Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Forty Two

“Thank you for trying it” he said to her as he drove them both to her work.

“You’re welcome” she replied, she thoroughly enjoyed it, far more than she’d expected, “I trust you”

She watched the happiness seep into his face as she gave him back the one thing he’d worked for.
He grabbed her hand from where it lay on her lap, bringing it to his lips, he kissed it gently.

She knew people would look at them with disdain if they knew their past. She cheated. He cheated. A lot of people couldn’t look past that.

But they were young, and he’d been trying to fix a problem he’d made. He’d gone about it the wrong way but nobody was perfect. Nova trusted that had Sarah not been a clingy bitch then Axel would have never cheated.

Nova could of stopped Jeremy, she could of pulled away instead of kissing him back. Instead she’d been young and stupid.

They’d made mistakes. They’d spent five years apart in misery for those mistakes. It was time to move on. Those people who held such disdain for them could shove off for all she cared. They didn’t take a walk in her shoes, they had no idea what it was like being her or Axel.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing” she said giving him a sweet smile.

He took her answer and didn’t ask anything else.

As they pulled up to the restaurant, Nova was suddenly overwhelmed with nervousness. So much so that her stomach turned and the moment the cat stopped she rushed in and pushed her way to the restrooms muttering sorrys on her way through.

Just like before she threw everything up. Tears raced down her cheeks as she struggled. The bathroom door flew open with a harsh bang. Axel stood in the doorway completely livid.

“What’s going on?” He asked coming to kneel beside her. He stroked her cheek lovingly.

“I’ve got the flu. I was doing so well, a few days ago I was sick at work so I went home and since then I’ve been fine but I think it’s coming back” she exclaimed throwing a shaky hand to her forehead.

“Well then I’m taking you back home” he lifted her up into his arms, carrying her like a bride and stepped towards the bathroom door while she protested.

“Axel put me down! You can not carry me out of the restaurant!” She wiggled to be free but stopped as her stomach turned again. She tapped his shoulder wildly, “Axel I’m going to be sick again” she cried.

He took one look at her face before setting her down. She rushed back to the toilet to dry heave as she had nothing else to throw up. More tears dropped. The stench of vomit was strong, she wasn’t sure how he was still standing in the bathroom let along helping to hold her hair back.

“Thank you” she muttered completely embarrassed.

“You’re welcome”

With his help she stood back up, flushed, washed her hands and rinsed her mouth before exiting.

Only to bump straight into someone.

“Oh I’m so sorry”

Nova felt Axel freeze as he recognized the voice.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me” he said through clenched teeth. The grip on her arm tightened to the point of pain. She yelped and he quickly let go.

Sarah stared back at them, her eyes shifting from one to the other before she said another quick apology and scampered away.

“Are you going to explain?” His fists were clenched and a suffocating tension leaked from him.

“She applied for the waitressing job. I hired her, she seemed like a good fit. Today’s her first day”

Axel didn’t say anything else as he turned and strode away, right out of the restaurant. Nova didn’t go after him. For one she wasn’t up for it. Two, he was a big boy, he’d pout and eventually come around.

“I’m sorry Nova”

She turned around, Sarah hesitantly stood a few feet away obviously uncomfortable. “Its fine. He’ll get over it.” She shrugged.

Sarah walked away and Nova watched her go. She was being super nice and apologetic, she really hoped she’d turned over a new leaf.

Walking into her office, she picked up the phone and called the one person she’d been putting off. Her mother.

“Hello darling” she always sounded so happy now. That alone made Nova happy.

“Hi mom”

" Nick says hello and tells me to tell you that he misses you” she said giggling like a school girl. Nova tried really hard not to picture what they were doing. “Did you need something dear?”

“Mom.... I’m going to give you some news but-”

She couldn’t even finish her sentence as her mother shrieked, Nova pulled the phone away from her ear before hesitantly pulling it back, “Nova Elizabeth Green are you pregnant?!” Her mother shouted.

Nova gaped and sputtered, “n-no! And even if I was so what?! I’m almost twenty three mother!”

“Yes dear but your not married” she said making a small tsk noise.

Nova rolled her eyes and counted to ten before replying, “Mother that is why I’ve called you. I’m getting married-” another loud shriek and a thump. “M-mother?!” Had she passed out? “Mom?!” She called again.

