Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twenty Two

Nova sat back in the large leather oval lounge couch and sipped her flavored coffee. The cafe was chilly as the air conditioner ran all year. It made it easier to purchase warm drinks in the summer.

She sat with a group from her cheer squad. Everyone was so excited to be starting senior year, try outs for varsity were coming up. Nova had no doubt she’d make it. She wouldn’t consider that being cocky, more like confident.
This year would be different, she’d have a great guy by her side. We’ll sort of. But they were exclusive, they just couldn’t be seen together physically outside of their home.

Axel had been so amazing recently. They’d bonded like never before. Her feelings grew for him everyday. He was a complicated person, but that didn’t make him a bad person. She’d thought what everyone else had thought of him at first, that he was an asshole. But there was a sweet side.

One that she had the privilege of experiencing.

She’d been so busy day dreaming that she hadn’t heard Sarah call her name.

Glancing up from the cup she held in her hand she smiled warmly at her friend.

“Can I scooch in girls?” She asked.

The girls around Nova nodded and let Sarah slide in after they’d gotten out. They were all tightly packed in but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Sarah smiled, although it didn’t reach her eyes, “I have something to show you” she said.

Nova nodded taking another sip of her coffee.

Sarah fiddled with her phone before loud moans drew everyone’s attention. Even customers from other booths snapped their heads to their table.

“Sarah what the hell are you watching?” Nova screeched lowering her head in embarrassment. The girls around them, poked their heads out trying to get a view of what was on the screen.

“Just take a look” she said tilting it towards Nova.

Nova took one look and froze. Her mind went completely blank before going into overdrive. It took her a few moments to fully comprehend what she was watching. Then it finally clicked.

Sarah’s phone looked to be set on Axels desk, pointing straight at office chair in his room. Low moans continued to fall from the phone but Nova no longer cared. Her eyes watched the slim back of her friend arch, her hands clutched at her lovers back. Sarah was naked, straddling a naked Axel in his office chair. Her legs were dangling through the sides of the seat, the chair made small squeaking noises as Axel pumped into her.

Bile rose to her throat. A burning sensation prickled behind her eyes. She wouldn’t let the tears fall, not yet.
Her heart tore, in fact it shattered. It would never be the same again.

This entire time he’d used her.

She was merely a play thing for him. She’d thought she’d been different, but she wasn’t. She was just like the rest of the girls that had fallen into bed with him.

Why did this hurt so much?!

She wanted to scream, to give it her all and let out the loudest emotionally unstable sound she could muster. But she couldn’t, she had to sit here and pretend like it didn’t matter.

“That’s cool” she muttered glancing away from the screen and onto her lone cup.

“If he asks about me can you give him my number?”

It took everything in her not to pull back and give this girl the beating she deserved.

Between clenched teeth she managed to grit out an “ok”

Sarah left after grabbing herself a cup of coffee, all eyes followed her from the booth, to the register and out the door as she took her pornographic video with her.

The girls around Nova became even more animated as they discussed what they’d just seen. So they didn’t even care when she asked if they’d scoot out of the booth so she could leave.

The ride home was torture. So many scenarios were going through her mind. A lot of them including her beating the shit out of Sarah. The others included what she’d say to Axel when she got home. Hopefully he didnt have another whore attached to him.

She pulled to a stop in front of her house, her hands clutched the steering wheel of her little yellow Volkswagen bug. She couldn’t get out of the car. Her oxygen was cut off as her throat swelled, she took a gasping breath and the damn broke loose. Everything she’d been holding back since she’d seen the video just crumbled.

Tears dripped onto her thighs and the seat of the car. A few times she’d bang her hands on the steering wheel hoping that would relieve some anger. It didn’t.

She grew tired, she needed to sleep. Maybe for forever.

Walking into the house she debated whether or not to go to his room to confront him. She decided against it. She didn’t know what she’d do if she saw him right now.

A few moments after closing her door, a soft knock sounded when she didn’t answer he knocked again and called out to her.

From then everything was a blur, she screamed and cried then slammed the door in his face only for him to pound on it like the asshole that he is.
When she opened the door, everything she’d been feeling surged forward and she suddenly felt extremely possessive.

He seemed to be feeling the same.

He fucked her hard, she would be lying if she said she hadn’t wanted it or hadn’t liked it.

Afterwards was always the worst. Guilt and betrayal crawled across her skin and sunk down deep inside of her.
Planting her hands on his chest she shoved him off of her, wincing as he slipped from her.

“Get out” she said crawling beneath the covers, pulling them to her chin. She faced the wall and stared unseeing.

“Nova fucking talk to me” he pleaded.

“Get out” she said again.

The sound of his footsteps pacing next to her bed was loud and was keeping her awake. She just wanted to sleep, she wanted to forget.

“Can you please just listen to me?”

Sitting up, covers pulled over her bare breasts she looked him dead in the eye and buried everything she was feeling. It was better that way.

“You told me once that I had a go away Axel card well I’m using it. Get out.” She slumped back into bed and waiting until the door slammed shut.

Tears soaked her pillow all through the night. What he’d done could never be taken back.

It was better this way. What they’d done was wrong and would never have worked anyways. He’d done them a favor.

Nova didn’t actually sleep at all. Her mind drifted into the dark corners of her brain but she never actually slept. So when she rose from bed the next morning she felt like death.

She showered and tried to ignore the dark circles beneath her eyes. The way they were red rimmed and puffy. She had no strength. Putting clothes on was ridiculously difficult. She managed a zip up hoodie, underwear and lounge pants.

She left her hair in small tangles as she had no energy to brush it.

As she descended the stairs she could hear slight shuffling. She hoped Axel would leave her alone today. She needed space, in fact she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted anything to do with him anymore. Even as a step brother.

Walking into the foyer she caught sight of two figures, their backs turned and bent over as they set down their luggage.

“Mom?” Nova called out.

Her mother straightened and turned quickly. A wide happy smile stretched across her mothers face as she took five long strides toward her daughter and engulfed her in a loving hug.

“I missed you” Patricia Green said.

“I missed you to” Nova replied. She almost lost it again as her mother cuddled into her. She missed this more than she thought she would.

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