Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Three

Nova cleaned the kitchen, Including Axels stolen plate. She couldn’t believe how selfish and inconsiderate he was. She should have known better than to leave her plate sitting out for him, she should be counting her blessings he’d only stolen the plate of food and not put anything disgusting in it.

Tiffany his blonde bombshell of a one night stand had handed Nova her number telling her to give it to Axel. Nova had considered it until he had pulled that stunt, instead she’d waited until he’d left the room and then had ripped up the small piece of paper.

The rest of the day was uneventful, her mom and Thomas were away for two weeks on their honeymoon. The house was theirs for those two weeks and yet Nova couldn’t think of a single thing to do.

Her phone chirped and she swiped it off the counter.

Luke: You busy tomorrow?

A small thrill filled her, Luke was her boyfriend. They’d only been dating a couple months, he was the hot jock who played football and was on the wrestling team. He was the guy all the girls dropped their panties for.

Nova: No. You should come over. Rents are gone.

Luke: ok

Walking back to her room she shut her door quietly behind her not wanting to wake the beast. One year, all she had to do was make it for one year, she’d graduate high school and then she could move and she’d hopefully never have to see Axel again.

Why did he hate her so much?

What had she ever done to him?

Walking over to her window she glanced out and down at the backyard. The tent was being taken down by whoever her mother had hired. The yard was being cleaned up and the chairs were being folded and placed in a large moving truck. The sun was bright and she was sure it was as humid as it was yesterday. Thank god for air conditioning.

Pulling out the book she’d been reading she sat back on her bench and strove to finish it.
Hours flew past and before she knew it the dark blue nighttime sky was setting.

She began feeling anxious and happy, it had been atleast a week since she’d last seen Luke and she couldn’t wait to see him again. Summer break seemed to push people away since you didn’t see them everyday like you did in school.

Someone pounded on her door and it rattled from the force.

She had one guess as to who was behind it and she knew her guess was likely right.

Throwing her book on the bench she stood up and through the door open.

Axel stood in the doorframe naked from the waist up, his lower half covered by black basketball shorts, his hair disheveled and his eyes were red. Nova gaped at him. She couldn’t believe he’d do that in her home!

“I’m hungry. Can you make brownies?” He asked leaning against the door frame.

“What? Are you kidding?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

“You’re high” she accused.

“You’re observant”

Nova so badly wanted to hit him but seeing as she’d done so last night it probably wasn’t such a good idea to poke an already irritated bear.
She was about to respond as his bedroom door opened and two familiar heads poked out before coming to stand behind Axel. Jeremy and Ian were Axels best and only friends. Jermey looked like a blonde surf god where as Ian looked like a computer nerd. Ian had thick rimmed glasses, short dark hair, he almost always wore some kind of character shirt and his pants always seemed to be hiked a little to far up. He was kind of attractive in his own nerdy way, but he just wasn’t her type. Jermey was your classic dark tanned, long golden locks and buff body surfer boy. He had a pretty deep voice and had been Axels friend the longest. He’d been one of the first people Axel had brought over the few times him and his dad had visited. Jeremy and Ian went to Axels old school.

“Hey Nova” Jermey greeted with a friendly smile.

“Hi” Ian said, he was still super shy around her.

“So can you make brownies?” Axel asked again.

“You’re making us brownies?!” Jeremy asked suddenly excited, she could practically see the drool dropping down his chin.

“I really don’t wa-”

Axel cut her off sharply, “I knew it. Miss priss is to stuck up to help her new step brother”

Nova crossed her arms and planted herself firmly in place, “Excuse me? Maybe if said step brother asked nicely i wouldn’t mind helping but until-”

“Please, will you make us brownies?” He muttered looking down at the floor.

Nova blinked at him a few times completely blown away, she never expected him to actually ask politely and now she couldn’t turn him down after he’d actually done it.

She moved around him and headed down the stairs to the kitchen.

Maybe if she did something nice for him he’d actually change his ways.
With that in mind she set to her task.
All three of them filed into the kitchen, all their eyes were red and they looked relaxed. That was something she’d never seen Axel do, relax.

It was odd, as the brownies baked, he watched her. His eyes stayed glued to her form. It unnerved her. Her skin prickled with awareness.

“So how was the wedding?” Ian asked, his eyes were also glued to her.

Nova shrugged, “It was alright”

Axel made a noise deep in his throat, one of disbelief.

“What?” She asked leaning forward on to the counter.

He shook his head, ” just alright? That wedding had to come to atleast twenty thousand if not more. I doubt you actually believe it was just alright. I can see it now, your wedding will cost twice as much”

Nova ground her teeth, trying to stay calm. He thought he knew her but he didn’t.
“It was alright” she said again. She wasn’t going to get into another argument with him.
Axel scuffed but atleast he stayed quiet after that.

