! Nova! Seriously? Was that necessary?” He demanded, his eyes now tightly closed as if refusing to open them.

“Sorry” she muttered. She was just trying to get comfortable.

He let out a heavy tired sigh and tightened his hold on her bringing her closer to him, his.m bare chest brushed against her naked back. He pressed his lips to the back of her head.

“Just go to sleep please”

Nova nodded and waited until he began to snore before she slithered out of his arms tip toed to the door. It creaked as it opened and she cringed glancing back at him quickly.

He hadn’t moved.

She shut the door behind her and walked across to her room, shutting the door behind her.

She showered, hoping that would help lull her to sleep.

As she snuggled deeper into her comforter she closed her eyes enjoying the coldness of the covers and fell into a deep sleep.

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