Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty

It was almost midnight, exactly one week since she’d last seen Axel. And he’d disappeared just as quickly as he’d reappeared.

How could one person turn your world upside down so quickly?
She had finally gotten to the point where he wasn’t always on her mind and now he was once again who she thought of when she woke up and who she thought of before she fell asleep.

She felt like she was seventeen again.

She flicked the switch and turned off the last light, before walking out of the restaurant doors and locking everything down.

It was so dark, even the street light lamps didn’t catch the lone figure in the dark standing next to her car.

She turned and her eyes widened.

“W-what do you want?” She asked. She hadn’t been expecting this.

He stepped away from her car, coming out of the shadows and into the small light from the street.

Axel Reed was a down right gorgeous male specimen. His dark jeans hung low on his hips, the red t shirt hugged his strong frame, show casing his muscular arms. The deep ocean abyss that were his eyes stared at her with so much emotion, her knees went weak and she had a hard time standing.

“We need to talk” he said stepping closer. His manly spicey cologne wrapped around her like a warm hug.

“Ok” she squeaked. She walked towards her car and got in.

“I’ll meet you there” he said getting into his sports car. She eyed it with interest.
Her cheeks turned a dark shade of pink as his eyes caught hers.

They were both remembering the same thing.

As she pulled out and drove home she couldn’t help but wonder if he still had a high sex Drive and if he still liked to do crazy things.

“He has a girlfriend” she said to herself. Maybe saying it aloud would knock some sense into her.

The entire ride, Nova was nervous and extremely anxious. Five years was a long time. A lot had happened. A lot had changed. She wasn’t going to say she wasn’t still hurt. Because she was. Seeing him brought everything rushing back, the good, the bad and the worst.

She parked in the driveway and got out just as Axel pulled up behind her. She watched as he got out of the car and stared up at the house before his eyes shifted towards the lake, shortly landing on the dock.

She strode ahead of him to hide her small smile and unlocked the door, stepping inside with him behind her.

“The place looks the same” he said glancing around, “does your mom still live here?”

Nova shook her head, “no, she remarried and they moved”


“What about your dad?” She asked stepping into the living room.

“He remarried and is now getting divorced again”

There was something wrong with the guy. When she’d first met him she thought he was great but there was something there she wasn’t seeing.

“So I bet the day I moved your mom moved everything out of that room?” He asked gesturing to the stairs that would lead to the bedrooms.

“No. Everything’s still there” she said.

A shocked expression crossed his face, “would you mind if I went up there?” He asked. She shook her head and followed him up there.
He glanced briefly at her door before opening his and walking in.

He flicked the light switch, illuminating the room. Nova examined his face, noting he looked rather shocked.

She stood leaning against the doorway as he ventured about. Everything was the same as he’d left it. Even his clothes, although he was missing a few shirts... blushing at the thought of him finding out she’d taken a few,she prayed he didn’t notice.

He walked over to his bed and lifted the mattress up. A couple of nudey magazines and two packs of cigarette lay beneath. He let out a huff that sounded like a laugh before scooping up the two packs and dropping the mattress back down.

“I can’t believe these are still here” he said in amusement.

“No one really came in here after you left”
Even after the divorce, it was like her mother had just forgotten about Axels room and had never brought it up.

He seemed to ponder of what she said as he continued to look through the room.

Clearing her throat she shifted on her feet,” so what do you do?”

He looked confused.

“What do you do for a living?” She elaborated.

“I’m in real estate” he said shrugging.

Nova blinked at him. That couldn’t be right. Real estate? Axel Reed in real estate? Was this a joke?

He must have understood the look of disbelief and chuckled, “I own my own company, a real estate company”

“I just never pictured you as a real estate person”

He shrugged, “I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do. I can’t stand taking orders from someone else, believe me I’ve tried it. So I ventured towards running my own business. And then I got to thinking about buying and selling and eventually landed the idea of realestate”

“That’s....” Nova hesitated and finally spoke her mind, “so not you”
She’d always pictured him as some outlaw or something bad ass.

Boy was she wrong.

He scrubbed the back of his neck and walked towards her, “no offense Nova but you don’t know me anymore”

She bristled at the comment, ” no offense Axel but i never really knew you to begin with. We were good at fucking, simple as that. We never talked about our likes or dislikes or our dreams. Just as an observation, I told you what I thought. No need to be a dick” she huffed.

She wasn’t expecting his booming laugh. He threw his head back and let out a gut wrenching laugh. It startled her so much she jumped. Which made him laugh even harder.

“There’s the Nova I remember” he said pointing at her. “Up until that comment you were so fucking up tight, I almost doubted the real Nova was still alive. But I can see now that she is”

Nova cracked a smile and then they both began laughing. The chemistry between them was still there. The sexual tension crackled like fireworks.

“I see you still have the mouth of a sailor”

He stepped closer to her, invading her space. Nova rubbed her legs together as an all to familiar ache settled between them. He was so close to her, she could so easily lean forward on her tippy toes and touch her lips to his. It would be so easy.

But he had a girlfriend.

His signature wicked smirk came into play and a wetness built between her thighs.

“Only for you, little minx” his voice was gruff and she found herself practically panting in front of him.

Wicked memories seemed to flow through both of their minds.

Nova watched in astonishment and anticipation as his eyes darkened with sexual desires. The hard ridge in his pants almost touching her.

The last time they’d had sex, she’d walked away and lost him forever.
Would she make that mistake again?
How many chances did one get before it became to late?

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