Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty One

Axel watched her with heavy eyes.

She was right, they didn’t know each other’s personal likes and dislikes. But the point of a relationship isn’t to know everything right away, it’s meant to be built upon. They’d been together for a week and a half officially as teens, and she was right again as she stated they fucked wonderfully. Their sex life was one of the best he’d ever had.
She liked to try new things, she was ok with him fucking her out in the open, and she was always ready for him.

Like now, he could tell, her chest was rising and falling, as if she didn’t get a taste of him she’d die. He felt the same way. He was itching to touch her, to taste her, and to feel her skin on his.

He bet her panties held her delicious essence in them.

He was dying for a taste.

One lick couldn’t hurt right?

His eyes strayed to her dark pink lips, the moment her tongue peeked out to lick her bottom lip he was a goner.

In his mind all that existed were Nova and himself.

Cassy never entered his mind.

He surged forward, his hands caged her face as he pressed his lips to hers. The kiss held everything they’d missed in that last five years.

The most important part? She missed him. That much he could tell.

His hard body pressed against her soft one. Reaching up he tugged the hair clip from her hair.
The soft strawberry blonde waves tumbled down past her shoulders. He wrapped his hand around a chunk and pulled, letting her head tilt back towards the ceiling. He could feel her body trembling, but she wasn’t afraid. She was excited. His cock stood at attention, pressing against the hard fabric of his jeans.

He trailed his lips from hers down her neck and across the bare flesh of her chest.

Her clothing were in his way. They would have to go.

He tugged at her vest “off” he demanded.

She struggled with the small black buttons on her vest before finally shrugging it off. Her back arched as she did so, causing her chest to press out and the swells of her breasts to pop even farther out against the white fabric of her dress shirt.

He growled as his patience flew out the window.

He brought his hands up, gripping the opening of her shirt and pulled hard. Fabric tore, buttons flew. The sound of plastic buttons scattering across the hard wood floor rang in both their ears. Nova gaped at him.

He didn’t miss a beat as he swiftly tore her bra off, leaving her completed nude from the waist up.

They were magnificent. Her dark pink erolas surrounded her even darker budded nipples. Her breasts had filled out, she’d been well endowed as a teen but she was even more beautiful as a woman.

With a new sense of purpose he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed before pushing her upon it. She fell back, her hair spread out around the comforter like a halo.

She gazed back at him sinfully as she brought her legs up and parted them. He came to stand in between them. Her hands inched down, grabbing the hem of her knee length black skirt and began hiking it up, his eyes locked onto her exposed skin greedily. He licked his lips as she inched the skirt up enough to where he got a good glimpse of her lacy red thong.

She arched a brow at him daring him to take what he so obviously wanted.

He smirked. He wasn’t going to hold back. But then again when it came to her, when did he ever?

He dropped to his knees, his chest pushed against the small twin bed. Grabbing her legs he pulled her closer, her ass placed right at the edge of the bed and he tossed her legs over his shoulders. He wasted no time and ripped the red piece of fabric that barred his way.

Her sweet pussy perfume drifted into his senses, his cock throbbed ready to dip into her tight heat.

His head dipped between her thighs and he ate at her like a starved man.

Her moans echoing in the room.

Fuck, he’d missed this. Her taste, her warmth. Simply her.

He swirled his tongue and lapped at her.

Nova hands dived into his hair, clutching his head, holding him there as if he’d ever want to pull away from her.

She made a small noise in the back of her throats and her legs tightened around him.

Gently, he bit down on her clit.

She exploded in a series of loud moans. Cream dripped onto his tongue.

He pulled back, licking his lips before coming to a stand over her. She looked like a wanton mess with her bare wet pussy on display, her legs spread wide in invitation, her eyes were heavy as her lips formed a satisfied smile.

This woman would be the death of him.

“Nova, you’re so fucking beautiful” he said watching as she blushed. He chuckled as he pulled his shirt over his head.

“I see that’s one thing you haven’t grown out of”

She flicked him off.

Unbuttoning his pants he pushed both his jeans and boxers off, kicking them to the side. He let her eyes drink him in. He could feel the heat of her gaze as if her hands were physically touching him.

Nova stood up from the bed, something he didn’t expect.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

She only smiled at him before shimming out of the skirt that was racked around her waist.

He drank her in, from the small flare in her hips, her flat stomach to her pouty pink lips.

He stepped forward and wrapped an arm around her bare waist bringing her naked body flush against his. Her breasts were smashed against his chest, her nipples poking him. The tip of his cock brushed against her shaven pussy lips.

He dipped his head catching her mouth with his. She opened to him, letting her tongue dance with his. His free hand came up to massage her breast, before rolling her nipple between his fingers.

“Axel, please, I need you” she let out. She sounded like she’d run a marathon.

“My little minx” he replied picking her up and depositing her on the bed falling on top of her. He kept most of his weight off of her careful not to crush her.

He continued to kiss her as his hands smoothed down her chest, past her belly to the juncture between her legs.

He already knew she was ready but he loved to tease her.

He dipped two fingers deep inside of her. She let out a moan at the sudden intrusion, her walls clenched around his fingers. His developed a smooth rhythm.

He’d bring her to the brink of completion before pulling back. He wanted her to come around his penis, not his fingers.

Nova grabbed onto his shoulders and straightened him out as he hovered over her. His cock aligned with her vagina. She wrapped her legs around his waist, reached down and gripped his penis and guided him to her wet entrance.

She managed to slip the tip in before he came back to his sense. His hands grabbed hers and entwined their fingers before bringing them over her head not letting her lead.

He growled, the mushroom head of his penis was still inside of her, her tight hot walls were choking him but he refrained from moving. His head dipped and he took turns sucking on both breasts. Small love bites covered her chest and neck when he was done.

Once he was satisfied with his work he pushed forward roughly.

Nova screamed and Axel groaned before dropping his head to rest on her chest.

She felt so fucking good. She was wrapped around him like a vise.

“Axel” she moaned as he began to thrust wildly into her.

The headboard hit the wall, loud thumps against the wall were ignored by both him and her. He pounded into her. In and out. In and out. The slurping of her wet sex only serving to turn them both on even more.

“Oh god” she bit her lip hard enough that he was afraid she might bleed.

“Axel” she called out again as her walls pulsed around him.

He grunted and jerked inside of her releasing his seed.

As he pulsed within her she caught the wild look in his eye as he caught the same look in hers.

“I - I love you” she said.

He didn’t hesitate when he replied, “I love you too”

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