Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Axel couldn’t believe he’d said that. What he’d really wanted to say was , “I think we need to talk”

All the old feelings he’d felt five years ago came rolling back.

Suddenly the engagement ring in his pocket felt heavy. He found himself not wanting to purpose. Because of her.

His Nova was here, and when they’d touched, he’d felt more alive than he had in years. She brought him from the darkness into the light. She was his angel.

But then his eyes landed on Cassy. Could he break her heart?

Could he throw what he had away for a chance that him and Nova may or may not work out?

“Fine” Novas reply came swift but he could hear the underline of hurt that carried on her voice.
She walked off, disappearing once again into the kitchen.

Cassy came back with an application and he wished he could tell her not to even bother to apply because he seriously doubted Nova would hire his current girlfriend.

Running a hand through his hair he exhaled. He needed a fucking cigarette, bad.

A new waiter came and took their order. He watched Nova like a hawk as she came to and from tables. Taking orders, delivering food and overall running the place.

She’d done well for herself.

“Babe are you ok?” Cassy asked as she caught him watching Nova. Her eyes shifted between them. Her red nails clicked against the table as she awaited his answer.

“Everything is fine”

She gave an unlady like grunt, something he’d never heard before “that’s bullshit. You were totally checking out our waitress”

He glanced around them. She was going to cause a scene if he didn’t handle the situation with caution.

“I wasn’t.” She rolled her eyes and he held up his hands, ” look I just recognized her. My dad was married to her mom for a while. We were step siblings at one point.” He didn’t go further into detail. She didn’t need to know.

Her mouth formed a comical O and she laughed, “oh babe I’m so sorry. I assumed the worst”

He simply nodded not really knowing what to say. A new server came and took their food order and once received they ate and talked. Well, Cassy talked, Axel was silent simply listening.

As they paid the bill and exited, Axel couldn’t help but glance around the restaurant one last time looking for her.

He spotted her and was surprised that her eyes had found him as well.

Cassy tugged him out of the restaurant before he could do something stupid.

They drove home in silence and that was only because Cassy fell asleep.

He had a lot to think about and it was a bit of a drive so for an hour he fell deep into thought.

Just as he pulled up to his condo, rain began to fall from the sky. He wasn’t sure how long he sat in the car simply staring at the windshield as rain fell but it was much longer than a normal person should.

He glanced over at his sleeping girlfriend and everything in him revolted. Just this morning he’d been happy, he’d been ready to take the next step in their relationship but now... he couldn’t see himself with her.

The little things he’d once found cute, he’d begun to find annoying. The way she talked his ear off and how she found the stupidest things to call cute.

He dug into his pocket and pulled out the ring. Was he a bad person to say that this ring wasn’t special in anyway. He’d simply strode into the first store he’d seen and stopped into the jewelry department. He’d even asked the sales lady to bring forth the ones she found pretty.

Out of the six she’d showed him, he’d chosen this one. But he finally could admit that his heart just hadn’t been in it.

Was he simply settling?

Axel strode into work the next morning, his mind resisting to be at ease.

Owning his own business was the best thing he’d ever pursued.

Besides Nova, a voice said. Shaking his head at the thought he stopped at his front desk.

“Marge are you feeling better?” He asked the older woman who sat looking much better than when he’d last seen her. Marge was a small sixty year old woman who had great spunk and treated him like he was her son. When he interviewed her he’d had doubts because of her age but had quickly seen past that.
She was a wonderful heart warming lady.

“I’m feeling much better Reed. I’ve had a burst of energy. Something I haven’t felt since I was a mere twenty something” she said grinning cheekily at him. Her small white ringlets framing her face. He could tell she’d been very beautiful in her day.

“Well that’s wonderful! Try to contain yourself tho I don’t want to see you running around the office in circles training for the next marathon”

He smiled widely as she let out a giggle.

“You know me to well”

Walking past her into his large square office he shut the door behind him. The first thing he did when he got to work was open the two curtains that shielded the large three panel window that overlooked the pond in the back.
It reminded him of the view he’d once had when he’d lived with his father and Patricia. When he’d lived right next to Nova.

As nine o clock rolled around, Marges phone began to ring.

The walls were thin, unfortunately. So he could hear every time she answered the phone.

“Good morning, Reed Realestate, my name is Marge and how may I help you?” She was so polite every time she answered. He’d never seen her get irritated with a caller. That attitude was rare to find now a days.

“Mr. Reed?” Marge called out.

Axel set down the contract and house details he was overlooking and lifted his head towards the door.

“Yes?” He called back.

“Miss. Cassy is on the phone. She says it’s urgent”

Axel rubbed the space between his forehead and sighed, “ok switch her through”

He picked up the phone as the red button that signaled he had a call waiting began to flash.


“Oh Axel. I have wonderful news!” She sang through the phone.

He had to grit his teeth at how obnoxious she sounded. Normally this wouldn’t have bothered him. Last night changed everything.


“Your mother suggested we get married!” She screamed. “Isn’t that wonderful?!”

He coughed suddenly feeling overly warm, “I’m sorry I think I misheard you what did you just fucking say?”

She audibly gasped. As Axel got older, he’d cleaned up his act, atleast on the outside. His mind was still as dirty as ever. Cassy had never heard him curse. He tried to refrain, he’d been a dick as a teen and he’d tried to be better.

“Y-your mother s-suggested we get married” the tone of her voice was quieter and on guard.

Clenching the phone tight he tried really hard to calm down, “I think that’s my job to purpose to you. And I’ll do that when I fucking feel ready!” He roared.

He received silence on the other end before she hung up on him. Slamming the phone back into the receiver, it took everything in him to throw everything off his desk.

Picking the phone back up he called his mother. After two rings she picked up.

“Hello?” Her voice was scratchy as of she’d just woke up.

“You had no right to tell Cassy we should get married.”

She had the nerve the laugh. Gritting his teeth he growled out a curse.

“Oh Axel stop being such a baby. You’ve been with this girl for awhile. She’s the first person you haven’t simply slept with and left. So she has to mean something to you. I think it’s time to take that next step. I like her, she’s quirky.”

“Well then you marry her” he sneered before hanging up.

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