Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Nineteen

Axel felt her move again, and again. He snapped and instantly regretted it. A few moments later he drifted off only to wake up as she moved again only this time she left the bed.

He instantly missed her naked body against his, his gut clenched and a small part of him told him he’d hurt her. They’d had an amazing night together and he went and fucked it up by yelling at her.

He waited to see if she’d come back but instead he listened as he heard the water running.

Running a hand across his forehead he contemplated going back to sleep or trying to join her.

Maybe she needed some space.

Maybe she’d come back right after her shower.

Time ticked by and finally the water shut off. He could vaguely hear her light footsteps as she walked around her room and then... silence.

He waited some more until he decided she needed space.

He rolled over, threw the pillow over his head and closed his eyes. He waited some more. He couldn’t sleep. He realized it was because she wasn’t cuddled up in his arms. He missed wrapping her close, burying his nose in her hair and having her ass tucked firmly against his groin.

Shucking the blankets aside he grabbed his favorite pillow and headed out of his room and into hers.

He waited until his eyes adjusted into the darkness. They settled on her sleeping form, her all white plush comforter was snug around her.
Novas strawberry blonde hair fanned across the pillow like a halo. She had one hand tucked under her pillow and one under her face. Her pink lips were turned down, like she was frowning.

She looked like a dream come true.

He scratched at his chest, just where his heart was, he couldn’t remove the ache that lay beneath.

Quietly walking over to the bed he cursed every squeak and groan the floor made, and to top it all off the moment he tried to lay his weight down on the bed the entire thing moaned as if he weighed four hundred pounds.
He settled beneath the comforter and put his pillow behind his head before closing his eyes.

“Axel” her soft voice startled him. He hadn’t expected her to still be awake.


“Did you mean it?” She asked.

Eyebrows drawing together he turned his head and looked at her, “mean what?” He asked eyeing her still closed eyes. Maybe she was sleep talking?

“When you said I looked horrible in that pink dress at the wedding”

Where the fuck did that come from?!

“No. I didn’t mean it” he said turning his body so that he laid on his side facing her. Still she didn’t open her eyes, she didn’t even twitch.

“Why would you say such hurtful things?” She asked.

He didn’t know what to say. Why was she asking him all these questions out of no where? Did the answer matter that much to her? He supposed he’d been a grade A asshole before they’d gotten together but did she have to dwell in the past?

“Because....” he hesitated, did he really want to answer this question? Frustrated and slightly ticked off he let out a long harsh sigh before pulling her close and kissing her softly on the lips, “because at the time... I hated you. And I hated that my father had thrown my mother away just to shop for a new family... your beyond perfect Nova. Your beautiful, smart and you have a generous heart and I hated you for it” he let it hand in the air for a bit and when she didn’t say anything he spoke again, “I’m sorry”

“I know” she said.

She didn’t pull away from him, that was a good sign.
When her breathing became shallow he knew she’d finally gone to sleep.
Glancing at the clock he realized it was almost five in the morning. The sun would be up soon and it was another day closer to when their parents would arrive home.

And everything would change.

A giggle to his left pulled him from his dreams. His eyes cracked open and was immediately blinded by the bright sun rays.

He threw his arm across his eyes, shielding himself.

“Come on Dracula, time to get up” Nova teased.

He groaned and muttered beneath his breath.

“Oh come on Axel. Let’s go out to the docks and swim” she whined. The weight of the bed shifted and then the soft patter of her feet roamed about the room.

“I was up late last night because of you, you minx. Leave me in peace to sleep” he said rolling over before pulling the covers over his head.

She sighed and the sound of her rummaging through her drawers echoed in his ears. It was annoying and if she didn’t exit soon he couldn’t be liable for the shit he’d yell.

“Fine then I’ll invite Jeremy over seeing as he is waiting in the wings” she teased.

Axel flew from the bed, pushing her hard against the wall. His sleepy red rimmed eyes locked onto hers. She gave him a look that said, “see that wasn’t so hard”

He let out an irritated sound from the back of his throat, “Nova. Do not play with me like that”


“Because when it comes to you, I find myself extremely possessive.”

Her green and brown swirls blinked up at him before she leaned forward and pecked his lips. She drew back so quickly he hadn’t even had time to react.

“Good” she said letting a small smirk creep into the corner of her mouth, “I like- no I love that you’re possessive. It gets me all hot and bothered” her voice dripped with unabashed sexuality.

Axel didn’t wait another moment. Her blue sundress was thrown up and her lace panties were pushed aside. He grabbed both of her legs and helped hick her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He gripped her ass, filling his hands with her soft globes.His cock had already been hard and waiting so he had no problems there.
“I’m going to claim this ass one day” he growled as he kissed her with a fierce hunger. She whimpered but didn’t respond to his claim.

The tip of his penis brushed across her wet lips, “but for now I’m claiming this” he said, before plunging harshly into her.
He covered her mouth with his again , silencing the noise coming from her.

“Shit” he cursed, she was so fucking tight. Like a glove, all wet and warm. Just for him.

His hips thrust forward and back. Her hips lifted to meet his as she allowed him to sink deeper into her depths.

He trailed his lips down her neck, a satisfied cocky smile coming to playa cross his face as he came across his love bites from last night.

“Are you sore?” He asked. That was probably something he should have asked to begin with.

She nodded her head, ” the good kind of sore” she replied breathlessly.

Her fingers sunk into his bare shoulders as she held on as his thrusts became more powerful. He loved fucking her, he loved being inside of her. Nothing and nobody would ever feel the same.

He pulled down the low cut sundress, thanking whoever had made it seeing as it had no straps so that he could pull it down easier and a built in bra so she was completely bare. Her nipples were erect and ready.

He loved how sensitive she was here.

Closing his mouth over her sensitive nub earned him a moan.
He rolled it between his teeth before pulling.

As his hand came up to cup her she called his name. He could feel her squeezing him, milking him.

“Nova” he roared as his released tumbling through him.
His seed released deep inside her.

He held her up against the wall, both of them were panting. He was wide awake now.

The smile that spread across her face was a satisfied one.

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