Deep breaths could be heard on the other end and a jumble of Italian from Nick, “how are you getting married Nova?! You weren’t even dating anybody!”

Rubbing at her temples nova sighed, this is why she had avoided her mother, “mom, that’s also why I was calling see... its kind of...umm... well you see... oh god, ok. I’m marrying Axel Reed.”

A deafening silence took place before the line disconnected. Nova stared at the phone and cursed. She slumped in her chair and closed her eyes.

She hadn’t even realized she’d fallen asleep until the office door slammed shut. Jolting awake she blinked away the burning sensation in her eyes. They’d been up way to late and way way to early. She was exhausted.

Axel leaned against the door watching her, a small white grocery bag in his hand.

“What’s that?” She asked. She wondered if he was still pissed off.

He shrugged, “ill tell you if you tell me why you thought it would be a good idea to hire the woman that broke us up”

Yep, he was still mad.

After everything today she just wanted to go home. Running her tired eyes she peeked at him, “because I needed the extra hands and she was qualified. Besides she said she was sorry and I’ve moved on”

“So that’s it? She says shes sorry and alls good between you two?” He barked.

Nova stood up, rage contorting her features, “No! She said she was sorry i accepted. That doesn’t mean we’re friends. I’m her boss, she’s my employee. End of story. Besides you’re being hypocritical, you and Jeremy throw fists after he kissed me and now you’re still friends!” She said throwing her hands up, something she’d picked up from her step father.

“That’s not the same thing” he growled.

Nova refused to back down, “yes it is. Deal with it or leave. Take your pick”

Axel strode over to her and kissed her with so much passion it left her standing there breathless and weak.

“I’ll always choose you. But that bitch has done some pretty horrible shit and she isn’t worth your forgiveness” he said holding her face between his large hands.

Her eyes softened, she understood where he was coming from. But it wasn’t his decision to make. “My decision is final. I’m sorry. I know your trying to protect me but it’ll be ok, I promise”

“Then promise me, one slip up from her and she’s gone” he said.


Axel cleared his throat and handed her the plastic bag he’d been holding, “here” he said. Nova didn’t understand why he suddenly seemed nervous, and for some reason she picked up on his excitement. He’d already proposed, so what was going on?

She glanced inside the bag, her eyes went wide with shock before glancing back up at him.

“You need to take it” he said.

Nova glanced nervously back into the bag that held the one thing she’d been preventing since she was a teen.

A pregnancy test.

Her hands shook as she waited. Axel leaned against the wall, hands deep in his pockets, his eyes watched her pace back and forth.

The two digital tests sat on the sink waiting for those five minutes to reveal the results.

“So, when do you want to get married?” He asked. Nova stopped and turned to him. Was he serious?

“Are you kidding me?” She asked with her eyes wide as she planted her shaky hands on her hips.

He shook his head pushing off of the wall to come to stand in front of her, his spicy cologne wrapping around her, working wonders to calm her nerves. “I’m serious.”

“We’re in the middle of something much more serious and you want to talk about a date for the wedding?” She was perplexed.

He chuckled and cupped her face, bringing her lips to his, “little minx, whether your pregnant or not, I’m still going to marry you. If your not pregnant I will be trying very hard to get you pregnant. The thought of you carrying my child fucking excites me. I hope the test is positive. I love you, I’ll never leave you. I want this Nova” he said simply. His heart shining through his eyes.

Novas heart melted, it pooled at her feet in a giant puddle. She blushed as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him loving the feel of his strong arms around her.

He’d always be there by her side, no matter what.

She had to quit trying to do everything alone. Her mentality had to be the both of them and not just her.

“I panicked” she said, “I don’t know if I’m ready to have a baby”

The weight of his chin was placed on the tip of her head, “we’re going to go through this together.”

Nova bit her lip before letting out an exhausted breath, ” Two months” she said.

He pulled back, surprised “two months? Don’t women need like a year to plan this?”

She smiled cheekily at him, “are you trying to get out of it Axel Reed?” She teased him.

He bent down and nipped her lower lip, “you know that’s not it” the weight of his arms and warmth of his skin made her feel safe, “alright two months and then you’re mine forever”

The timer went off.

They pulled apart and glanced at the results.

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