Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Five years later (Their separation has been a total of five years)

Sunshine and fresh late summer morning air flew through her open window drawing Nova to wake up.
She yawned and stretched letting out a small satisfied moan as her muscles tensed before relaxing as her stretch ended.

Her alarm clock let out a loud shrill continuous beep and she felt accomplished that she managed to wake up before it had even managed to go off.

Today was going to be a wonderful day. The house was finally hers! Her mother and Nick Bianche had sold her the house, while Nick -her step father- had given her his restaurant. She’d gone to business school in Arizona and had attended management classes as well as managing to get a degree in Culinary.

she knew he loved her like a daughter. Despite the fact that when her mother and him finally got together she’d been in college, he’d said he always looked upon her as one and always would. He was wonderful, especially to her mother.

Patricia Green who had become Patricia Reed was now going on almost two years as Patricia Bianche. After Mr. Reed filed for divorce for reasons unbeknownst to Nova, Patricia had begun visiting their favorite restaurant more frequently and pretty soon she was out all nights on dates with Mr. Bianche.

Nova had known there had always been something there between them. Why they took so long to claim it, she had no idea.

Recently Mr. Bianche retired, he’d handed over the keys to his Italian kingdom assured Nova would take excellent care of it.
He’d suggested her mother and him move, or travel the world. No more business meetings, as her mother had also retired the same time her husband did.

Surprisingly she’d said yes. Next thing Nova knew, she was being signed over for the deed of the house. Under the condition that she wouldn’t sell it. The house was special to them.

Walking down from the same room she’d always been in she paused as she passed his door.

After Axel had left, nobody went into his room. Except when Nova would sneak in there, she’d stand in the middle of the room and just cry. She’d missed him so much. He’d been a cheater but she’d loved him. Just because he’d done wrong didn’t put a stop to her loving him.

Time waited for no one, and it drug forward pushing her past graduation and into college. Her heart would never be repaired but it had been temporarily glued. she couldn’t walk around like a robot for the rest of her life.

She’d made an attempt to get back out there in college. She’d dated but nothing serious. That was her fault though, she’d refused to put what was left of her heart back out there.

And to say she was sexually frustrated was an understatement. It had been almost two years since she’d had sex.

She’d just never come across anyone she fancied enough to get down and dirty.

Letting out a thoughtful sigh she continued past his door and walked down the stairs into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

She managed to get in a short morning run before receiving a phone call from her floor manager at the restaurant that Bobby was sick and wouldn’t be in.
Nova had instructed her to call back if it got to bad otherwise try and manage without the extra person as she had no one else to call in. Many of her employees were out for vacation.

By five o clock, her floor manager Hillary had called back telling her they were packed and that there was no way they could cover Bobbys section.

Nova told her she’d be in as soon as possible to help. Little did she know, what awaited her would make her wish she’d hired more employees.

She dressed to impress. As the owner she had to be a little more up scale than the rest of the employees.

When she arrived everyone was in chaos. The cooks were working double time, plates were being prepared as fast as they humanly could and the servers looked ready to kill each other.

Nova stepped in, took over Bobbys shift and managed to get everyone to calm down.

“Nova, table thirteen has just been seated” the hostess said peaking her head into the kitchen. Nova nodded, grabbed her pen and pad and walked out with her head held high.

The woman was friendly and very beautiful. Her tight red dress showing every curve. Her date seemed engrossed in the menu as they chatted.

Novas skin prickled with awareness. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

When she looked over at the woman’s date to take his drink order her world stopped.

Her mouth formed a silent O as her eyes widened in shock.

Sitting across from the beautiful brunette bombshell was non other than Axel Reed.

He looked as uncomfortable and yet very well aware of her as she was of him.

“Long Island ice tea”

Oh god how she’d missed the sound of his voice. The way he spoke reminded her of when he’d bent her over the hood of his car.

A wetness between her legs had her scurrying out of the dining room and into the kitchen.

This couldn’t be happening.

She took lung fulls of breath as she filled their drink orders. She had to compose herself. She was a woman of twenty two now, she was a grown up. She couldn’t play these games anymore.

Setting the drinks on the large tray she carried it out of the kitchen and headed back towards their table.

Nova assumed the brunette was his girlfriend. She only assumed as much because of the way she looked at him. Nova could tell this girl loved him. The pit of her stomach twisted and curled.

This was no time to be jealous and yet here she was. The big green eyed monster was biting her in the butt.

As she approached the table, she set the drinks down and glanced quickly at Axel before looking away and pulling out her note pad.

“Are you two ready to order?” She asked rightly.

Remain professional, remain professional, she thought to herself. The self motivation wasn’t really helping.

The girl smiled up at her, her dark blue eyes focusing on Nova, “not quite. I still have to look over the menu. However I do have a question for you”

Nova swallowed thickly, not even daring to look at Axel.

“Are you hiring?” She asked surprising both Axel and Nova.


“Are you hiring? I think it would be so cool to work in a place like this. It’s so beautiful and unique. May I get an application?”

Nova found herself nodding, and saying “the hostess should have one”

She could have provided better customer service and gone and got it herself to bring it back to the girl but she wasn’t feeling all that friendly towards her anymore.

The girl rose and said something to Axel who nodded, then she walked towards the Hostess.

Nova turned to leave but a hand wrapped around her small wrist halting her. His touch burned, her flesh wanted his.

He dropped her hand and she knew he felt it to. His eye roamed across her face as she did the same to him.

He hadn’t changed much, although his hair looked shorter, it was obvious he still ran his fingers through it. He’d bulked up a bit, he’d been in great shape as a teenager. As a twenty three year old man he was in even greater shape.
The dark suit he wore looked so good on him.

“Do you still smoke?” She blurted out.

His brows pulled together before he nodded a yes.

“Nova... I- I think...”


He let out a heavy sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose, “I think we need a new waitress”

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