Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Two

Axel groaned and rolled over only to bump into another body. Shifting his weight he rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands, slowly waking up.

His head was pounding and his back ached, the horny bitch had scratched his back like a cat in heat.

He rose to his feet clutching his head and headed towards his bathroom. He had to give credit where credit was due, his step mother had good taste in housing. The house was magnificent, not that he’d ever say it aloud. His room was large and overlooked part of the large vast river. He hadn’t been in the house much but within the short amount of time he’d enjoyed watching the small waves hit the rocks, when the rain came down the water was mesmerizing it was unlike anything he’d ever seen before.

The light blue walls were to cheery for his liking, something he planned on changing soon. Half his belongings were to stay here and half were to stay at his mothers.

His mother.

Ugh, Axel groaned leaning forward against the warm spray. The bitches scratch marks stung and burned beneath the water.

She was beyond pissed that his father had married again.
Amanda Reed was a jealous woman, even after his parents divorce she had been hostile towards all his fathers women, his step mother included. He had to hand it to Patricia, she had handled her self well against his mother.

“Baby are you in here?”

He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel he through it around his waist and walked past the blonde she cat that stood buck naked. His cock twitched but he refused to sleep with her again.

Her slim form followed behind him and as he stood in front of his closet she pressed her large naked breasts against his back. Soft lips brushed themselves between his shoulder blades and he shrugged her off.

“Get dressed” he snapped throwing on a shirt beginning a search for a clean pair of pants.

As he passed by her he couldn’t help but look over her disheveled blonde hair, her smudged make up and a large red mark on her neck.

Shit, he’d bitten her hard last night.

She pouted but began pulling her small pink dress on.

Axel ran a hand through his hair and grabbed his pack of cigs before leading the blonde haired she cat out of his room. She followed him like a lost puppy.

“Last night was fun” she said breaking the silence. “We should do it again soon”

He frowned and refused to say anything.

Sunshine lite the inside of the house, everything was neat and orderly and he couldn’t wait to throw a party here, just to throw some chaos into their perfect life. All the walls were a pristine white, he planned to help add a little color to them as well.

A faint musical tune became louder as they neared the kitchen.
Nobody was supposed to be home, his father had taken his wife on a honeymoon. They’d be gone for two weeks which meant the only other person here was.... Nova.


He wasn’t sure why he hated her so much, something about her just bugged the shit out of him. Maybe it was her goody to shoes personality or maybe it was the fact that she’d never had to go through any kind of hardship in her life, everything around her was perfect. She was blind to how cruel the world was. From the moment he met her he decided he would be her personal demon. He was going to irritate her, infuriate her, demean her and break her. The stuck up bitch thought she was to good to be in his presence. She looked down on him from the moment they’d first met.

Striding into the kitchen he blinked away the blinding sunlight. Patricia had something about natural lighting, there were a lot of windows in the house especially the kitchen.
He leaned against the counter, listening and watching as his step sister baked. The soft melody of the country music did nothing but agitate him. He was definitely not a country music person, he loved rock and sometimes metal.

“Who’s this?” The she cat asked.

Nova jumped obviously startled and turned to look at them both her eyes wide. Nova’s eyes roamed the girl Axel had fucked from head to toe, scrutinizing. He sneered hating how quickly she judged.

“What are you looking at?” He snapped. Her eyes went from the she cat to his and narrowed.

“Nothing” she muttered turning back to the stove. Whatever she was cooking smelt delicious.

Axel wondered if he could worm his way into getting some.

“So who is this?”

Axels attention snapped towards the irritating she cat, irritation was clearly written upon his face and she had the sense to take a small step back “this is my step sister” he barked,“happy?”

She shuffled her feet nervously, looking hurt”I think I should go” this happened each and every time he slept with someone, they thought just because he put his cock into them he’d change and become someone else, someone nice and caring. Fuck that.

Axel waved his hand at her, he wasn’t going to show her out. She had two feet she could do it herself.

She turned to leave and Axel watched in fascination as Nova placed the pile of pancakes she’d been making on a plate, turned the stove off and walked over to the woman.

He couldn’t even remember the woman’s name, because it didn’t matter. She didn’t matter. She was a simple easy lay.

“Come on. I’ll show you out” Nova spoke.

What a dumb bitch.

Although a small part of Axel looked upon the scene seeing a different Nova, a side he’d never seen before.

Shrugging it off as if the small action would swade him from his decision on her he stepped towards the plate and dove in uncaring that it was her food he was eating.

He sat back down with the plate in front of him chewing on a delicious piece of syrupy pancake when Nova walked back in. She stopped and stared at him, her jade green eyes darkening in anger and he waited for her to blow up.

Her fists clenched and he sent her a satisfied smirk, his eyes followed her around the kitchen and to his surprise she began remixing pancake batter.

“You could have just asked you know” she huffed.

Axel sent her a look and she rolled her eyes, “right. That’s to much to ask”

“Damn right”

She twirled the spoon around in the mixing bowl with aggression and speed.
He began to notice things that he probably shouldn’t be noticing, for instance as she stirred the mixture, he couldn’t help but notice her tits bouncing which could only mean one thing... she wasn’t wearing a bra. If he has to guess he’d say she was atleast on the lower side of a C cup. Her tank top was doing her absolutely no good. Her small shorts showcased her long legs and...


He scowled and looked down at his plate, his thoughts had gone way to far. Even if he could manage to by pass her annoying goody goody personality he’d still never think of her as a friend or even go as far as a sexual interest.
She was his step sister, not by his choosing but non the less she was forbidden fruit.

Axel finished breakfast, left his plate on the table for her to clean and walked away slinking back into his room where he pulled out his headphones and laptop. He was pulled away from the world and pulled into another.

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