Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty Five

The soft sounds of rain clicking against the window pulled Axel from his sleep. The pitter patter would have been welcomed any other day, but today he was exhausted. Last night had been on hell of a night. Between work and catching up with Jeremy, he was ready to go home to his woman.

After getting off work at eleven thirty, almost midnight, he’d jumped into his car just as the rain had picked back up into a full blown thunderstorm. He’d been careful as he made his way across the highway and into town.

By just a little past midnight he’d pulled into Novas driveway and had walked into the unlocked front door. Which was something he was going to have to discuss with her. What if it hadn’t been him last night between her thighs holding her down? Bile rose in his throat at the sick thought of a rapist in her house, assaulting her. Scrubbing a tired hand across his face he washed away the image.

Once inside he’d headed straight towards the master suite only to find that it was completely empty. He’d been baffled that she hadn’t moved into her mothers old room. It was so much larger.

He’d walked into her old room to find her tucked beneath her comforter sound asleep.

He’d missed her so damn much and he’d been rearing to get inside of her since he’d left two days ago. He’d pulled back her covers and found a nice surprise.

Her red sun dress had hiked up her thighs a bit baring her milky flesh.

The moment he’d seen her naked pussy that had been it. He’d dived into her like a starved man. He craved Nova like an addict craved their high. She was his high.

They’d gone at it for hours even after the first time around. She was just as insatiable as he was. That pleased him. She was his equal.

She’d been eager when he’d told her he was going to claim her ass. He was even more so. She’d been so tight, tighter than he’d ever imagined. He would have to prepare her well.

“I can feel the wheels in your head turning” the sound of her sweet voice drifted into his ears. He smiled and turned to look at her.

Nova was propped on her side, the side of her head in her hand and her elbow sinking slightly into the mattress. Her hair spilled out across her shoulders, some stray hairs sticking out wildly.

Nova wasn’t perfect, but that’s what made her so beautiful.

“I was thinking about how I’m gonna have to train your ass before taking it” he said watching as her cheeks darkened in a delicious blush.

“I-I didn’t expect it to feel that good” she admitted. “Have you done it before?”

Axel felt no reason to hesitate answering her question, “yes. Once, before I met you.”

Her soft “oh” sounded a tad bit jealous. But he could relate, Axel was extremely jealous of any of the men she’d been with. He didn’t dare ask for a number.

“Hey” he lifted her chin with his fingers and leaned forward to kiss her lips before pulling back, ” no one else matters” he said, and he meant what he said.

A small smile curved at the corner of her mouth and her hazel eyes fell upon his blue ones.

“Promise?” She asked.


The weather was still dreary as Axel stood over the stove wearing only a pair of low rising jeans, flipping pancakes and making coffee while Nova sat at the kitchen Island flipping through her phone. Her blonde hair was pulled into a pony tail, her natural beauty was at work, the dark red tank top and black pajama pants causing her to look seventeen again.

“I didn’t even know that you could cook” she said.

He turned his head to find her watching him with a smile. He winked at her before turning back.

“I actually learned at a young age. My mother wasn’t one to cook meals. So it was either, I learn or I eat food that doesn’t need to be cooked. Which by the way was a lot of junk food”

“Your mother didn’t cook?” She asked, he could hear the defensive tone she used a lot.

“No” he tried not to get worked up over it seeing as it was in the past. His mother was just a real piece of work.

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to” she said lightly.

He wished he believed that, but he knew she wanted to know and would only ask at a later time. Now was a good as time as ever , “its fine. Ask what you wanna ask” he said piling pancakes onto two separate plates.

Nova stood from her spot at the island, walked over to open the refrigerator and pulled out her creamer. She grabbed two cups from the cupboard before turning towards him, “coffee?”

He nodded.

“Cream?” She asked

“Just a little”

He watched her pour his and then hers before he grabbed both plates and set them on the table. He turned to grab silverware but bumped into a soft body.

“Woah sorry” he said grabbing her shoulders to steady her. Luckily she hadn’t spilt the coffee she’d been holding. Between her fingers and the mugs she was holding, were forks and knives.

“I thought we’d need these” she said before moving around him and taking a seat at the table.

Axel watched the soft sway of her hips before she planted herself into the seat.
As he took a seat across from her, he adjusted himself as the front of his jeans became to tight.

“Sooooo, tell me about her” she said referring to his mother.

“Well” he took a sip of coffee before leaning back in his chair, ” She’s bat shit crazy” Nova cracked a grin but didn’t say anything, “she’s very selfish and loves the lime light. She isn’t very self sufficient, hence why she can’t cook.”

Nova glanced down at her plate, shuffling around her food, her brows furrowed, “what else did you have to do for her as a kid?”

“Well my father stayed until I was around eight, up until then he did just about everything for her. After he left, if I didn’t cook then we didn’t eat. I ended up having to do all the cleaning, all the laundry, all the yard work and anything else that needed to be done”

“Did she have a job?” She asked quietly, still looking down as she picked at her food. She had yet to take a bite, she was absorbing all the information he was giving her.

“No, my father continued to pay for the house and the bills knowing she wouldn’t get a job”

“Why didn’t he take you away from her?” She glanced up at him, sadness written in the depths of her eyes. It was like a direct punch to the gut. At least it wasn’t pity

“At that point he’d started his inventing career and was traveling. He couldn’t take me with him. He willingly gave my mother full custody after she’d requested it. Although his condition was that he could see me anytime.”

Nova frowned glancing back down at her place, “but you lived with him before you moved in here?” It was more of a question than a statement.

Axel sighed, running a tired hand across his face. He was glad they were talking about this now, because if she’d had asked when they were teens he would have told her to fuck off, that it wasn’t her business.

“Well I told my mother I wanted to spend some time with my father. At first she’d refused but when she saw how much I began lashing out at her because of it she gave in. So me living with him was always temporary. I was pretty much in no Mans land until she called my father telling me it was time to come home”

An uncomfortable silence stretched between them.

“so you left because of her, not because of me?”

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