Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twenty One

Axel held his head in his hands as the air was sucked from his lungs. This was going to destroy them.

Sarah had called him last night, stating she wanted her night. Axel had called her all the names in the book and by the end he couldn’t say no.
Because Sarah knew.

She knew what was going on between him and Nova and she’d threatened to go to their parents and spill all of their dirty secrets.

He knew their parents wouldn’t approve it. She’d likely try calling the cops on him even as it wasn’t illegal he might still get in trouble. For what he didn’t know but the thought was there and that scared him.

He was being blackmailed

“Fuck!” He roared standing up quickly, his fist met the wall repeatedly before he slumped back in his seat ignoring his bloodied knuckles.
Titling his head back against the wall he closed his eyes and tried to induce a calm state of mind.
He had to tell Nova. If he didn’t it would end up being a huge fucking disaster.

His head began throb, his brain was pounding against his skull, bringing his hands up he messaged his temple hoping to relieve the oncoming migraine.

The day was coming to an end, Nova had left this morning to hangout with some friends leaving him alone. He missed her and she’d only been gone a few hours. He was becoming a fucking girl. Never in his entire life had he thought he’d feel this way about someone, to worry about someone other than himself or his mother.

He sighed and stretched his legs out on the small wicker couch, the sun was beginning to set creating a magnificent mixture of orange and yellows. His eyes locked onto the dock, he smirked, he’d never be able to look at it the same way again. The same went for the hood of his car.

“Axel?” A hesitant voice called from the side of the house.

He turned and stared at the intruder. Determined brown eyes swept across him, his skin prickled with irritation as Sarah ogled him. Her blonde hair drifted down her back. She’d dressed to impress, her short black strappy sun dress rode high on her thighs swishing when she moved. Her makeup was light and the bitch looked beautiful but he just wasn’t into her. Nova overshined her in every way.

“What do you want?” He growled out between clenched teeth. Just seeing her spiked his irritation.

“I-ah-I” she stuttered.

He scoffed swiftly coming to stand “This is no time to be shy and hesitant considering how persistent you’ve been in the past”

She walked towards him muttering a quick fine. He didn’t have a chance to react as she stopped just in front of him, her hand wrapped around the back of his neck and tugged him down, her lips met his and he cringed pulling back with a harsh tug.

Setting her hands on her hips, a scowl on her face, she said “I’ve come to collect Axel. You made a bet, now deal with it or your nasty secret will be leaked”

Axel was overcome with fury. He hated Sarah but most of his fury was aimed at himself. He’d done this. He could have turned a blind eye to the bet and joked it off but he hadn’t. Now he was stuck.

Axel grabbed Sarah’s hand and roughly led her into the house.

He knew he was going to hell.

Guilt was all he could feel. He was sick to stomach with it. This was why he stayed out of relationships, he wasn’t cut out to be in one. He fucking cheated on the girl he loved, how much more of a scum bag could he be?

The front door opened and closed downstairs and he tensed waiting for the inevitable.

What he hadn’t expected was pounding footsteps to sound up the stairs, scurry down the hall near his door before the door across from his slammed closed.

He should just leave it alone. He shouldn’t even attempt to go see what was wrong.

But because he cared about her, he rose from his spot on the bed threw on some loose basketball shorts and headed out of his room and into hers.

Soft sobs through the door ripped through him and he hesitated taking a deep breath before knocking lightly.

When she didn’t answer he tried again only this time he called out to her.

He waited and waited. Finally the small creak of her floor boards alerted him, she must be standing right behind the closed door.

“Nova...” he closed his eyes, and leaned forward until his forehead was pressed against her door. He didn’t have to be psychic to know she’d found out some how, someway.

What little of his heart was left crumbled at the sound of her sobs. He’d broken her.

“Nova please” he croaked, his eyes becoming moist. Axel Reed did NOT cry, men didn’t cry. And yet here he was with his heart ripped to shreds and the girl he wanted forever with dying behind the door.

The door swung open and the image before him was knee falling, he knew no matter how hard he’d try, he’d never be able to get the sight of her out of his mind.

Nova Green looked broken. Her cheeks were stained red with small tracks of new and old tears. Her make up was smudged, her hair was pulled back away from her face in an obvious attempt to control the mess she’d created by running her hand through her long locks. Her small frame shook, her shoulders were slouched and her eyes... it was as if her heart were bleeding through them with the amount of emotion that shined from them.
When she spoke, time stood still and his world came tumbling down, “You are a bastard. To think you’d actually care for me, when this whole time you’ve been going behind my back, fucking my friend.” She shook her head, ” I should have known better! In the back of my mind I just knew you were playing me!”

Axel opened his mouth to speak but she through her pointer finger in his direction and any sound that would have risen died in his throat.

“What’s worse, is seeing it. I wouldn’t have believed it if Sarah hadn’t shown me and everyone at the lounge the video of you two fucking. Did she ride you hard Axel? Was it the best you ever had?!” She screamed through the pain in her throat.

“If you’d just fucking listen to me-”

“What’s there to listen to! She had a video of you Axel! It was pretty obvious as to who was in it! Everything was clear as day!” Nova let out a harsh breath that was a half sob, she looked him dead on the eye and he flinched back from the sudden onslaught of emotion he received from her cold eyes, “at the theatre, Jeremy kissed me and for a second I found myself kissing him back.” She confessed, a humorless laugh escaping her lips, “and I was so afraid to tell you. But now, I could care less”

The door slammed in his face, a small gust of wind blowing tendrils of his hair.

With a renowned fury, Axel lifted his fist and pounded on her door until she flung it back open. They stared at each other, their chests rising and falling rapidly.

He wasn’t sure exactly who moved first, one minute he was standing outside her door ready to kill the next, Nova was in his arms. Her lips were on his in a fierce love driving kiss. This was no soft, romantic brush of the lips. This was harsh and brutal. Both of them were staking their claim on each other.

Hands tore at clothing, his arms hoisted her up and he drove into her room, dropping her onto the bed.

He punished her mouth, biting and sucking on her lips. Her moan was one of pleasure and pain. Her legs wrapped themselves around his hips bringing his cock to her entrance.

He grabbed her hands and pinned them at he sides of her head. He entered her with one brutal thrust, her neck arched off the mattress as he flung his head back.

Her inner walls gripped him, she was so wet and hot. Every thrust created a slippery wet sound that echoed her room.

He fucked her hard. Claiming her.

His head dropped down and he buried his head in the crook of her neck inhaling her delicious scent.

His gut tightened and spread to his loins.

His mouth latched onto her breasts, his tongue swirled around her raspberry nipple. Rolling it begtween his teeth he bit down just as his toe curling orgasm ripped through him.


Nova let out a scream as he drove deep, deeper than he’d gone before.

They collapsed in a heap of sweat on her bed. The room smelt of sex.

Small hands roamed his hard stomach and he thought she was forgiving until they gave him a hard push backwards. He slipped out of her. His eyes narrowed on hers and he knew she wouldn’t forgive him.

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