Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Thirty Nine

Axel had gone from store to store to find the absolute perfect one for her. It was simple and elegant, because he knew she didn’t like anything that was over extravagant.

After finding said perfect one, he’d walked around the town calling and making reservations. Between trying to accomplish a romantic night with Nova and trying to keep up with showing his listed houses he was fit to be tied.

He hadn’t even gotten a chance to call her and he couldn’t afford to drive all the way there to see her with everything going on.

He walked out of the jewelers feeling a little happier, he’d returned the ring he was going to purpose to Cassy with. As he was walking out he spotted a certain brunette heading his way. Her long black floral dress billowing in the soft breeze, her hair was curled wildly and blue eyes squinted at him as she zeroed in on her target.

He sighed in irritation, he really didn’t have time for this drama.

“Axel!” She shouted getting his attention including the bystanders walking by.

He stopped walking and pulled out a cigarette from his pack, he lit it knowing she wouldn’t come to close seeing as she hated the smell.

He watched as she scrunched her nose in distaste before stopping just far enough away that she wouldn’t be caught in the billows of smoke he was letting out.

“How...um, how are you doing?” She asked, her eyes dripped with hopefulness.

He smiled, knowing it would piss her off, “great actually”

“Oh” she said softly, her face flashed red with anger, “I was hoping we could talk”

He took another drag and it took everything in him not to tell her to go to hell. Instead he asked “about what? There’s nothing to talk about”

She stomped her foot in anger and he so badly wanted to laugh at how childish she was acting. This was a whole new side to her, she’d never acted like this while they were together. She was always so up beat and happy.

Was this who she really was or had he brought this out in her?

“I love you Axel, I know I’ve done wrong but you have to and I think we should try and work through it” she pleaded.

The sound of cars driving by and people talking roared in his ears and he couldn’t believe she’d suggest such a thing.

“Well?” She promoted sidling a little closer to him despite him still smoking.

“No” he said finally.


“No” he said again, the girl was obviously hearing impaired.

She let out a shriek and clenched her hands onto fist. He didn’t even see it coming. She swung back and clocked him right in the jaw. Her throw was weak and sloppy and from the way she howled in pain he was sure it hurt her more than it did him. His jaw stung but nothing beyond that.

They had a small crowd gathering close by, watching them, waiting to see what he’d do.

Cassys chest was rising and falling, tears falling from her eyes and for a moment he saw her as a small wounded deer that simply needed his help, that was before he caught sight of her hand pulling back to hit him again.

He caught her wrist in mid air putting some pressure beneath and watched her eyes widen.

“Do not do that again you fucking bitch” he growled out between clenched teeth, “get the hell away from me. I don’t want to see or hear from you again. We’re over. Simple as that. Fuck off” he said releasing her harshly. She stumbled back wide eyed before glancing around at the group that had gathered before rushing away down the street.

He sighed and turned his back, his eyes connecting with the curious eyes of the towns people. They gave him questioning looks but nobody said anything.

People began to disperse.

Axel tossed his cigarette aside and began walking back towards his car.

A day later, he had everything ready. Despite the crazy fucking mess that yesterday had been he’d gotten everything he had needed to get done, including selling one of his high marketed houses. Axel felt as if he were floating, completely high on life.

He stepped out of the shower, the tile instantly cooling his feet. Wrapping a towel around his waist he walked into his room snatched his phone from his side table and dialed her number.

It rang and rang and rang.

“Hello?” She sounded breathless.

“Did i interrupt something?” He asked. He trusted her so he wasn’t suspicious, he was just wondering what had gotten her so out of breath. Was she ill?

“Just my morning run” she said panting.

“What are you doing tonight?” He asked praying her schedule was free. He probably should have asked her before he set everything up.

“Well I’m supposed to be at the restaurant tonight”

He pinched the bridge of his nose, ” well do you think you could come out with me instead?” He asked.

“I don’t know Axel there’s a lot to do. I’m still short staffed, the new employees won’t be in until next week” she sighed.

He closed his eyes praying for the best, “please” he practically.

There was a heart stopping moment of silence before she said, “yes, fine, what time should I expect you?”

He did a victory dance, his arms swung up punching the air, he couldn’t stop grinning, “Six o’clock”

“Ok” said before they both said their goodbyes and hung up.

Dressed in dark washed jeans that hung low on his hips, paired them with a long sleeve button up dark blue over shirt with a plain white t shirt beneath. His tried to comb his hair but had instantly hated it and ended up running his hands through it.

He grabbed his wallet, phone and keys before leaving the house.

His stomach was a nervous pit. A small amount of doubt swarmed around making him uneasy. Would this night go as planned?

He pulled up to her house and strode from his car to her front door. Before he even had the chance to knock, the door swung open.

Fucking hell. He was going to have to fight off all the young and old men who thought they had a chance with his little mix with a fucking s baseball bat.

Nova Green was without a doubt the most exquisite woman he’d ever met.

That long gorgeous strawberry blonde hair was curled into beautiful soft waves down her back, her make up was light only truly serving to enhance her breathtaking hazel eyes. Her usual pink plump lips were coated with a sensual red.
Her black lace dress reached just above her knee, the dress was plastered to her form, enhancing her subtle curves. The sweetheart neckline gave him a small hint of her plump breasts. The thin straps that held up the dress were completely made of lace and would be easy to rear should he decide to make a desert out of her.

The black strappy heels added about two inches to her height.

“You look so dashing” she said winking at him.

He laughed, watching her smile sweetly, “dashing?”

“Oh yes” she said eyeing him with unabashed hunger.

“If you don’t keep your wandering eyes to yourself were never going to leave this house” he growled leaning forward to kiss her sweet lips, ” get in the car” he demanded.

He watched her visibly shudder as her eyes darkened but she obeyed while smiling to herself.

Axel knew she loved when he took control and told her what to do.

As they settled in a thought occurred, “are you wearing your plug?” He knew she wasn’t, which was his own fault. He hadn’t been around.

“No” she said softly.

He grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze, “don’t worry about it.” He pulled out of the driveway and headed back through town. “What did you think about it?”

She blushed and glanced out the window, “it was uncomfortable at first but by the end it wasn’t so bad”

“Good” he said.

They drove through town and ended up on the highway towards his place. The sun was settling and rays of red and oranges shimmered across the lake as they drove by. Nova was awed.

Thirty minutes later he pulled up to his favorite restaurant The chandelier . The entire place was modernized, from the outside in.

“It’s gorgeous” Nova said eyeing the building with interest.

“Thinking of remodeling ?” He asked as he let his hand drift to her lower back, ignoring the twitch in his pants as he guided her inside the building.

“Definitely not. It wouldn’t look right with my restaurant” she said even as she eyed the shiny decor.

As he’d predicted men leered at what was his. Both young and old swimming across her form before eyeing him with blatant jealousy.

That’s right you fucking pricks, she’s coming home with me, he thought to himself.

They were greeted and seated, their drink orders were taken and delivered. Once the food arrived they both dug right in.

The closer the end came, the more nervous he felt. His hands were shaking and sweat had built at the back of his neck. This was the most nerve racking feeling of his life.

The small box in his pocket suddenly felt like a ton of bricks, he was sure she was going to notice it.

“Axel this place is amazing. Thank you for brining me here”

“You’re welcome” he said.

It was now or never.

Axel stood from his seat and placed himself down on one knee, immediately he felt the beady eyes of everyone in the building.

Nova gaped at him, her mouth forming a surprised O.

“Nova Green” his tongue suddenly felt swollen and tied, “we wasted five years of not being together, I refuse to waste any more time with you. I love you, I always have and I always will. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

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