Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter One

The afternoon summer sun was set high in the sky, the heat was becoming almost unbearable. The light pink strapless gown that hugged her chest and flowed in creases touching the dark healthy green grass. The chatter from the guests were growing softer as grandma Judy took control of the event. The large backyard that overlooked the large vast lake that stretched for miles was decorated in the highest expense for the wedding.

Nova Green stood in her pink gown, her strawberry blonde hair was twisted into a sophisticated up do, a small silver chain hung loosely around her wrist and a pair of small diamond earrings adjourned two of the four holes in her ears. The other two holes were filled with two small silver balls. Her makeup was light only slightly advancing her natural beauty. Her dark green eyes swept over the two bridesmaids along with the three groomsmen, one of them being her pain in the ass soon to be step brother.

The sun reflected off of the top of his dirty blonde hair that was perfectly placed. He looked different, maybe it was because he looked groomed for once. His hair was usually disheveled as he was constantly running his hand through it. Why? Nova wasn’t sure and if she was being honest she didn’t care. Axel was a grade A jerk, he was constantly spouting hurtful nonsense, not only to Nova but to his father, his mother and his soon to be step mother. He seemed to hate just about everything and everyone. Well maybe except for his cigarettes, those he loved.

His strong frame was encased in a dark black suit that almost matched his fathers.

Mr. Reed, or as he preferred Nova to call him Thomas, was a pretty decent guy. He was handsome, light skin, dark hair, he shared the same defined broad nose and deep stormy blue eyes as Axel. Her mother met Mr. Reed on a business trip in Hawaii, as one of the CEOs of a high tech computer company her mother was at work more than she ever was home. So it wasn’t to much of a surprise to find out her mother had met someone on one of her trips. Mr. Reed was an inventor and had been promoting and trying to sell one of his inventions to the company her mother worked for. Apparently they hit it off, love at first sight is what she had called it while telling her daughter the story. However him having a son from a previous marriage had come as a surprise. Nova could have easily accepted the fact that she’d have a sibling but Axel made that impossible.

“Nova, are you ready?”
Nova looked up, startled as she’d been so deep in thought she hadn’t realized the groom, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen except for one were waiting at the end of the aisle.

Nova nodded and tried to keep her body as far away from Axels as she could even as she had to take hold of his arm as they began their decent.

“You looked stupid as fuck standing their gaping. Lost in your own pitiful world” he said smirking. Nova peeked at him from under her lashes, that same cruel look in his eye that had been there from day one was currently focused on his father but she knew it was meant to be directed at her.

“Fuck off” she muttered trying to keep a smile on her face.

The long white strip of rug that her mother had chosen as the walk way wasn’t so easy to walk on especially with the heels she had on. There had to be atleast over a hundred or more people sitting in the fancy white cushioned seats. Their faces were a mixture of young and old, and they were all turned towards her and Axel. Nova’s eyes sought the crowd and immediately came upon her grandmothers who smiled at her encouragingly.

Axel huffed out a small cocky laugh before they parted ways.

The traditional music began and her mother came into view.
Patricia Green was a beautiful woman, at thirty eight she was still young and beautiful. Her wheat colored hair was braided and twisted with small diamond inserts that winked in the sunlight. Nova could only hope she kept her mothers youthful looks as she got older. The top designer dress had been made especially for her, the corset waist with small embellishments and the silk like material that flowed out in waves made her look like a queen. Today was her day. Nova watched her mother as she walked her way down the aisle a few steps behind her flower girl who happened to be Novas cousin Jenny. Jenny was only five and the ring bearer who walked beside her was her twin brother Jacob.

The crowd stood, completely awed at her mothers apperance. Thomas had tears in his eyes as he watched his bride walk her way towards him.

As the service went on, Nova was surprised. Axel hadn’t said a word. No snarky remark or hand gestures. It was pleasant but it also put her on edge.

The service ended as the priest announced Mr. And Mrs Thomas Reed. The large crowd stood from their seats, wide happy smiles on all their faces as they greeted the newlyweds.
As the bride and groom walked down the aisle together and entered the large white tent that had been put up for the reception, Nova stood back and watched. The large glossy lake behind her glistening, looking serene. The large two story White House that sat on the edge of the small cliff that overlooked the lake was well kept and very expensive looking. They’d lived there for all her life, even after her mother and fathers divorce. Her father let her mother keep the house, while he moved a few states away. That was ten years ago, when she was only seven.

“There’s that dumbass look again” a voice that she knew all to well said.
Axel came to stand beside her sprouting his usual cocky smirk.

She sent him a hateful glance before striding towards the tent.
“You know you really shouldn’t go to the reception” he said.

Nova tried to ignore his gibs and continued forward trying her best to stay steady on her heels while she walked through the grass.
“And why not” she couldn’t help but ask.

His footsteps could be heard from behind her as he followed, “because they’ll be serving all kinds of food”

“And?” She snapped, her face scrunching in agitation. The sun beat harshly on her exposed shoulders and she couldn’t wait to get out of the June heat.

“And you don’t need to gain anymore weight you already look like a giant pig in that dress”
Nova choked for a moment and swung around to face him as Axel came to a sudden stop not expecting her to turn around. Her hand swung through the air and burned as it connected with his cheek.

How dare he?!

“I hate you! Rot in hell” she screamed as she stormed away from the tent and ran for the large back porch. His words stung deep, she was self conscious about her weight. She shouldn’t be as she was a measly a hundred and thirty pounds but what girl wanted to hear that they were fat?

She ran up to her room avoiding any lingering guests around the house and strode into her room. The soft yellow walls didn’t help lighten her mood as they sometimes did. Her white wicker bed was calling to her and she didn’t give it another thought as she through herself on it exhaling harshly.

All night she stayed hidden. Nobody came to check on her. Her mother was to engrossed in her wedding ceremony to notice her daughter wasn’t in attendance and Nova couldn’t blame her. This was her day, the drama between her and Axel couldn’t touch her today.

As the sky darkned, nova eventually found herself sitting at her wide and tall window bench overlooking the backyard. The music from below could be heard from her room but it didn’t lessen the sudden sounds from the stairway.

A soft giggle and a manly groan came from the otherside of her door.

“This place is huge” a woman’s voice purred.

“I guess”

Nova knew who was just beyond her door.
Disgusting, she thought to herself even as she rose silently from her seat and tip toed over to the door.

Axels room was directly across from hers, so sneaking a peek would be difficult. So she decided to try something else. Lowering herself to the floor she tried to look up from beneath the crack of the door. A pair of soft pink heels came into view as they tettered towards Axels door. A pair of dark black dress shoes faced away from her door, Axel.
A soft thud hit his door as he stepped forward and the woman stepped back.
Nova had seen enough, she rose from her spot on the floor and sat back on the seat.

Soft moans both male and female came from the other side of the wall for almost an hour before they fell quiet.

Guests began to leave and eventually the lights around the house and inside the tent were turned off.

Axels door never opened after that, the woman never left.

Nova changed into her soft shorts and t shirt leaving her hair up and snuggled beneath the covers.
The next year was going to be a living hell, the devil had just moved in permanently.

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