Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty Eight

Nova slumped against the wall. His seed was dripping down her legs, her pussy was deliciously sore and yet she was still wanting him.

He slipped from her and turned off the shower before gently lifting her from the wall and carrying her like a bride towards the bed. Her hair was still wet and droplets of water ran across her naked form. Axel was also dripping as he walked across the floor.

“Your making a mess” she said as he placed her on the bed.

He grunted but gave no real answer or care.

“Axel I need a towel the bed is going to be soaked” she glanced down around her hips and sure enough the comforter was soaking up the water droplets.

Axel placed his hands on his bare hips, his penis jutted it towards her, “I bought you something and I’d like to give it a try but I need to know if you were serious about what you’d said”

Cocking her head to the side she waited for him to elaborate, when he didn’t she threw her hands up, ” what are you talking about?”

“Do you truly want to try anal?” He asked.

Nova choked on her spit before sputtering as heat enflamed her face. She couldn’t lie though, the thought of him back there, like an animal, turned her on.

Blushing she nodded unable to say the words aloud.

“You’re sure?” He asked again. He looked hopeful, he really wanted this.

She nodded again and watched as he strode towards the large black overnight bag he’d been living out of. He pulled a rolled up paper bag from inside and brought it over to her.

Reaching in he pulled out a silver circular plug with a hole in the middle. Nova eyed it, it looked like a gauge.

“Nova, I want to put this in for you. You’ll wear it unless you have to use the restroom, you’ll wear it in the morning through the night. You’ll come to me to put it in and take it out. Understood?”

She nodded and swallowed the thump in her throat as he stepped closer. She let out a startled squeak as he picked her up effortlessly turning her around and bending her over the bed. Her face rested against the bed, her arms fell to her sides and her ass hung in the air.

Her heart pounded against her chest, nervousness dug deep into her stomach. It had never been this bad before to where she felt sick. Almost as if she’d throw up.

She worked to calm herself.

His hands probbed her back side, before slipping down to her pussy. The plug was pressed into her vagina as her cream coated it, lubing it.
She jumped a bit when he pulled it away and brushed it against her rear.

“Relax, it’s ok” he coaxed as he pressed it forward.

Nova sucked in a sharp breath as the foreign feeling stretched and burned.

“It... it kind of hurts” she said wiggling her butt hoping to relieve some of the hurt.

Axel placed his hands on her hips stilling her, “it’s ok. Your body will get used to it and when it comes time to take me, it won’t be so bad”

Feeling a little better she nodded and breathed out causing her to clench around it.

This was going to be tough, she thought to herself.

Nova bustled around the large dining area covering another shift. Her ass ached, it was being stretched, getting ready to accommodate Axel. When she’d first begun her shift it had been so much worse but after having it in for almost eight hours, she was doing better.

As she walked back into the kitchen, Hillary sidled up next to her, “So, we’ve gotten more than a handful of applicants and I’ve called in several for interviews tomorrow and Friday. Does that work for you?”

Nova nodded only half paying attention. Her rear had been distracting her all night.

“Good, the first one is at eight am tomorrow. I’ll create a listing of all the interviews so you have them.” She said sighing.

“I can’t wait until we fill these positions, I’ve been thinking of hiring one or two more people than necessary just so we have them” Nova said reaching up to clip the order she’d taken.

“That’s a good idea” Hillary said.

As a tray of complimentary cheesy breadsticks passed by, Nova was struck with a sudden wave a nausea. Bile rose in her throat and she bolted away from Hilary and headed into the employee restroom.

She emptied the contents of her dinner into the white porcelain bowl.

The door behind her opened and closed and a soft “oh” drifted down to her.

Nova pulled back and sat on the floor, the cool air from the vent above helping her sudden hot flash.

“Are you ok?” Hillary asked. Nova nodded unable to say anything without throwing up again. “You don’t look so good. Maybe you should go home”

“I can’t.” Nova replied, the sound of her voice was as low as a whisper, “you’ll be so short staffed you’ll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off” she said wiping at her forehead with the back of her hand. She groaned and leaned back over the bowl only to lose more of her lunch.

