Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty Three

Axel strode into his place that afternoon. The house was clean, everything looking pristine. Cassy had been busy.

She cleaned when she had something life changing on her mind.

“Cassy?” He called out into the quiet house.

Was he a bad person for wanting to get this over with so he could go back to Nova? He understood why she was hesitant in believing him as his track record wasn’t the greatest. Hell , once again he’d cheated on his girlfriend. But he wouldn’t ever do that again to Nova. She was his life now.

Many people would assume they’d jumped into this to quickly, that he was giving everything up without true ground to stand on. But love helped you to fly, or some sappy bullshit either way he loved Nova despite what others would say.

Now if only he could find Cassy and head back to Novas.

He walked farther into the place, the kitchen was empty as was the living room. He headed upstairs glancing into his home office before heading into the bedroom. Soft heartbroken sobs filled the air and he stilled.

The bathroom door was slightly ajar.

Shit, he thought, she knows... somehow she knows.

He felt as if he were reliving his past mistakes except this time his heart wasn’t in it with this girl. That still didn’t mean he didn’t care if she was hurting or not.

“Cassy?” He called out stepping into the bathroom.

The usual peppy Cassy Mcquire didn’t look like herself as she was sitting on the shower floor, her light pink dress completely soaked. Her knees were pulled up to her chest and she hugged her legs tight. Her brown hair was in a complete disarray. Make up smeared her eyes and cheeks.
She looked a mess.

“Cas what happened?” He asked kneeling down beside her. He reached out to offer a comforting touch but she shrunk deeper into her self.

He pulled back assessing her.

What was wrong with her? Should he call an ambulance? Was he the cause of this? He wasn’t sure what to think.

“Cas tell me what happened” he was at a complete loss, unsure of what to do and what to say.

She let out a hiccup and a half sob as more tears streamed down her face. She glanced at him before sobbing harder.

He sat back against the wall unsure.

They sat there for awhile, neither of them knowing what to say and how to say it.

More time passed by before Cassy finally dropped her legs, letting them fall to the side. She rubbed her face and wiped her tears away.

Axel surveyed her and wondered why he felt as if she were guilty of something when it was him who had cheated on her.

“A-Axel... I- i ” she put her hand to her mouth stifling more sobs, it took a few more minutes before she composed herself, she tried again “I was pregnant”

It couldn’t have been said louder than a soft whisper, but he heard it as if she’d yelled at him.

His mind went blank.

“Was?” He croaked out. He didn’t even really like children, he’d never given having a baby much thought.

“I- I lost it this morning” she said playing with the hem of her wet dress. “I was only a few weeks”

He sucked in a harsh breath. He’d been with Nova while his girlfriend had lost their baby.

How could he-

“Axel” Cassy called to him softly. He glanced up at her, his throat began to close with so much emotion. “Axel...a few months back... I had an affair” she said as more tears sprang to her eyes.

Axel blinked at her, coming out of a daze. She’d cheated. But so did he. God, this was history fucking repeating itself.

“Why would you tell me now?” He asked. He was surprised at himself, he actually wasn’t angry at her. How could he be?

“B-because the baby wasn’t yours and I-” she hesitated looking down at the titled shower floor. “I-I was going to tell you about the pregnancy but-”

Them something clicked.

“You were going to pass it off as mine weren’t you?”

When she nodded, rage flew over him like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Now he had a reason to be mad.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” He roared throwing his fist into the wood cabinet beside him. “Does the father even know or were you going to be a straight up bitch and not tell him?!” He screamed.

She eyed him warily, “I- I... I don’t know” she muttered looking down with shame.

“Get the fuck out” he said pointing to the door. “Do not come back. We’re done” he didn’t say anything about Nova because there was no point. What if she hadn’t had lost it? She would have pointed her shameful finger at him, stating he was the father and he would have been by her side helping her and the kid. The kid that wouldn’t have been his.
Was he upset that a life died before it even had a chance at being born? Yes.

But was he going to show her sympathy over what she’d tried to pull? Hell no.

He watched her stand on shaky legs, skirting hesitantly around him. She paused in the bedroom door way just as he stood up from the bathroom floor.

“Axel... I- I have no right to ask but w-where were you last night?”

“I fucked the waitress” he sneered loving how offended his language made her. The old Axel was coming out to play.

“B-but she’s your step sister” she gaped at him.

“No. My father divorced her mother and remarried. Not that it’s any concern of yours. I came home today to tell you I was leaving you, although I was going to try and be fucking nice about it, but that flew out the window the moment you spewed your treacherous shit”

“I-I-I’ve never heard you curse so much” she whispered, her eyes downcast.

“This is me baby!” He said mockingly, he patted his chest, “I don’t have to hide who I really am from you anymore.”

Her whole demeanor changed in a snap, she went from afraid and sad to down right furious, “I bet that little... slut opened her legs for you without knowing the true you either!” She screamed stomping her foot, her wet dress slinging against her legs.

Axel chuckled at her child like antics, “She knows me better than anyone. I’d shut your mouth if I were you. Now I’ve said it before. Get out of my house”

She turned with a huff slamming the door behind her. A few moments and a broke vase later the front door slammed shut.

“My little minx, to what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked, he was so ready for the day to be over. Work had dragged, he hadn’t had many showings, so today had consisted of paperwork. He was pleasantly surprised when Nova had called his cell phone.

“Axel Reed, when are you coming back? I know I said I’d give you a few days but...” he heard her sigh, “I miss you” she whispered the last part.

“I miss you to” he said, “I plan on stopping by tonight after work.”

“Did you-ah- do it?” She asked hesitantly.

“Yes. I’ll explain more tonight. You won’t believe how it all went down.” He said already getting a headache from the memory.

“I can’t wait” he smiled at the happiness in her voice, “oh crap. Axel I gotta go. I’ll see you later, bye!” She said quickly and hung up.

Axel laughed as he set his phone down.

He’d just picked up his paperwork again when Marge called out to him.

“Mr. Reed, there’s someone here to see you. He says he’s a friend”

“Send him in”

The door to the office opened and closed.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s really you!” A male voice said.

Looking up Axel stared into the surprised face of non other than Jeremy.

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