Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twenty

Nova felt daring after their sexual encounter this morning. So she’d done something she’d never done sober, she’d left her bikini top off and had gone topless.

She’d told Axel she’d meet him down at the docks. She wanted to surprise him. and boy did she.

She sauntered out of the backdoor carrying her pink beach towel, sporting her purple tie dye swim suit bottoms and nothing else.

Her breasts had swayed as she’d walked and she’d never felt so empowered in all her life. The sun felt warm against her slightly tanned skin, the water held a beautiful blue green color. Axel sat at the end of the deck with his feet dipped into the water. His blonde hair stuck slightly to his forehead from the summer heat, his body was toned in all the right places and the signature sexy V dipped into his swim trunks. A cigarette lay between his lips and the phone was plastered to his ear.

As she stepped onto the dock, the boards swayed announcing her presence.

Axel turned slightly to look at her and then did a double take. His eyes bulged and the cigarette fell from his lips onto his lap only to roll off and into the lake.

“I-ah- I’m going to have to call you back” he said into the phone.

His voice was so sexy when he was turned on. He held so much power and authority it only made it easier to cream her panties.

He rose from his spot and stalked towards her. His eyes darkened and zoomed in on her chest.

“What the hell are you doing to me you minx” he said before he dropped to his knees, his face was now level with her breast.

She licked her lips as desire built deep inside of her. Her legs rubbed together as the all to familiar ache began to build. Her nipples puckered begging for attention.

He didn’t wait long to draw one into his mouth.

Nova dropped her towel and clung to him. He bit hard and she moaned. Her legs went out from under her. Axel caught her, placing her back upon the deck.

He sent her a devilish look before sliding down her body, kissing and sucking as she went.

“If you’re going to come out here topless you might as well finish the deed” he said wickedly snatching the string bikini from her hips. Nova gasped in delight.

Axel never failed to turn her on.

The summer sun beat down on her bare pussy before Axel ducked down swiping his tongue through her slick folds.

“Mmm, I can’t get enough of you. You taste so damn good” he said before placing his mouth back onto her mound. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts up. Her hands clutched at the deck beneath her.

“W-what do I taste like?” She asked.

His moan vibrated through her and she gave a small shriek as it felt incredible against her flesh.

“Strawberries and cream”

Nova pulled away from him and crawled over to his surprised face. She pushed him back onto the docks and tugged off his shorts. Axel didn’t utter a word but he didn’t have to. The dark look in his eyes said it all.

His cock was large and she knew she’d have a hard time fitting it in her mouth.

“I wonder what you taste like” she said looking up to give him what she hoped was a confident look. this was her first time giving head. She hoped she didn’t mess up.

Grasping him she leaned forward and licked the mushroom shaped head enjoying the salty cream that had leaked out. Her mouth formed an O as she took him slow and in time deep. More than once he hit the back of her throats and she had to force herself not to gag.

He cursed and moaned, his hands delved into her hair pulling her closer, silently ordering her to take more. He began thrusting into her mouth and she couldn’t stop herself as she reached down between her legs, her fingers gliding over her wetness.

Doing this for him, was more of a turn on than she’d thought it was going to be.

Her fingers began to synch in the rhythm that he thrust.

The rise and fall of his chest became faster and she knew he was close.

A hot warm spurt flowed down her throats and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that but decided to keep it to herself.

Stars were building behind her eyes as her own orgasm washed across her, her fingers became more slippery and she moaned out her release.

“Fuck Nova” Axels body lay across the dock looking worn out.

But she felt unsure... had she done good?

Clearing her throat she peeked at him, “did I- ah- did I do good?” She felt heat rise to her face as she asked.

He lifted his head from the wooden boards and gave her a look of disbelief. For a moment her heart sank. She shouldn’t have done that.

“That was fucking amazing. Was that your first time?”

A sense of relief overtook her. She nodded suddenly feeling shy.

Strong arms wrapped themselves around her and pulled her body on top of his. Both of them were as naked as the day they were born and neither of them cared.

“I love that” Axel said tucking a strand behind her ear.

“What?” She asked looking into his eyes.

“That I was your first for something”

She grinned at him, Nova couldn’t believe he was serious. But he was.

“I’ll never be your first for anything” she said, although it didn’t truly bother her.

He scowled at her and playfully poked her side, “yes you are. Your my first real girlfriend”

Nova beamed at him, relaxing into him.

Life just couldn’t get any more perfect than this.

Nova stood over the stove and began cooking their dinner.

Axel was on the phone with his mother, that woman never stopped calling. She understood why everyone became so annoyed with her. She didn’t know how Axel could stand it.

She could vaguely hear his responses to whatever she was asking him but from the sound of his voice, he wasn’t happy with whatever she was saying to him.

By the time the noodles were done and the suave was mixed and the shrimp was combined, Axel strode back in looking extremely irritable.

So the romantic dinner she thought they were going to have turned into a flop as they sat in silence and ate her specialty. Shrimp fettuccine Alfredo.

After dinner she cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes all while keeping an eye on Axel who sat at the dinner table looking withdrawn. When she was done she walked out of the kitchen leaving him sitting there.

It wasn’t until Nova had crawled into her own bed, silent tears trekking down her face that Axel barged into her room.

His face sccanned hers and softened. She could tell he regretted how tonight had gone but she was tired of him making poor decisions because then she’d be paying for them.

“Nova please don’t cry” he said sliding beneath her covers.

“Go away Axel” she turned around to face the wall away from him.

Her arm was tugged until she layed on her back with him hovering over her. “I wont have you shutting me out over something stupid” he said pinning her wrists down against the mattress.

If she wanted to get up, she could, she knew that. Axel would never physically harm her, emotionally ... definitely.

“It wasn’t stupid... atleast not to me” she said proud of herself that her voice hasn’t wavered.

He sighed, “I’m sorry” he said, the apologies that he had once never given out now sounded natural. His eyes strayed to the tears on her face.

Nova blinked up at him, she studied him wondering if he was truly sorry. After a few moments she relented, “I know. Tonight meant a lot to me. The least you could have done was waited until after dinner to throw your hissy fit”

He huffed at her, his eyes narrowed dangerously, “excuse me? Hissy fit?” He asked, the tone of his voice completely playful.

Hands scrambled across her body, tickling her. Her squeals of laughter roamed through the house for most of the night.

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