“Nova its fine. Besides we can’t have you serving food while your sick. I’ll just move a few servers around and we’ll cover the area. Don’t worry, just go home and rest” Hillary urged, “should I call someone to pick you up?”

Nova shook her head, “no, I’ll drive” she stood on shaky legs and wobbled her way out of the bathroom with Hilary next to her.

“Thank you” she whispered.

“No problem” Hillary replied.

Nova walked into her office and grabbed her stuff before walking back through the kitchen with her nose plugged and breath held. The smells were just to much right now.

Driving home she felt a little better, the fresh air helped. As she parked, she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that Axel wasn’t there but she knew he had to work and she wouldn’t be one of those girlfriends who were always up their guys ass.

Walking inside she tossed her purse aside and headed straight into the kitchen to make her tea. Ginger root is what had helped her in the past.

Shortly after, she’d started her bath , managed to remove the plug from her ass and sunk into the warm water. She sipped her tea and set it aside before sinking further into the water.

Nova woke up alone, the area beside her cold. Axel had told her he was working on a big project and wasn’t going to be around today and possibly tomorrow.

She rose from the bed and sulked to the bathroom to get ready.

She threw on a nice Apple red sheath pencil dress with V neckline. The interviews were today and instead of dressing like one of the staff she dressed the part of the owner. The way it should be.

She threw on her black pumps and twisted her hair up before grabbing her clutch and heading off towards work.

She felt much better today, whatever she had ate yesterday had obviously been the problem.

She sat in her office and pondered over the interviews. After the first couple of interviews, Nova had chosen at least two people to hire. The others weren’t all that impressive. She didn’t feel like they could handle the hustle and bustle the job required.

Hillary appeared at her side. Nova sat forward in her chair and took the application Hillary offered her. “This is the last one. She’s waiting out in the dining area” she said. Nova didn’t even glance at the paper.

“Thank you” Nova stood and walked out of her office and past the kitchen to enter the dining area.

Her eleven o clock was sitting with her back facing Nova, her blonde hair was short and stylish. Her posture was rigid and tense. She tapped her long nails against the table, obviously extremely nervous.

Nova walked over and extended her hand and smiled bright in a warm welcome, “Hello”.

The woman rose and then both women froze just as the other woman moved to shake Novas hand.


Surveying her once best friend she couldn’t find a damn thing wrong with her. She was still beautiful. She’d cut her hair making her look more grown up. Her make up was flawless and her body was still thin, she didn’t look like she’d gain the fifteen pounds most freshman did once they were in college.
Her black pencil skirt was paired with a silk green blouse and her strappy heels added at least three more inches to her height.

“Nova, it’s nice to see you” she said politely.

If only the feeling was mutual, she thought. She couldn’t deny Sarah the right to continue with the interview.

She nodded curtly, “follow me please” she turned on her heel and heading back towards the kitchen, heading towards her office.

She let Sarah pass through and swept her arm out pointing to the seat, “have a seat”

Sarah stayed quiet but took a seat.

As the interview pushed forward, Nova actually found the Sarah might actually be a good candidate for an employee.

But the question was, would she be making a mistake?

Professionally, Sarah was a good choice.

Personally, she didn’t trust her one bit and she really wanted to tell her to get the hell out of her office and never come back.

“Well I’ll be reviewing everything later today and I’ll get back to you” she said coming to a stand. She eyed Sarah suspiciously when she noticed she hadn’t risen.

Sarah cleared her throat, “Nova... can I speak freely?” She asked.

She nodded and waited for her to continue.

“I know you don’t like me. And you have fair reason to. We were young and I was stupid. I shouldn’t have pursued Axel knowing your relationship with him. Like I said I was young and stupid.” She held up her hand halting what Nova was about to say, “I want you to know that I’d planned on saying all this to you a few years ago, I don’t want you to think I’m doing this just for the job. I know it seems that way. You could not hire me and I’d still stand by my apology. I’m sorry Nova, you were my friend and I was horrible to you.”

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