Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty Two

Nova was wrapped in Axels arms and there was no other place she’d rather be.

Both of their phones had been going off non stop since seven am this morning. Both of them ended up just turning their phones off.

The restaurant could handle itself.

Nova had said she wouldn’t have sex with Axel because of his girlfriend but as things had gotten intense between them his girlfriend had been forgotten. All that had mattered was him and her.

As sun light streamed through the room landing across the cool comforter, Nova found herself smiling. A real smile, something she hadn’t done in a long time.

“What’s got you so happy?” A gruff voice from behind her asked.

She tried to turn to look at him but he held her still. Instead of fighting it she leaned back against him, nestling her bare ass into the space between his hips.

He nipped her ear lobe before muttering, “little minx”

She giggled and held onto his arms, “you love me” she said answering his first question as to why she was so happy.

A small part of her expected him to tense up and act like he hadn’t said it and she was happy to say he didn’t do that. In fact he tightened his hold around her and buried his face in her wild hair.

“I’ve loved you for a long time” he confessed.

“Really?” She whispered.


She squeezed her eyes shut thinking of the years they’d wasted, “I’ve loved you for a long time to” she admired.

He let out a long sigh, “I’m sorry Nova”

She tensed, her heart flipped and she had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, “for what?”

“For cheating on you all those years ago. I made a bet with Sarah, she’d been bothering me for some time. You see, a few months before our parents wedding I ended up sleeping with her. After that she constantly followed me around asking if I’d fuck her again even as I kept telling her no, she wouldn’t take it for an answer. So the night you and I worked things out and decided to try a real relationship, we made a bet. That night we planned to go see a horror movie. She said if she could get through the entire thing without screaming or covering her eyes then I’d owe her one last time and if I won she’d leave me alone. I’m sorry Nova, I just wanted her to leave me alone. I thought she’d lose, I thought I’d finally be rid of her” he sighed. “It was so stupid. I was so stupid.” He said as he shuffled behind her. Nova felt the hot prickling of fresh tears behind her eyes and she tried not to let them fall but she failed.

“Why couldn’t you just back out? Tell her the bet meant nothing?!” She demanded.

Her heart hurt and the familiar breaking she’d felt all those years ago was swamping her. Sinking her deep.

“She said she’d go to our parents!” He exclaimed.

“Why didn’t you come to me?” She asked and then a hiccup like sob came from her.

“Shit Nova” Axel took her shoulders and turned her to face him, his fingers locked onto her chin bringing her face to look up into his. “I was going to! I was thinking about it the night you went to the lounge. I was sitting outside smoking, waiting for you to get home. Sarah came around the house and threw herself at me, she put pressure on me about the deal and I just... snapped. I snapped Nova, I’m so sorry. I had no idea she’d film us either” he sounded so remorseful, so heartbroken.

Would she be stupid enough to believe him and forgive him? Had she already given in so easily?

It had been five years, that was a long time to hold onto something like that.

They’d been teenagers, there situation hadn’t been the best either, who knows, maybe in the end it would have ended worse and they wouldn’t be getting the second chance they were getting now.

“Axel...” she took a deep breath , “I forgive you”

There was a small silence that followed until he dove to her, “Nova!” He pressed his lips to hers in a desperate love filled kiss, “really?”

She’d never seen him look happy as he smiled down at her.

“Yes” she said, she bit down on her bottom lip as she contemplated whether or not to ask him what exactly they were.

“What is it?” He asked as he studied her closely.

“What exactly are we Axel?”

Please don’t say friends with benefits, she pleaded to herself.
The sex was great but she wanted something more. After all this time they deserved to be something more, she deserved something more.

“Nova , I want to be more. I gotta take care of something first” he said sheepishly.

“Let me take a guess... your girlfriend?” She asked sitting up and pulling the covers over her chest. She wasn’t mad, in fact she was glad he didn’t say yes right away, instead he wanted to fix his current situation before they moved forward.

Suddenly he stood up and vacated the bed. He paced the room uncaring that he was nude, his dick hard as a rock. His abs tightened with each step. He ran a hand through his hair before turning and walking back to his jeans.

Nova watched him with hesitation. What was wrong with him? She forgave him... wasn’t that enough?

Axel pulled his jeans on, leaving the button undone and pulled out the pack of cigarettes he’d found from underneath the mattress.

He had one lit in an instant, smoke billowed like a chimney from his mouth.
He scratched his chin before he turned towards her.

Her eyes traveled from the defined V that dipped into his jeans up to his chest, settling on his handsome face. She tried to keep her mind on the subject at hand. It was exceedingly difficult.

“Nova. I have to tell Cassy that we’re over”

Nova nodded.

So the beautiful woman’s name was Cassy. Maybe it was jealousy seeping in but she wasn’t to fond of the name.

“You’ve got to give me some time. Three days at the most” he said, he must have noticed the look of mistrust and disbelief because he surged forward as she gripped the sheet tight, “Nova you’re mine. I will not lose you again. I swear on my life I’m going to come back to you. But Cassy is a good person, i need to do this gently”

Nova didn’t really have any words.

With his face inches from hers, she breathed in his spicey scent only this time he smelt a little of her perfume.

He was going to go home to his girlfriend smelling of his lover. A part of her was happy about that. Another part of her felt like she was repeating history except this time she was acting as the Cheaters slut.

“My little minx, tell me what your thinking”

She hesitated before looking deep into his eyes, “I’m the other woman this time”

He blinked and scowled at her, “Nova you’re my main woman. You always have been. I haven’t given you much reason to trust me but I hope by the end of this mess you’ll give me some of your trust back” he kissed her full on the mouth and she easily gave into him.

She couldn’t give him the trust he needed right now but she was hoping, that soon she could.

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