Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty Seven

Axel had been staying with Nova for almost two weeks. Within those two weeks they spent countless hours laughing, bickering and best of all fucking. He’d never met anyone who had the same sexual appetite as he did. Until her.

Waking up next to her almost every morning was something to behold. Sometimes late at night he’d wake up and hear her snoring softly, not all the time, but often enough and he teased her about it relentlessly. She was persistent in saying she didn’t snore.

Seeing as they didn’t talk much about themselves when they were teens they made up for it now. Sometimes after sex or when they were simply laying in bed wrapped in each other’s arms, they would talk, getting to know more about each other on an intellectual level.

Currently they were doing just that. Axel held Nova in his naked embrace, his skin pressed against hers. He could feel the rushed thump of her heart beat as she caught her breath. A light sheen of sweat coated both of their bodies.

Her hand was placed over his heart, her head near his shoulder as he tucked her under his chin. Her leg lay casually across his hip, he could feel their conjoined wetness.

“I have a confession to make” he said staring at the ceiling fan go around and around.

She kissed his chest, “what’s that?”

“I came back for you. It was a little after you’d gone to college” he said.

Nova lifted herself up, leaning on one arm and looked at him in a mixture of surprise and awe.

“I came here first, I thought you’d be here. Your mom answered and said you’d gone away. So I asked her where and I went to see you” he laughed as he sunk deeper into the pillow, running a hand across his face “I found you in the library, you looked so damn beautiful and then a guy came up and wrapped you in his arms” he swallowed hard, “you smiled at him and you looked so happy. I walked away that day and I shouldn’t have”

Axel barley had time to respond to what was happening. One minute he was confessing and the next Nova had launched herself at him. He’d just barley caught her before she flung herself at him.

“You came back for me” she whispered against his neck. Small kisses were placed just under his jaw, her arms wrapped around his waist.

“Yeah” he said still recovering from her assault.

“For a long time I was mad at you for not fighting for me. For us” she said.

His face contorted into a look of confusion, “I didn’t think you’d want to talk to me after the whole Sarah incident. I was just going to give you some time”

She laughed lightly as she trailed her kisses from his jaw to his cheek, getting closer to his lips “well I had plenty of time. Five years worth, let’s move on from it”

He felt over joyed and gripped her face before smashing his lips against hers.

“You know I’m still mad at you about something else though” she mumbled against his lips.

He scowled down at her, “for what?”

“You were late the night you came over after the breakup and you never told me why” she said simply.

Axel blinked at her completely baffled. Two weeks had passed since that nice and she was just now brining it up? What the hell?

He sighed, what was it with women holding onto things that long?

“Jeremy stopped by to see me and we just got to talking”

“Jeremy?” She asked surprised.

He nodded, “Yeah, we’ve kept in contact over the last five years. After we beat the shit out of each other in the park the day that I left, we went our seperate ways and ended up bumping into each other a few months later after schools had started back up.” Novas face was one of disbelief and he couldn’t help but laugh, “What?” He asked.

“You beat each other up over the kiss?” She asked, he nodded and she huffed, “then you made up and you’re still friends?”

Again, he nodded.

She rolled her eyes, “guys are weird”

“No, girls just hold grudges longer”

She muttered a quick whatever before sliding from the bed, her naked ass sashaying sensually all the way into the bathroom. He listened as the spray from the shower hit the tiled bathroom wall.

Making a quick easy decision he rose from the bed and padded after her. She’d just stepped into the glass shower as Axel came through the door. Her body was silhouetted through the almost clear door.

Walking forward he opened the door and stepped in, noting that she didn’t seem surprised that he’d followed her. He smirked, she was right not to be surprised as he followed her around like a dog in heat.

She bent over to grab her shampoo bottle and he stared at the curve of her ass, the one area he had yet to claim.

Pulling back up she turned to him with the bottle held out to him, “would you do the honors?” She asked.

He nodded, his mind still on her perky ass.

He’d gotten her a gift earlier this week and he’d been hesitating to give it to her, unsure as to how she’d react and if she’d actual let him do it.

Pouring some soap onto his hand he lathered up and ran his hands into her hair, massaging gently. She tilted her head back enjoying the care he was giving her. A soft sultry moan slipped from her.

“You have magical fingers” she said as he pulled away instructing her to rinse. She complied, and he repeated the process for her conditioner. After washing up, they switched spots, and she cared for him. The warm spray hit his shoulders and ran down his back as he rinsed the soap from his hair and body.

He rubbed his eyes making sure there was no left over soap before opening them.

His blood instantly was enflamed. His eyes locked onto the small hand that had dipped between Novas legs, her smooth mound slightly pink from the heat of the shower. Her fingers dipped into her own heat and she through her head back letting out a soft cry.

His cock sprang to life, pointing in her direction. It had the right idea.

Wrapping a thick hand around his penis he ran his hand up and down his won length watching as she pleasured herself. Her free hand came up, cupping her own breast as she rolled her taut nipple between her fingers.

He groaned as he watched the show she was putting on for him. The water beat against his back, but he didn’t feel a thing. His entire being was locked onto the sensual little minx in front of him.

As her pink lips parted and she cried out he’d had enough. He was close but he wanted to finish inside of her.

He closed the small distance between them and pushed her against the wall before turning her to face the wall. Her ass rubbed against his cock, the broad tip slipping down her crack before sliding along her pussy lips.

She moaned at the contact.

Gritting his teeth he gave no warning as he surged inside of her tight heat. She enveloped him, her wetness coating him, and her walls tightened around him.

Ducking his head down, he thrusts hard into her as he bit down and sucked on her shoulder.

“Yes!” She cried out pushing back against him. “Oh god Axel”

Both hands slipped to the front of her, one gripping her breasts, massaging it. The other slipped down, swiftly finding her clit. Her walls spasmed around him and he pushed her further into the wall until she was completely up against it.

He rocked into her over and over.

He roared as he came and was vaguely aware of her cry of pleasure.

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