When the timer beeped she took the brownies out and placed them on the stove.
“Enjoy” she muttered before she escaped back to her room. She could feel his eyes on her as she walked out. Did he expect her to stay?

The following afternoon Nova was a bundle of nerves. She couldn’t wait to see Luke. She’d pulled out a nice jean skirt and a red top. She pulled her hair back in a pony tail just as the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it” she yelled stepping out of her bathroom.

She jogged down the steps and came up short as she came upon Axel and Luke chatting like old pals.

“Hey” she said smiling softly at Luke. She wanted to forget Axel was there but of course that was impossible.

" holy shit Luke I think she just creamed her panties for you”

Novas face turned a dark shade of red. Embarrassment clawed at her and she suddenly felt sick to her stomach.

“Dude not cool” Luke spoke, he moved forward into the house coming to stand in front of Nova, she felt the hard grip of his hand as he tugged her from the large entry way through the dining room, past the kitchen and out the back door.

“Thanks” she muttered still completely horrified. She hated having Axel around.
Luke stepped away from her dropping her hand as if she’d burned him.
Nova watched him, silently questioning him.
What was wrong with him? Why was he acting so odd?

A warm breeze blew around them as they stood on the back porch. The summer heat was harsh and took your breath away. Surprisingly the grass was still a healthy green.

“Luke is everything ok?” She asked.

He sighed heavily and Novas heart began to thunder against her chest, that wasn’t a good sign. He rubbed the back of his neck wearily before looking back up at her.
She stared into his dark brown eyes and she just knew. He was done.

“Please don’t” she said.

“I’m done Nova. I-i just don’t feel the same way anymore” he said.

What a liar, she thought bitterly.

He used you, a small voice whispered at the back of her head.

“Are you serious?!” She shouted coming to stand in front of him.

His posture became tight and rigid as he faced her, “Yes” his eyes darkened and the Luke she’d heard rumors about peeked out, “I wanted sex. You gave it up, I’m done” he barked out. He sounded cold and detached.

A sob escaped, she’d been a virgin a short while ago, her feelings had advanced quickly and she thought she’d been in love. Now looking back she realized how foolish she’d been. She hadn’t been in love she simply hadn’t wanted him to get bored and leave, so she’d given herself to him.

She should have waited.

“Leave” she demanded wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

Luke didn’t need to hear anything else, turning on his heel he walked off the patio and disappeared around the house.

Nova waited until he’d disappeared to bury her face in her hands, her shoulders shook and she let it out. Tears fell, her heart ached, stomach cramped and she desperately wanted to dive back into bed. When school started back up, she’d have to face him, and all the rumors that came with being his ex.

Nova wasn’t necessarily heartbroken, she was more embarrassed than anything else.

The back door slid open and shut and Nova tensed , quickly trying to wipe away her fallen tears. Although her tear stained face and red eyes would give her away she prayed Axel didn’t say anything about it. She couldn’t handle any more of his crude remarks.

“Nova” that cold detached tone he used hung in the air.

Squeezing her eyes she wished he’d go away. She kept her back to him and tried to calm her shaking shoulders.
His footfalls stepped closer and a hand landed on her shoulder swiftly turning her to face him.
He froze, an unknown emotion flashed across his face, almost as if for a swift moment he cared. She knew her mind was creating something that would never happen.

“Nova” his voice had a new edge to it, “what happened? Did he do something to you?”

She hesitated for obvious reasons before letting out a shaky breath, “I-I’m fine.”

Silence greeted her and she hesitantly peeked from beneath her dark lashes at him. His hands were stuffed deep in his pockets, the strong outline of his jaw was set as if he was Forcing himself not to say anything. His hair was tousled and a lone cigarette lay behind his ear. His eyes swept her from head to toe and she couldn’t help but appreciate the way his dark shirt hugged his muscular frame, the grooves in his abs were clear beneath it.

Shit, those thoughts were bad, she shouldn’t be eyeing her step brother as if he weren’t family.

A very attractive family member. But a family member non the less.

He cleared his throat looking clearly uncomfortable, “Look... if he ever does something that you don’t like tell me ok?”

She nodded unsure of how to process his genuine concern.

She watched him turn and walk back into the house. She stared after him even after he was gone. He’d surprised her. He was also extremely bi polar, she never had any for warning to whether he was going to be cruel or if he was actually going to act like a human being.

Sighing she willed the hurt in heart to go away and walked towards the dock down by the lake.

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