Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty Four

Nova wiped sweat from her brow as she bustled about the restaurant. They were once again short staffed. She was going to have to do some hiring soon. This wasnt going to cut it.

“Nova, Andy called and said there is a delay for our product and food delivery. He said there was an accident on the interstate and he’s stuck in traffic” Hillary said, her hand covered the phones receiver as she spoke, waiting for her bosses reply.

Hillary Ortega was her number one restaurant manager. Hillary had started out as the hostess when Mr. Bianche had owned the place, she’d worked her way up to a server a few years later and once Nova took over she not only bumped her pay considerably but offered her a managers position. She’d been with the restaurant for almost fifteen years. She was an amazing employee.

Nova was ready to explode! Things just weren’t going her way today! She rubbed at her temple as an all to familiar headache threatened to over take her.

“Tell him that I understand and to get here as soon as he can” she replied wiping her hands on her apron, she grabbed the tray full of food and headed out into the dining area.

Soft music played, the Italian atmosphere consumed the customers as they enjoyed their meals. They weren’t able to open the outside venue, it was pouring rain again. Which only cramped the inside more. The sound of silverware clicking against the plates dominated the room.

As her headache grew more intense Nova took a seat in her small office. She rubbed at her temple and closed her eyes. The one and only good news she’d gotten today was from Axel.
He’d broken up with his girlfriend and it had sounded like it had been one hell of a break up. She’d know more tonight when he came over. She smiled lightly to herself as she powered up her laptop.

She was going to create a new updated application for new hires and then she was going to go home and get ready for him.

Nova was curled up in bed, the maroon sundress she had worn for Axel was now wrinkled as she had crawled into bed at the stroke of midnight. She’d waited almost five hours for him to walk through her front door. With each passing hour her hope diminished.

She felt completely let down.

She was glad she hadn’t applied any make up, it would have been a waste.

The dinner she had cooked still now sat cold in the refrigerator. The bottle of wine she’d opened hadn’t gone to waste, she’d drank most of it. Drowning her sorrows.

Had she’d set her hopes to high perhaps?

As her digital clock ticked by, rolling onto her stomach she snuggled into her cold pillow and eventually fell asleep.

It wasn’t long before a soft gentle gust of cold air blew across her exposed legs. As she moved to curl in on herself, large hands gripped the back of her thighs stopping her movements. At first she panicked.

She screamed and pulled hard to turn her body around to defend herself against the attacker.

“Nova it’s me, it’s Axel”

Nova relaxed letting her body fall back into the mattress as she recognized his voice. She let out a shaky breath.

“You’re an asshole” she said into the pillow. The muscles in her legs tensed as his hands trailed up and down them massaging gently. Goosebumps broke across her legs and arms. She shivered in pleasure. His hands were magical.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said.

His breath fanned across her lower legs before his lips made contact with her skin. Her fingers gripped the edges of the pillow.

Axel gripped the hem of her dress and inched it up until the back of her thighs were visible. Nova could feel cool air between her thighs and she knew he could see her bare pussy. She’d held off on wearing any just for him.

“I’m. Sorry. I’m. Late” he said between soft kisses as he trailed his way up the back of her thighs.

Nova bit down hard on her bottom lip. She was so sensitive on the back of her thighs.

“Why were you late?” She asked around a moan as he palmed her ass.

He growled, “I got held up at work. I’ll tell you later. Right now I want to know where the hell your underwear is” he didn’t wait for an answer. He grabbed Novas hips and pulled them up so that her ass was in the air as her front was pressed against the bed, her head still resting on the pillow.

Nova let out a startled screech as he moved her and then a low moan as his hot wet mouth covered her sex.

She glanced back and her eyes widened, she became even more turned on watching him. Axel was on his back, she hadn’t even realized he’d moved between her legs, his face was deep between her thighs and his tongue was doing very wicked things.

She couldn’t hold back the small hip thrusting movements as he swirled his tongue, dipping into her heat, scrapping against her sensitive vaginal walls.

Nova was dripping, she was so turned on.

No one could compare to him.

She jumped in surprise, nearly jerking out of his hold as one of his fingers dipped into her before pulling back out with a loud slurp. That wasn’t what made her jump, what had caused her to freak out was his touch on her rear. His wet finger circled the tight hole that had never been used before.

Axel must have sensed Novas hesitancy. He pulled away and knelt behind her.

“I want to claim this ass” he said before gripping the soft globes of her ass.

She’d always wondered what it would feel like. Who better to try it with than the one she loved?

Her trust in him was strengthened, so she didn’t have a hard time saying yes.

She watched as he kneeled closer to her, his bare legs touching hers. He grinned wickedly as he took his wet finger and dipped it into her rear slowly.

It was tight, she could feel him and the sensation wasn’t bad.

He started out slow, dipping in and out before picking up a stronger tempo. Nova buried her head in the pillow, as she pushed her ass back into him. She’d never expected it to feel so good.

He let out a strangled groan and pulled his finger out and dipped it into her pussy. He coated two fingers in her juices before working both fingers into her rear.

Nova lost her breath, her throats tightened.

“Relax minx” Axel said planting a kiss on her lower back.

Nova did her best to relax letting Axel take care of her.

A full blown explosion like never before overtook her and she screamed her release uncaring that she was being so loud.

“I once told you that one day my dick will be here” he said tapping her ass before placing the tip of his cock at the entrance to her vagina. “Soon it will be”

“I think... I’d like that” she shuddered as she came down from her high.

She felt exhausted and almost flew into her headboard as Axel rammed into her from behind.

Their moans and groans mixed together.

He gripped her hips tight slamming into her over and over.

“Fucking Christ!” He said his breathing labored. “You always feel so damn good”

Nova placed a hand on the headboard and used it to push back against him allowing him to go deeper.

“Oh shit” he bent over her, his chest to her back, and continued his assault. He fucked her like an animal.

Her breasts swayed back and forth and she couldn’t help herself as she cupped herself, pinching her own hard nipple.

Oh god, it felt so good.

“That’s so fucking hot” he said from behind her.

Nova moaned as the knot in her stomach uncoiled, “Axel” her arms went limp.

It wasn’t long before Axel came inside of her. His seed driving deep.

Pulling out he fell beside her. Both of them breathing heavily, unable and unwilling to move.

“I love you Nova” he said.

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