Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twenty Three

Axel stood next to his window taking a drag from the cigarette between his fingers.

A week and a half. That’s how long they’d been seeing each other, not necessarily officially the entire time but non the less it had been enough time for him to fall in love with his step sister.

He let out a large puff of smoke. He’d been up all night pacing and smoking. His phone was blowing up, more and more people had seen the video.

The fucking bitch was going to get what was coming to her. Karma would bite her in the ass. He’d never hit a woman so it was up to fate to put her in her place.

More noise came from downstairs, he knew his dad was home. He was just refusing to go down there while she was there.

She didn’t want to see him that much was clear.

She’d used her go away Axel card last night and that had been the last straw. She wouldn’t listen to him. She’d made up her mind.

Axel tried to keep his mind from straying to how hurt he’d felt when she’d pushed him away after they’d had sex but he also couldn’t blame her. Although technically she cheated first.

He was going to have to have a talk with his good pal Jeremy. The sneaky son of a bitch.

A hesitant knock on the door brought him back to the present where he was still standing near to the window with a cigarette in his hand.

His heart flipped and he wondered if it was her.

Please be her, he thought to himself.

“Come in” his voice sounded gruff even to his own ears.

His fathers head peaked through the door first, he glanced at Axel with a smile. “Hey there”

Axel grunted a , “hi”

He studied his fathers face, he seemed nervous, what was he on edge about?
His dad rocked in his feet before letting out a tired sigh and rubbing back of his neck with his hand, “Axel....”

Axel froze, all color drained from his face. Had his dad found out what they’d been doing while they were gone? Had he really installed video cameras like he’d threatened?
Oh shit, he was going to be in so much trouble if that was the case.

“Umm... I don’t know how to say this but...” Axel kept a blank face but inside he was going insane, ” your mother thinks it’s best if you move back with her” his father said adding a tired sigh.

Axel couldn’t help but let out a relieved breath. That was close.

“Why?” He asked as he began to comprehend what that would mean.

" she thinks this isn’t a good environment for you. She believes you’ve been acting out because you’ve been here with me and Patricia. I’m sorry son but she has full custody and you were only living with me because she allowed it. She’s withdrawing her agreement and she wants you home... tomorrow”

Fury flashed through him. He had no choice. His father couldn’t fight it, and Axel was still under her guardianship until he graduated.

“Fine” he said to tired to fight.

His father looked at him startled. Axel never agreed so easily. Although he could tell his dad wanted to say something else, he didn’t. He turned and walked out of his room.
Axel took a seat on his bed, glancing out of the window he watched the small waves drift against the rocks. The dock sat vacant, slowly drifting from side to side as the wind picked up. It was still early morning so the sun was bright and high in the sky. Birds chirped, and flowers were blooming.

He rose from his seat and began pacing back and forth. Pulling out his phone he sent Jeremy a text stating he needed to see him asap.

After about an hour Jeremy finally responded.

Ok when do you want me to come over? - Jeremy

Axels fingers swiped quickly across the keys as he texted his response.

Let’s just meet at the park on 7th street

He waited until he received an “ok” from Jeremy before he grabbed his car keys from his desk and strode out the door. His feet thumped against the staircase. The sound of laughter filtering closer as he neared the door.

Stepping off of the last step he rounded the stair case and came to a halt. Biting the inside of his cheek he had to force himself to continue forward, past the mother and daughter that stood in the foyer chatting away.

He watched Nova from the corner of his eye. She looked happy, genuinely happy. Her face was shinning as she laughed at something her mother whispered to her.
He wanted to grab her and pull her into his arms. He wanted that happiness to be because of him, and at one point it was.

As he neared the front door, Hazel eyes locked onto him tracking his movement. Sadness seeped into those bright eyes, her smile slipped and her body tensed.

“Nova are you ok?” Patricia asked holding her daughter at arms length checking her over. Nova nodded slipping a fake smile onto her face.

“Let’s go out tonight. Just you and me”

He didn’t wait to hear her response as he opened the door and walked out.

He drove over to the park and found Jeremy sitting on a bench drinking his usual disgusting energy drinks.
It didn’t take him long to get worked up.

There was no doubt in his mind that Jeremy knew about the entire situation. Jeremy had no doubt gotten close to Sarah. That was the only explanation as to how everything had worked out so well for them. Sarah had gotten fucked and Jeremy was in the Go to pursue Nova now that she hated him.

“Sup” Jeremy said nodding his head in greeting.

Axel didn’t wait a beat as he lunged forward, his fist connected with Jeremy’s cheek. Jeremy’s head snapped to the side, he gave a small grunt of pain before spitting blood into the grass.

The mothers and their children who littered around the park swiftly picked up their young ones and rushed to their vehicles pulling away quickly.

Shoulders shaking, fist clenched he prepared himself as Jeremy swung out. Axel leaned back letting Jeremy’s fist fly past his face. He hadn’t expected his other fist to fly at him from the side. Pain erupted, spreading from his jaw to his tongue as he put down hard drawing blood. They shuffled around for awhile, throwing punches here and there. In the end they both fell into the grass panting, sweat covering their bodies, blood dripping from their faces and bruises beginning to darken from the waist up.

“What the hell is wrong with you” Jeremy said breathlessly.

The grass was warm and prickly against the exposed skin on his arms and legs. “You fucked up Jeremy. You kissed Nova!” He growled.

They continued to lay there unmoving.

“Your fucked up Reed! She’s your fucking step sister! In what universe would that have ever worked out?!” Jeremy yelled at him. He only said what Axel had already been thinking.

Whincing as he tried to move, his body ached so he gave up and relaxed into the grass, the sun beat down on him “I know” he swallowed the large lumps that had built in his throat, “but she was mine. I made bad decisions... I fell for her”

Silence greeted him.

“Everything was different with her. Instincts I didn’t even know I possessed came into play when it came to her” Axel rubbed his face with a tired sigh.

“That’s fucked up. The entire situation is competly messed up.” Jeremy turned his head towards his friend, “but you can’t control who you fall in love with and I guess it’s not as if she’s blood related. Besides that’s a huge step for you. So i apologize and I’ll back off”

Nothing else was said between the two of them. As people tried to re enter the park, the forced themselves up. Both competly sore and bruised. There faces were bloody and partially swollen, they had to hightail it out of there before someone called the cops.
Truthfully, he was surprised nobody had called them when they were throwing punches.

“Catch ya later” Jeremy called, Axel nodded at him before heading to his car.

Once he arrived back at the house he noticed Patricas SUV was missing. Which meant Nova had taken her up on her offer.

With a heavy heart and a sore body he strode through the door and headed to his room to pack.

He wanted to leave before she came back. Shed probably be happy to be rid of him. His thoughts were dark and depressing as he through his clothes into a bag before grabbing his phone charger. The room still stored his bed, dresser and desk. He didn’t take everything. At some point he’d be back.

This was after all for the best.

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