Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twenty Seven

Five years later (Their separation has been a total of five years)

Axel couldn’t believe this. His father was getting divorced... again. First it had been his mother, then Patricia and now Gwen. He just wasn’t happy with anyone.

“Happy birthday baby!”

Axel dropped his phone onto the side table and rolled over onto his back. Long brown hair traced across his sensitive flesh, her bare chest settled onto his. Her dark blue eyes shined at him as she smiled down at him.

“Thanks babe” he said accepting the small kiss she offered. Her long bare legs were scissored with his. His hand fell to her naked hip and he gave her a small squeeze.

“Oh I’m so excited! I can’t wait to take you to this little restaurant I found while shopping with your mom!” She said excitedly.

“Oh yeah and where is this little restaurant?” He asked leaning down to nip her ear lobe.

“It’s in that little town to the east... I can’t remember the name. But it also has this large gorgeous lake, we should go swimming if it’s warm enough” Cassy continued to talk, chattering on and on about the small time.

Little did she know, Axel knew all about the small town.
Memories rushed forward , assaulting him.

Nothing had been the same after he’d left. He’d withdrawn even more, his sex life had faltered for awhile. It seemed his heart wouldn’t stop crying red tears.

After a year and a half he’d gone back to the house shortly after Patricia and his father had separated. With their parents divorced, he wondered if Nova would be willing to try again this time for real.
But when he’d arrived at the house, her mother had answered the door and had informed him she’d gone away to college.

Call him crazy but he’d tracked her down and found her huddled away in a university library. He’d tried to approach her but came up short when a tall man with dark hair came up to her and wrapped her in his arms. She’d looked so happy. He couldn’t chance it.

So he left.

He eventually found his own happiness on the side of the road.

During a dangerous thunderstorm he’d been driving home from work and had spotted a car stalled on the side of the road. The hood was up and a small figure was leaning over the open hood.

When she looked up at him her beautiful blue eyes were startled, her brown hair was soaked and she herself was drenched. He’d given her a ride into town and things had just taken off from there.

They’d been together for a little over a year.

And tonight, he was going to propose to her.

The sun dipped low over the horizon. His sleek dark blue sports car zipped through traffic as Cassy and himself made their way across the bridge that hovered over the lake.

His eyes sought the small curve of the hill, just behind that and some trees was her house.

Shaking his head he focused on the road in front of him. It had been a long time since he’d come into this town, the last time he’d been here the small town had been in his rear view mirror.

“Look at that Axel, the town only has a population of five hundred and one” she said sounding in awe. He rolled his eyes. He didn’t understand her fascination with small towns.

Nova was that one out of the other five hundred.

Fucking hell, he had to get her out of his head! It hadn’t been a problem until Cassy brought up this stupid town. Now here he was entering it. The things he did for this woman.

He slowed down as he entered the small town, the cobble streets thumping against the tires of his car.

“There!” Cassy screamed pointing at a large brick building, the front was surrounded by a small black metal gate, white Christmas lights were wrapped around the bars. Small tables were set out, however it didn’t look like they’d be sitting outside as ominous dark clouds began approaching signaling that it was going to rain sometime tonight and he really didn’t want to chance getting caught outside in it especially with his food.

“I didn’t know you liked Italian” he said pulling into a front parking spot.

She shrugged, “I’ve never had it. This will be a first. Your mother and I passed by this afternoon and it looked so adorable! I just had to see the inside so here we are!” She giggled.

He smiled as he stepped out of the car, shutting the door behind him.

As they neared the front doors he could hear the melody of the one and only, Frank Sinatra. He breathed in deep and exhaled. He loved this song.
Nobody would expect it.

He grabbed her hand, interlacing their fingers, bringing her hand to his lips her kissed her knuckles gently.

Sometimes he wondered if he truly loved her, and then he often asked himself if he did love her why would he even question himself?

The spark and high powered energy he felt with Nova wasn’t there but he definitely cared about her. That would be enough right?

They walked through the rotation doors and stepped into the restraunt. He was taken aback a bit by how amazing it was. He hadn’t expected it to be so... grand.

Customers filled almost every seat, chatting, eating and drinking. There was laughter and smiles.
The atmosphere was thick and hot as he’d expected it to be in such an old building instead it was the perfect cool temperature.

A hostess stood behind a dark wooden pedestal, her dark black hair twisted up into a fancy updo. Her uniform was professional, consisting of all black and white.

She looked up and smiled at them in welcome, “well good evening” she said glancing and both Cassy and himself, “table for two?” She asked.

“Yes” he replied as Cassy gave her own “yes please”

They were seated at a small table in the middle of the room just beneath a large chandelier.

The hostess left and they waited for the the waiter.

“This place is absolutely beautiful” she said glancing around the room.

Axel nodded keeping his eyes on her, “your beautiful Cas”

Her whole body softened at the nickname, “and you’re extremely handsome Baby”

He wasn’t overly fond of her calling him baby. It just didn’t sound right to him. He forced a fond smile on his face.

The sweet smell of warm vanilla floated around him and everything came to a stop. Time froze. His ears began to ring, his heart began to thump erratically and suddenly it was like he’d stepped back five years.

“Sorry about the wait. I’ve got a sick waiter, I’m the owner and I’ll be taking your order today” a feminine voice said.

Axel didn’t look up. He stayed frozen in his seat.

“Oh you’re the owner? Really? I’d just like to say this place is wonderful! It’s so beautiful in here”

The sweet laughter of his ex lover sent chills down his spine. He hesitated, did he want to look up at her? Could he take seeing her after all this time? Would she even recognize him?

“Well thank you. I actually inherited it from my step dad.”

Her mother remarried?

“So, my name is Nova and I’ll be taking your order tonight. What can I get you two to drink?” He could hear her signature smile with the way she spoke.

Cassy hummed before ordering “I think I’ll just take a ginger ale.” She glanced at Axel from the corner of her eye. He didn’t even notice.

Axel decided he just needed to get the inevitable over with. Slowly raising his head, he looked up into those beautiful Hazel eyes that he craved.

He could see the recognition flash in her eyes.
She stumbled back a step almost bumping into an oncoming waitress.

Axel swallowed the lump in his throat. His eyes roaming from her head to her toes.

Her long strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Eyeliner caused her eyes to become more pronounced and her normally pink lips were coated with a dark red. She wore a similar outfit as the other employees, her breasts pressed nicely against the black vest, the top three buttons of her white dress shirt beneath were unbuttoned giving a good view of cleavage.

Instead of black slacks she wore a black shirt that reach just above her knee. Stockings encased her long legs and she wore black lace heels.

Nova had blossomed into a gorgeous fucking woman. The woman before him was no longer the goody goody step sister he’d once seen her as.

“A Long Island ice tea” he growled. He hadn’t meant it to sound so gruff and sexual but that’s the way it came out.

She visibly paled and muttered a quick response before hightailing it out of the dining area and into the kitchen.

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