Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Forty One

She was so fucking beautiful. The candle light filtered across her skin, she looked like a goddess. Her naked body lay against the bed, her magnificent mesh of green and brown eyes stared up at him with obvious affection and sexual desire. Her pink lips pursed before smiling a sinful grin.

He loved her hair so much better when it was down. Her soft strawberry tresses lay against the comfort in a wide spread.

He stared possessivly at her breasts, the large pale mounds with her dark pink nipples puckered begging for his mouth. His eyes traveled down her flat stomach, across her belly button to the small flare of her hips to the bare pink pussy lips between her thighs.

“Please Axel” she moaned his name and he about came, his name on her lips was something he wanted to hear forever, ” Fuck me” she pleaded.

His cock twitched, he’d been hard and ready even after he’d cum from her hand stroked him.

She spread her legs, her flesh glistened at him. Oh god, she was so fucking wet for him.

He wanted tonight to be the night he made love to her. He didn’t want to simply fuck her, he wanted to show her how much she meant to him. He wanted to love her body as nobody had done before.

He grabbed her ankle, keeping eye contact he placed a gentle kiss on her soft skin. Her lips parted.

He nipped her skin loving the small gasp she emitted.

Still holding eye contact he trailed up her smooth leg taking his time with gentle kisses and small love bites.

He’d never made love to a woman, not even with Cassy.
Honestly he hadn’t been sure he knew how. One look at Nova and he just knew, and primitive instinct had kicked in and he found himself thinking of ways to love her he never would have thought of before.

As he neared the wet area between her legs he got a whiff of her intoxicatingly scent.

“Axel please” she begged again.

His hands inched upwards until he touched her Sensitive lips. With the small brush of his fingers she arched off the bed.

She was mewling for him like a cat in heat.

“Your making this fucking difficult” he said before swilling his tongue across her, her essence coating his tongue.

“Axel skip that. Please fill me with your cock”

He was astonished, Nova rarely had a dirty mouth.

Soft hands gripped his shoulders drawing him up, he crawled over her complying with her demand. Keeping most of his weight off of her he pressed into her, grinding against her.

He slipped two fingers into, testing her readiness. Her hot sheath sucked him in. She pumped a couple of times as she lifted her hips to meet his thrusts.

Her eyes were hooded with desire as he lowered his head taking her nipple into his mouth. She cried out as he bit down and sucked hard. Hands flew through his hair and he switched breasts repeating the actions.

He looked up at his beautiful little minx as she withered on the bed, his name passing her lips.

He kissed her on the lips, licking the seam of her mouth, “are you ready minx?”

She nodded eagerly.

He plunged into her. She cried out just as he groaned.

She fit him like a glove. Every time he was inside of her felt like the first time. She was always hot and tight. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he thrust deep.

He sucked on her neck, he’d leave a spot so if any other fucker didn’t notice the ring on her finger they’d at least spot his mark.

Her walls clenched around his cock working to suck out his seed. His balls tightened, he was close.

He swirled his hips and thrust, Nova arched her back off of the bed her eyes fluttered shut as she came.

“Oh” she said softly.

Axel let loose, his cock stoking in and out of her at a furious pace.

He groaned and dropped his head to rest on her chest as his semen shot forth. Honestly he was surprised she wasn’t pregnant yet. They were like rabbits.

The sound of their breathing was the only thing he could hear as they both sought to catch their breath.

Time ticked on and they both ended up falling asleep with him still inside of her.

When Axel woke up it was almost dawn. The sky had lightened, the soft colors of daytime slowly slipping over the horizon. He leaned up, he’d fallen asleep on top of her, he cringed. He slid out and off of her. That was a lot of weight for her to hold and still be breathing.

He caught the gentle inhales and exhales of her chest and he let out a relieved breath. He’d have to be more careful. He’d been careless.

Axel studied Novas sleeping form and smiled, he couldn’t wait to wake up next to her every morning.

His eyes dipped to her bare breasts. His cock was already hard as it was almost every morning especially after he had dreams about her.

With a wicked grin he pulled one of the taut pebbles into his mouth, licking and sucking. Nova moaned, her lips turning to a pout.

He skimmed his fingers across her other breast, his fingers pinching and rolling the nipple between his fingers. Her legs opened wide and she blinked her eyes open.

Her hazel swirls heated.

She smiled uncaring he’d woken her for a morning delight.

“Axel” her voice was laced with sleep and sounded sexy as hell.

“I couldn’t help myself” he said around a mouthful of breast.

“Mmmm, I can imagine” she moaned her fingers sliding into his hair.

His hands skimmed down her sides before sliding between her and the mattress. He cupped her ass in his hands.

“Nova, turn over” he said noting his husky his voice sounded. He gripped her ass in his hands and decided he was going to claim it today.

She must have noticed the look in his eye because she turned swiftly onto her stomach as he pulled his hands away.

“On your hands and knees” he instructed.
She complied.

Her ass jutted out, the sweet curve as her back arched calling to him.

“I’m going to fuck your ass Nova. Are you ready?” He asked.

She whimpered as his fingers slipped between her wet lips, “yes” she said.

He pumped his hand a few times before pulling out and sliding it to the crack of her ass. His slipped a finger into her rear, she was so much tighter here, thankfully her cream would help.
He stretched her by two fingers and then three. She took them easily, pushing back against him. He could see her breasts swaying back and forth as she moved.

He positioned himself behind her, his cock lined at her rear. The tip pressed agaisnt her extra small opening.

“I want it” she said pushing back against him again.

He inched the tip in as her ass squeezed him tight.

Oh god, he thought. Sweat began to build on his forehead and at the back of his neck. His balls tightened and he had to hold back. He couldn’t lose it so soon.

He slid farther in and she cried out as he stretched her.

“Does it hurt?” He asked, the real question that hung in the air was, should he stop?

“No!” She said her head sagging, “oh it feels wonderful” she moaned. She pushed her ass back and took all of him in one stroke.

He choked as her ass swallowed his cock.

He began to thrust, her screams of pleasure carried across his soul and he was ecstatic that she liked it because they would be doing this a lot now.

When she cried out her release he released a breath and came with her. He had held off, making sure she’d finished.

She went limp and he pulled out slowly as to not hurt her. She’d be sore for awhile. He cleaned her up and pulled the covers over her as she fell back asleep.

Axel headed towards the bathroom to get himself cleaned.

The smile that stretched across his face wouldn’t go away.

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